15 Best Dating Apps Like Tinder [Tinder Alternatives 2024]

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Are you a fan of Tinder dating, and do you wish to know if there are alternatives to the app? Getting yourself well-equipped in case your favorite dating app crashes is a wise decision. For this, this article has carefully curated a list of the best Tinder alternatives.

Tinder is now one of the best online dating platforms out there. The popularity of this dating application has skyrocketed throughout the globe. According to Statista, Tinder has become the most downloaded dating application in the world right now. It recorded over 67 million yearly downloads in 2019, making it the most installed dating application.

Now, though, Tinder isn’t the only dating application available. The possibilities for discovering someone with similar hobbies or who shares friends with you have expanded exponentially in recent years. There are many more top and free dating applications that are doing very well in the industry, not only Tinder.

In this article, I will show you a comprehensive list of these apps currently making the buzz.

1. Hily — Local and international dates available

Hily Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

Hily is the best dating application for those looking for long-term partnerships. Get to know people from all around the globe via text and video chats.

Get to know each other by asking them to take a personality test together. Find a new date and begin broadcasting live on the application with its wealth of data, media, and narratives.


  • Facilitates meeting people from all across the world
  • You’re free to engage in extensive conversation through video chat
  • Find out whether you’re compatible with a prospective date

2. Inner Circle — Best for connecting singles

Inner Circle Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

If you’re determined to get the perfect match, joining the Inner Circle is your best option.

I believe you’ll agree that Inner Circle is a great alternative to Tinder for meeting interesting people who are also looking for love.

As opposed to continually swiping right and left, this application facilitates meaningful interactions between users. When you join Inner Circle, you’ll be introduced to a group of individuals who share your commitment to finding love and maintaining meaningful relationships.


  • Makes it possible to see a person’s profile without exposing who you are.
  • Participate in gatherings and activities in various locales.
  • Purchase a ticket to access exclusive groups and events.

3. Plenty of Fish Dating App — Prioritizes conversation for connection

Plenty of Fish Dating App Download from Play Store

Connect with other singles via text and video chats. Not convinced? The Plenty of Fish application makes it easy to meet other single people.

The best part about this no-cost dating app is that you can meet people without ever matching with them or paying a dime. This is why POF is superior to other dating apps like Tinder.

The software has no associated costs. Download this application right now to start meeting like-minded people and perhaps finding your soulmate.


  • You can turn off notifications whenever you like.
  • Conversations in real-time through video with other people.
  • You can talk to other people without having to match or subscribe to them.

4. Match — Discover, match, connect, and search for your soulmate with ease

Match Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

With over a million users, Match is now among the most popular dating applications for singles. In the UK, this application connects people looking for love.

If you’re looking for a serious commitment, you can find it on Match by making limitless video calls to potential suitors before giving up your phone number in discussions.

You can find local singles via an internet search or at a singles event. In addition, they have professionals on staff who can help you craft a winning profile.


  • Communicate with other single people in the UK through video calls.
  • Trending topics are used as discussion starters.
  • There are many low-pressure places to meet your date, both online and in person.
  • Expert advice on setting up a date and filling up your dating profile is only a click away.

5. Badoo — Connects you with a celebrity look-alike match

Badoo Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

Among the finest features of this application is the ability to find people that look like your favorite celebrities.

The application can help you locate the celebrity you like even if you never meet him or her in real life, such as if you have a crush on Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp.

The program can identify people who resemble famous people by using face recognition technology. Within the population of about 465,000,000 people globally, the application will assist you in locating individuals that resemble A-1.


  • Find individuals in your area or elsewhere in the world.
  • If you and another user both swipe right, you’ll be matched.
  • Dating with a time-zone-specific matchmaker in real-time
  • Live video chat with your potential soulmate

6. Skout — Prioritizes meaningful connection over casual hookups

Skout Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

The goal of the Skout application is to facilitate social interaction and romantic liaisons.

Users have the option of connecting with others in their immediate geographical vicinity or with those in other countries or even on different continents.

The main difference between this and Tinder is that the developers behind it want users to prioritize meaningful connections over casual hookups.


  • Tune in to other people’s broadcasts
  • Find potential dates based on the same interests and geographical closeness
  • In-app features for profile promotion
  • Information from close-by users

7. Coffee meets Bagel — Prioritizes quality matches

Coffee meets Bagel Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

Men who are interested in women will make recommendations to them. Throughout the week, “bagels” (quality matches) are delivered to the men.

They are provided with a choice to accept or reject it. For this reason, the top dating app will sort the guys who have shown interest in women into a pool of possible dates.

This method replaces Tinder’s interminable swiping with a more direct and efficient method of choosing a partner.


  • Get to know those who are interested in you
  • Compatible matches

8. Happn — The best place for finding people you’ve crossed paths with

Happn Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

Cross-path dating is a novel idea that the Happn application has introduced to the Tinder-like app market. By combining a user’s social media networks with their current location, the dating application can suggest suitable partners in the immediate area.

