6 Time-Saving Hacks for Content Creation

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Nowadays, the contribution of social media to business development should not be underestimated. Consumers spend more time on the Internet, and more attention is paid to brand pages.

For your product to be successful, provide customers with access to it in a variety of ways, including through Instagram or Facebook. The process of attracting customers to your account, as well as receiving feedback, takes a lot of effort and time sometimes.

Many beginning entrepreneurs neglect it because they think that such activity requires spending all day in social networks. Actually, this is not quite true. You can read a few tips below to make your time on the Internet as effective as possible.

Content Plan

Content Plan

To begin with, it is advisable to create a content plan. In simple terms, it is an outline of the publications that you will be posting during a week or a month. Think about the topics you want to bring up and decide on the type of content (stories, videos, broadcasts, classic photos).

To avoid running out of ideas, you should save inspirations that caught your eye in a separate file and then shape them in your favor on the right day. A content plan does not mean that you cannot occasionally change a subject or posting order. The main thing is that you will have a foundation, and you can always adjust the plan according to the situation.

Use of “Helpers”

Under the concept of helpers is meant both real people versed in digital marketing and various online services. Try yourself as a content creator before hiring someone. To this end, you can find many sites with ready-made and adjustable solutions such as Facebook post template or invoice builders, incredible post designs or free brochure templates.

You can post template-based content both in the feed and a series of stories. Overall, the use of templates makes it very easy to keep the page designed in a single style. In addition to the above, you can create gift certificates or newsletters to offer to your subscribers and even print something out for offline use.

Writing in Advance

When you start writing content for your pages, it is better to create several posts in a row since your brain is in an active phase already, and you should not interrupt it. You can just outline a topic and add a few interesting points without exploring the subject deeply and polishing grammar. It is not necessary to immediately produce the perfect option — let it be a draft copy. You can make adjustments directly before publishing.

You can jot down your ideas in writing or digitally. Keep in mind that it is best to make your post around 2,200 characters long. If you want to go beyond this volume, you can continue to expand the topic by posting screenshots of your notes in a photo carousel.

It is better to avoid posting a continuation in comments, as sometimes it is difficult to download them all and get to the beginning. Flipping through photos is much easier, and this format increases the chances for your post to be read to the end.

Studying Statistics

Studying Statistics

If you are interested in promoting your page, you need to switch to a business account since it gives you access to statistics. It shows changes in your audience, the most active hours and days, and the most popular posts.

After analyzing this data, you will be able to react correctly and quickly adjust the topics of your post and the time of their release.


Processing posts and stories in the same style shows your professionalism and attentiveness to every detail of your business. To avoid spending hours editing each photo, try to use presets.

This is a selection of ready-made settings for editing picture frames and videos. You have probably already heard about the most popular ones, such as VSCO applications and Lightroom presets. Learning to use them is much easier than using professional Photoshop.

Fast Answers

Fast Answers

Keeping in touch in Direct takes a lot of time. Therefore, to avoid answering questions most of the day while still responding quickly and staying connected with the audience, use a quick response feature. It is easy to set up.

You simply choose templates and specify a word by entering which you can send standard messages. It is better to add as many answers as possible in advance to save time while interacting with users. Just make sure that your messages do not sound like a soulless cliché because people in social networks appreciate sincere communication.

Bottom Line

Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of opportunities for creating a professional-looking, eye-catching, and SEO-friendly account or website. The main thing is that you have a desire to act.

You need to do everything in stages to work quickly and without stress. We hope our tips will help you to achieve exactly these goals.

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