TikTok Automation: What Tools Will Help You Succeed in 2024

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Whether you are an established influencer or a brand wanting to gain a foothold in the market, managing your own social media accounts can be time-consuming and take away from the actions that really matter within your business and organization.

Automation can remove a lot of the stress and pressure that you are faced with when you are attempting to grow your accounts and get yourself and your brand recognized.

In 2022, TikTok almost came out of nowhere and blind-sided other platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter, now its growth is expected to match that of Instagram. If you aren’t on TikTok yet don’t panic about your following, there are plenty of automation tools available to you to help you gain a foothold.

What is TikTok Automation?

TikTok Automation is a service that will interact with other users on your behalf, you can configure it to like, comment, follow/unfollow and even send direct messages to other users based on the preferences that you have set.

The more people that you interact with, the more, in turn, will interact with you. The fundamental principle of social media growth is validation, by validating other people, they will validate you as they enjoy the emotional response garnered from the attention. The more people your account validates, the more validation you receive, thus increasing the reach of your account.

Whilst it seems easy to simply add an automation tool to your account and let it run behind the scenes, just adding a tool won’t be enough to grow your account. You still need to concentrate and create content that users want to see. The quality of your content is key to your success as users will be drawn to like and comment on high-quality videos that represent their likes and interests.

This is an exceptionally salient point as the higher the level of engagement on your posts, the higher TikTok will place your content in their algorithm to show it to other users. This follower to engagement ratio is key across all social media and is especially prevalent on TikTok, which is why you simply don’t want to purchase followers without backing it up with engagement.

Why is the Follower to Engagement Ratio so Important?

One of the main reasons users are disregarding Instagram and moving to TikTok in droves is due to the inauthenticity of the platform. Users have become weary of the over curated and overindulgent aspects of Instagram that seem to plague their feed, so are using TikTok to find communities that represent their likes and interests.

The follower to engagement ratio comes into play here as the more engagement people have on their posts, the more TikTok will show it to other users. Large percentages of users on Instagram purchased followers to give their account the veneer of authenticity and popularity, however, their posts didn’t have an engagement rate that correlated.

Engagement Ratio

This formula of follower: engagement is also prevalent on TikTok and you won’t be forgiven by TikTok or the community you are trying to engage with if you simply purchase followers to increase the look of popularity on your account.

Remember, this audience is seeking authenticity, not a feed that is empty of engagement and simply wants likes and recognition. Purchasing followers is not a quick fix and will only serve to damage your reputation as a feed.

What is the Best Way to Configure your Automation?

With the rise of social media, mass marketing strategies became a thing of the past, so why would you still attempt to apply this archaic practice when you have direct access to the communities, market segments, and niches that marketeers in the 1990s could have only dreamt about?

Before you even select an automation tool, you need to consider exactly who you are trying to grow your account with. Consider what type of content you upload and evaluate similar content from some of the bigger accounts. You can look at the type of users that are commenting and liking this content as well as following the feed.

Tiktok Automation Configuraion

If this group of users reflects your market, make notes on data points such as ages, locations, gender and any other discernible features that differentiate them from other groups. Once you have your target market worked out, you will need to plug this data into your tool so it will interact within the parameters you have set.

This way your tool will only follow users that meet your required data points, and if you have succeeded in your evaluation, they will follow and like your content in return for the validation you have given them.

What TikTok Automation Provider is Best for you?

With so many products available to you on the market, how do you know which tool is best for your account? There are some key factors that you will want to assess prior to making your purchase, here we have consolidated the most salient and pertinent points of 10 automation tools that are currently available to you.

Top 10 TikTok Automation Tools

1. Instamber – Best TikTok Bot – Auto-Like/Auto-Follow


We can assume that with the crackdown on bots operating on Instagram that instamber will enter the TikTok game soon. They currently don’t offer service on TikTok, but they state that their Instagram bot will increase your following on the platform, so maybe this will translate later on. With the crackdown on Instagram, it has become increasingly difficult to grow accounts, so we aren’t sure of the validity of this service.

