Promote Your Blogs with These Simple Tips

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Sometimes, it is hard to believe that you have created a blog, post content, regularly, but still not receiving the number of visits you expect to receive. Now how can you change this situation in your favor?

Learning how to promote a blog is essential for you who want to grow.

For this, the importance of several marketing strategies can be useful for you.

Promote Your Blogs

Some basic strategies in how to promote a blog include:

  • Publish your content in relevant forums of your segment
  • Insert internal links to other related blogs and post
  • Create a social profile on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, according to your audience and share your posts
  • Having a responsive blog that adapts well to navigation on different platforms

All of these tips are very basic and should be part of your content distribution planning. Of course, they are not the only ways to publicize the blog, nor are they the best, but they are essential for its dissemination. Here are some important tips on how to promote your free blog.

5 Best Tips on How to Promote Your Free Blog

Publish Articles More Often

A good way to start increasing visibility and traffic on your blog is to post more articles. No matter what your niche is, the greater the amount of content you have the greater the chances of people reaching your blog. A great example of this is betting sites that post more articles to cover every essential topic. A betting site like 888sport posts about round robin bets, over/under betting, and all the things about sports.

Publish Articles More Often

A survey mentioned in the Hubspot showed that companies that publish more than 16 monthly posts get 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than companies that make up to 5 posts per month. Therefore, writing more content is always a good way to promote your blog.

Publish Longer Content

Studies also show that search engines give preference to larger articles, with the content of more than 2,000 words. Google ranks higher content with the best results. By learning how to advertise your blog you will see how sharing expands your reach and increases traffic. Do not underestimate what information-rich content can do for you and help you with how to promote a blog.


Look out for SEO strategies. SEO strategies are responsible for putting your blog in the top Google results. For that, you need your blog to be optimized and well built. Appearing as the first organic result on a Google search is the perfect way to attract visitors to your blog. Search engines like yahoo, Google, and Bing play very vitalrole in generating traffic to the blogs.

SEO strategies for blog

For this, you can learn how to use Google's keyword tools and find out how people are doing research and optimize your content with them. To better learn how to promote a free blog, placing it on the first page of Google. You need to learn SEO strategies.

Use Email Marketing

E-mail marketing tools give a lot of results and are identified as marketing actions with the highest ROI. Research has shown that for every dollar you spend on email marketing you will earn up to $40 back. Even if you are just looking for traffic, email marketing brings great results in promoting your blog, helping people to access it more often, and even increasing the chances of them sharing your content.

And in order for you to have someone to send your materials to, you need to learn how to create an email list. For this you can use the following strategies:

  • Use those exit pop-ups on your blog:
  • registration forms
  • offer offers that encourages your reader to register
  • create landing pages to sell or offer something to your readers more efficiently

Write Articles with Renowned Experts

A good way to have content that will attract the attention, not only of your readers but that will also have a high power of “viralization”, is to write an article with an expert. Such a type of rich material, for sure, will attract a lot of access including those of the interviewees, who generally publicize and share the materials for which they give interviews.

Articles with Renowned Experts

Good material like this, has a great chance of generating traffic on your blog, after all, you have the reputation of renowned people in your area who are a reference for your audience and the result of that are thousands of extra visitors and success in how to publicize your blog.

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