To keep track of someone you’ve met in real life who uses the Happn app, your profile will be shown on your timeline whenever you physically encounter another user.

The application will also display the total number of times the user has encountered the same individual at the same time.


  • Multiple Timeline Notifications
  • Secrecy of Location
  • Fight against the odds and have some fun with a crush (similar to Tinder’s super-like feature)
  • A simple hello or hidden like will trigger a response.

9. Zoosk — The best place for finding quality soulmates

Zoosk Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

When looking for compatible partners in the United States, Zoosk is a great alternative to Tinder. It facilitates meaningful relationships between individuals.

The application is a technology innovator that provides a more sophisticated dating experience than Tinder by facilitating better connections between users with carousel elements and SmartPick.

This application’s UI does a great job of capturing users’ attention. Over forty-million singles are using the Zoosk application with great success throughout the globe.


  • Verification of images
  • Connection with singles nearby
  • Mutual connect and like

10. Elite Singles — A place for highly educated people to connect and meet

Elite Singles Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

This is an alternative to adolescent dating applications such as Tinder. To join Elite Singles, you must be between the ages of 30 and 55 and have a good level of education.

This Australian dating site is tailored to affluent singles who are serious about finding a partner for the long haul.

This application is similar to Tinder in that it uses a personality test to pair users with potential romantic interests.


  • Casual encounters with local singles
  • You can use the application to upload pictures to Facebook without quitting it
  • Get matched with like-minded individuals on a daily basis
  • Individualized compatibility

11. Her — The best lesbian-dating application

Her Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

A new subgenre of dating applications, dominated by lesbian-focused platforms like this one, has emerged.

Dating applications like Her promote romantic relationships between women.

More than 4 million men and women looking for the perfect gay woman use this app every month, making it one of the most popular dating platforms available.


  • LGBTQ+ dating and community
  • Incognito mode

12. Hinge — The best dating app for having more control over your likes

Hinge Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

The Hinge application’s primary function was to pair users with the buddy of a mutual acquaintance. This Tinder-type app from the United States lets users “individual page like” certain aspects of a potential match’s profile.

You may think of it as a more reliable option than Tinder. This equips the potential date with enough knowledge to have a natural first discussion with him by learning about the things he enjoys that are appealing to his interests.

Hinge is the greatest dating application to use if you like to have a complete say over your preferences.


  • Supports voice prompts
  • Begins matches with a comment or like
  • Total control over who you wish to see

13. Bumble — A reliable dating app for men and women

Bumble Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

As one of many alternatives to Tinder, Bumble stands out for offering more than simply dating.

This dating application established in the United States combines the benefits of social media with an emphasis on promoting women’s independence.

Bumble is a top online dating service that welcomes new members right on the homepage. Applications like Tinder now conform to this new criterion, which allows women to initiate contact.


  • The time limit for responding to a match is 24 hours.
  • Members only with verified accounts
  • Modal transitions are simple (Business, BFF, Date)
  • Downloading and sharing music with Spotify

14. OkCupid — The best matchmaking application

OkCupid Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

One of the most well-known alternatives to Tinder in the United States is OkCupid. Users are encouraged to be “more than just a snapshot” while using the application.

In order to narrow down potential partners, the dating software has prepared a question based on user’s answers to a personality questionnaire.

The users of this dating application can learn more about one other than just their appearance. When compared to Tinder, its straightforward UI makes it the simpler choice.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and goals
  • Connect via a mutual swipe and a special messaging mechanism

15. Grindr — Best Tinder alternative for gay men, bisexual, and trans

Grindr Tinder Alternatives apps Download from Play Store

Anyone who identifies as gay, trans, bi, or simply inquisitive will find Grindr to be an invaluable resource.

Although simplistic, it makes advantage of geolocation to highlight other users in the vicinity, making it possible to locate a connection in a matter of minutes.

There is also no need to upload a photo or fill out a bio. Some users don’t fill up their profiles at all. In all, it’s a simple-to-use application.


  • Promotes meaningful connections
  • Has over 60 different gender identities to choose from
  • Free to use


Q. Why does Tinder have lots of fake accounts?

This is because the vast majority of individuals would rather conceal who they really are. Many people are reluctant to engage in sexual activity for fear of being discovered, while others seek out such encounters because they find them enjoyable. These are some of the most common explanations for the frequency of fake accounts found on Tinder.

Q. Does Tinder have a private account?

Despite the fact that there is no anonymous option on Tinder, there are still some methods to protect your privacy. You can hide your identity in a number of ways, including by using a made-up profile, a photo that obscures your face, or an image that has never been shared online.

Q. Can I use Tinder without a profile picture?

Neither browsing Tinder anonymously nor without a profile picture is currently possible via the application’s official channels. If you want to remain anonymous, a phony profile is your best choice.


Though Tinder serves a useful purpose for many, it might not be the ideal matchmaking tool for every one of us. Luckily, there are a plethora of alternative dating applications to choose from. As I’ve compiled this list, I’ve done my best to include every worthwhile dating application out there, and I certainly hope that everyone can find a suitable option.

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