4 Practical Tips to Help You Pursue Your Dream Career

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A competitive labor market can become a detriment to finding the job you want.

Given that, Forbes writer Kara Dennison states that many workers are eager to chase their desired careers in 2023. Of course, they will expectedly encounter obstacles in this pursuit as more and more companies are focusing on recruiting talent that can fill gaps in their business. With all that in mind, pursuing your dream career means that you should stand out in a sea of candidates. It’s important that you cultivate an understanding of how to navigate job hunting in order to highlight the skills that will gain an employer’s interest.

Below, this article will expound more on the four practical tips that can help you achieve your dream job:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

First and foremost, pursuing your dream career means understanding if your existing skillset fits what the job demands. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can recognize where your talents lie before making your move towards the job you want. First, ask yourself questions such as “What skills do I have?”, “What skills could I quickly learn?” and “What are my personal values?” Once you’ve answered these, you can pair these insights with your list of dream jobs to see which ones align.

For instance, if you’re well-versed in branding, ideation, and typography—and are interested in a career in marketing—then you can potentially work as a graphic designer for a marketing firm. When the opportunity to interview for the job presents itself, you can use your knowledge about your strengths to better promote yourself to a possible employer.

Create a powerful CV


Once you’ve come to an understanding of your strengths and values, the next thing you should do is create a powerful CV. Our post listing CV tips explains that this document helps make a great first impression when job hunting—provided that you leverage crucial information about yourself, your work history, and your skills.

Aside from including details like your email, phone number, and location, a personal statement is the key to encouraging recruiters to learn more about you. In it, make sure to communicate the lessons you’ve learned from past work experiences, as well as the triumphs you brought to the companies you’ve worked for.

If you’re a freelance programmer, for example, then expound on the projects you’ve helped past clients complete (this can range from web design or software creation). By doing so, you can better draw in the interest of a potential employer and bolster your chances of securing your dream job.

Use specific filters and keywords on job boards

A dream career isn’t simply characterized by the work you want to do. For instance, perhaps the job you want to achieve is based on criteria such as job type, location, or salary. To narrow down your choices and find the best job matches, use search filters to connect with listings that meet your preferences.

Apart from that, keywords can also prove useful when searching for your ideal job. In a 2022 CNBC article on the labor market, career expert Blair Heitmann discusses how, more often than not, landing your dream job can be an experience riddled with anxiety.

After all, some employers only offer short-term roles. As such, Heitmann recommends typing in “recruiter” on search platforms like Monster, LinkedIn, or Indeed. Recruiters are hired by companies to find talent; once you have a solid list of companies who are hiring for your desired position, all you need to do is to send an application.

Utilize digital tools

Utilize digital tools

Pursuing your dream job isn't easy. The process entails a lot of decision-making and waiting, which is why job hunting can come with feelings of panic. That said, it’s vital to stay on top of the process and streamline your schedules and tasks. You can do this by utilizing digital tools such as Trello. The list-making app enables you to create a workflow to keep track of your job applications and mitigate decision fatigue. Specifically, you can create cards for the companies you’ve applied for. Each card can include specific interview steps, as well as the job description and location.

You can likewise use Job Search Journey, which has various organizational features to help you juggle job hunt tasks. The platform also offers insightful articles on subjects like common interview questions and career advice from industry experts. These resources can provide you with the information you need to make smart choices when pursuing your desired job.

Securing your dream career entails a lot of steps. By following the tips above, you can become better equipped to chase the opportunities you want.

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