Top 10+ BeeTV Alternatives for Free Movies & Aired TV Shows

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Try our top-picked list of the best BeeTV alternatives that work as replacement apps and they provide you the freemium way to watch the latest titles.

BeeTV is the freemium android app for watching premium video content for free. Unfortunately, BeeTV isn’t available for iOS, macOS, Windows, and Roku.

It has been the most downloaded APK application since its launch. Most people have liked the features and content of this app. Even though it's a new application, is not available on the official store, and still holds a record number of installs across Android devices. The shutdown of popular apps like Showbox, TVzion, Terrarium TV, and Mobdro makes this happen.

What is BeeTV?

What is BeeTV

The best way to stream without a subscription on most streaming devices is possible with BeeTV. With it, you can experience all television content including HD titles and series but not limited to live TV channels.

Simply put, BeeTV has a simplified and unique algorithm that can search for the best links from top providers with a 100% success rate.

Sadly, we are on the page that offering alternative sources to BeeTV means a compatibility problem. Nothing more than that.

10 Best BeeTV Alterntives 2023 (Must-Try)

Let’s move on to the list of apps.

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is also a standard third-party movie app that is similar to BeeTV with additional features. It is widely used for its Real Debrid integration that will allow you to get premium streaming opportunities with up to 4K quality.

Especially, when all the OTT platforms become expensive, Cinema HD reached millions of installs. This is all because it's free to use, ad-free, easy to install, and has no signup.

Many platform devices were using it for the latest HD titles from different categories at no cost.

Official Page:

2. Filmplus


This application looks identical to the legendary app Terrarium TV, but it’s optimized so well for both smart devices and televisions. The best thing about Filmplus is, it can be installed directly through Downloader on both Android TV and Fire TV stick.

As it’s an APK file, you can also easily sideload it to other than Android devices such as PC, mac, or Linux.

Filmplus is maintaining huge content from many genres with different link opportunities. All the titles from this app can be played at high quality.

Official Page:

3. Astoncine


Astoncine's free OTT app is another great video streaming service from Zinitevi. This application allows its users to stream movies, series, and shows from premium providers.

Astoncine is mainly designed and developed for firestick, Nvidia Shield, and Xbox. Recently, they have introduced the mobile version that should support any android device.

If you have installed this app on your preferred device, then you might get a chance to watch more than BeeTV offers.

Official Page:

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

If you want to watch or download free media content just like Netflix, Prime Video, or Aha then you might have to try Tubi TV for free!

Tubi TV features all kinds of movies and television content with signup and fewer commercials. But, it is 100% legit, so you can install it from respective stores, and no need to use the VPN service until your region is restricted.

Official Page: Playstore

5. Zinitevi


Even though Zinitevi is an iOS application, you can still use its rebranded version (CucoTV) on any android device.

If you’re an iOS user and looking for BeeTV alternatives for iPhone or iPad then Zinitevi is a perfect choice for you.

All the media are sorted by movie studios, rating, date, year, and search history.

Official Page:

6. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a standard streaming platform for any media device! Includes original content.

It has a great video source that can provide us with unlimited hours of entertainment along with TV channels. Unfortunately, it is available for limited regions only like the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Italy, Switzerland.

This service would much beneficial if you’re from its region. The best part is, Peacock TV’s user Interface and the media player are the best of all its competitors.

Official Page: Playstore

7. CucoTV


As I already said before, CucoTV is non-other than a replica of Astoncine and Zinitevi. Although it’s a cloned version, CucoTV is the best replacement application when major platforms went down or stopped working.

I’ve seen, this application also has a decent number of downloads and even it is available on major APK stores.

It is one of the best and always available sources for BeeTV users who are looking for alternatives.

Official Page:

8. Plex


Plex is another top-notch OTT app alternative for BeeTV on any device. Plex isn’t just a free movies app but it also offers 200+ live tv channels for free!

It is compatible with most platforms, you can still access Plex’s web version through a browser like Prime Video.

All you need is a basic user account in it to access their free content, of course, you will get fewer ads while playing.

If you would like to save your content for future or offline purposes, just use the download feature. The video player of the Plex is impressive and looks like a Youtube.

Official Page: Playstore

9. Crackle


Crackle has been one of the leading free video streaming services that provide a large collection of movies, dramas, originals, and series.

However, Crackle is available only United States but it has also global access through a VPN. Crackle even allows us to watch Hollywood content hassle-free, without a subscription.

So Crackle might be the greatest of all things in the entertainment for free if you’re from the US. This works as a legal alternative for BeeTV!

Official Page: Playstore

10. Vudu


Vudu is a type of online streaming service in which we have the option to catch all your favorite TV networks, Recently released TV, UHD movies, and more.

Mostly, it is used by people who want to take a 4K UHD movie or show for rent. Vudu is the must-try service if you’ve bigger screen TV or screens in your home.

Official Page: Playstore


Finally, you have got some of the best alternatives to BeeTV on Android, Firestick, iOS, PC, and Smart TV. You can now enjoy watching from these sources too!

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