Sneaky Tips To Make Your Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger 

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Every homeowner wishes to have a big house and big bathrooms, but not everyone is lucky to have both. Especially when you talk about bathrooms, small bathrooms can be stressful when you wish to have a gala and luxurious feel while bathing.

Planning a revamp by opting for bathroom extension might be the first thing that may hit your mind when you think of King Size bathrooms. But do you know that you can even transform your space without actually opting for a revamp?

Want to know how you can make your bathrooms look big-sized and functional?

Here are a few ways by which you can play the magic of making your small bathrooms look bigger:

4 Tips To Make Your Small Bathrooms Appear Bigger 

1. Organizing Your Way

A well-organized bathroom

A well-organized bathroom appears a lot bigger than its actual size and dimensions. On the contrary, a cluttered space can even make big-sized bathrooms appear smaller. Hence, keeping your bathroom space and accessories organized is a way to conquer the space game.

You can go ahead to purchase some storage shelves and furniture from Victoria plum and streamline your washrooms with a minimalistic approach to go a long way with storage.

2. Use Space Savers

Use Space Savers

When you have the task of aggrandizing small bathrooms, you need to be smart and creative with your approach. Making use of space-saving alternatives such as wall-hung basins and toilets, slimline basins, etc., can serve the purpose.

You can avail a wide range of such bathroom essentials at Victoria plum to get furnishings and fittings that can easily snug into your small bathrooms and give them a spacious look.

3. Light Up Your Bathrooms 

Light Up Your Bathrooms 

A well-lit bathroom is more prone to look spacious than a bathroom that does not allow much light inside its premises. Hence, you can play the lighting hack to make your bathrooms look big instantly. And, lighting does not only mean the pendant lights and bulbs that you can line up your bathrooms with but also the natural light that comes free of cost.

Bringing in the light is like an illusion that you can create to make spaces appear more prominent. Adding mirrors that reflect light, having windows that bring in the natural light and other artificial lights, you can add all of these in your bathrooms for a well-lit bathing space.

The more the light, the brighter and inviting your bathrooms turn out to be; hence use all your means to get sufficient lighting inside your bathroom.

4. Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture

Free lying furniture consumes more space and can also look unorganized if they happen to receive a push or pull from the people who use the washrooms. You can introduce built-in furniture or fitted furniture that can give your bathrooms a streamlined effect going ahead to make the space look more clean and tidy.


These were a few quick picks that can help you transform your bathing space into a functional unit while offering a bigger room at the same time. Large washrooms are rare in nature, and if you are not blessed with one, you do not have to crib for the same because there are plenty of ways to make your bathrooms look spacious.

All it needs is a creative mind and the ability to make tweaks for a mirage effect.

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