Top 10 Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments!

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An increase in the use of cryptocurrencies can be seen from far away.

You will experience yourself standing in a position where you will witness many companies adopting the cryptocurrency ecosystem. A few companies have wholly accepted cryptocurrencies and started dealing with customers through digital tokens. You can also diversify your crypto portfolio on the ekrona app where you get access to trading other cryptocurrencies.

Regardless of what is happening, everything will be expecting cryptocurrencies to be adopted in the future. So, if you do not even know what companies are adopting the ecosystem for the future, you need to read the rest given below.



Microsoft is an essential technology-driven company that accepts cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a form of payment. You will find this company accepting bitcoin payments for hardware and software services by the company.

It is available in multiple nations, and you can quickly get the services by making a payment using any cryptocurrency exchange platform. Mostly, it accepts bitcoin, and the company has been doing it since 2014.


As far as it is concerned with retail businesses, the first one you will find providing its services in cryptocurrency bitcoin exchange is Walmart. This company has been in business for years now and is one of the most important fast food and retail stores available everywhere in the world. It is trendy in the United States of America, and all the outlets of Walmart accept payments in the form of bitcoins from customers.

Nord VPN

VPN services are considered to be nobody is very much necessary in some of the nations of the world. If you cannot get access to some of the services of the online platforms from a particular area, you can easily use the VPN and change the proximity address. It will provide you with complete security and privacy, which is why this is an essential service.

Nord VPN company is the service provider that nowadays accepts payments in the form of bitcoin. In every nation of the world, you can pay using bitcoin to this company, making it the best company available.



Retail outlets are gaining a lot of popularity in terms of getting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies, and over stock is among them. It is a company that has been serving for years now and is also accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

You are required to make sure that you are making purchases online through this platform to make a payment using the digital tokens. If you are paying at the physical stores of the retail outlet, perhaps the payment cannot be made in bitcoins.


New egg is a company selling hardware devices to the people and is also an essential participant in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It started accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies in 2014, and now, it is one of the best companies providing its services in exchange for bitcoin.


Just like the Nord VPN, there are many other companies available in the market which are accepting cryptocurrency payments, especially bitcoin.

If you are not someone who is getting to use a NordVPN very quickly because of some restrictions in your area, express VPN is another software that you can use. It is trendy, and it provides very discreet services.


Many VPN companies are in the business of accepting cryptocurrency payments, and one among them is pure VPN. It is a service provider based in many world countries, and its headquarters is in the United States of America.

Even though most of the market is captured by Nord VPN, it is also of the famous companies providing VPN services to different nations of the world. Moreover, it is popular because of its immense feature and location availability.


Fast food chains are nowhere behind when accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies, and Starbucks is among them. So yes, today, you will find yourself in a position where you can pay using the online store Starbucks through bitcoins, which is getting trendy nowadays.

Whole Foods

Retail outlets will provide you with the top-rated services for making purchases in cryptocurrencies, and whole foods are one among them. So, if you live in a country where whole foods have an outlet, you can easily make a purchase using cryptocurrencies.

But, more importantly, it accepts digital tokens like bitcoin as payment in both online and offline stores. So, it has extraordinary features which may not be available with other platforms.



KFC is another very crucial retail store outlet which is available everywhere in the world nowadays. It has been accepting payments in the form of bitcoin for years, but you may not be able to pay using bitcoins in the existing physical shops. On the physical outlets, they accept payments in the form of Fiat money, but you can make purchases online using cryptocurrencies on this fast, fast food outlet.

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