  • Security

Instamber is a cloud-based Tiktok bot that you operate yourself, there are no downloads or programs to manage, everything is located within their cloud system. Whilst this does come with its own risks, it is a lot more secure than passing your details over to other providers.

  • Customer Service

Instamber is automation in its purest form, it allows users to fully configure their tool to totally reflect their needs and wants, which is ideal if you have a deep and intricate working knowledge of your target market and demographic. Whilst this service doesn’t currently translate to TikTok, if they do make that leap, this service may not be for everyone as there is no account manager there to offer suggestions or insight as to how you can grow your account.

  • Overview

Instamber providers a service for you to grow your Instagram, however automation on this platform is slowly petering out due to the crackdown that was launched against automation tools of this nature. If they do make the jump to TikTok it will be a tool that you will need to configure and fully manage yourself, and if you want a hands-off approach for growth, then there are other options better suited to your needs.

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2. Tokupgrade – Organically Target Followers


Tokupgrade provides you with real active TikTok users and as aforementioned, this is vital to the growth of your TikTok account, as without that follower: engagement ratio, TikTok will punish you and your content will be lost to the ether.  Furthermore, their targeting algorithm will help you establish yourself in the community and niche you are trying to access, as long as you know what that target market is, Tokupgrade can get you right in the middle of that conversation.

  • Security 

Security should be one of your primary concerns when you are deploying automation to your account. Tokupgrade knows this and ensures that your data is the end to end encrypted and that no third parties have access to any of your data.

  • Customer Support 

Some users, especially first-time automation users will need more customer support than others, but it is always nice to know that you have that option there. Tokupgrade provides you with your own trusted account manager who will help support your goals and answer your questions 24/7. This aspect is a real selling point, as it means you are able to discuss your account with someone who has a holistic overview of the activities that are being undertaken on it.

  • Overview 

Tokupgrade takes all the hassle and confusion out of growing your TikTok, you can be safe in the knowledge that your account is not only in professional hands but also in safe ones. They are a professional service that will help you realize your growth aspirations and have the software and knowledge in place to make sure customers reach their full potential.

3. TokSocial – Real TikTok Followers


Toksocial also provides customers with real, targeted users that represent the community and market you want to attract to your feed. They strictly follow TikTok's guidelines of no fake followers, so you can be sure that when you purchase this service, you are buying into a professional one.

  • Security

As toksocial base their actions on TikTok’s guidelines, you can be sure that they won’t get your account blocked or deleted. Their actions on your account won’t cause an algorithm to flag or get actions blocked. They don’t offer encryption of your data like Tokupgrade, but they rely on their understanding of the terms and conditions of TikTok to make sure your account remains active.

  • Customer Service

When you buy into toksocial you are buying your own dedicated account manager. Once you have purchased a package, this account manager will be in touch to help understand your goals, target market and what niche you are wanting to engage with to help you expand. Not only do you benefit from a service that provides you with real TikTok followers, but you also have an account manager that has a deep understanding of the platform and can help you translate your wishes into tangible goals.

  • Overview

Toksocial provides a service where you will see results within the first 24 hours. They don’t offer encryption on your data, but they do stay well within Tiktoks guidelines to make sure that your account isn’t deactivated or deleted. Their 24/7 customer support is excellent for people who need to readjust their goals and targets based on market trends and response rates.

Source: hackernoon.com

4. Tokgrowth – Managed Growth Tool


Tokgrowth will provide your account with real, genuine followers that won’t get your account blocked or shadowbanned. They offer an automation service that works much like the others with their own algorithm to help your account grow.

It would appear that their targeting relies more on getting popular users and hashtags to engage with your content rather than working with the communities on the app that you want to embed yourself in. Due to being a fully managed service, you are in safe hands with steady growth.

  • Security

TokGrow works under the recommended amount of follows/unfollows per day to make sure your account doesn’t suffer any repercussions from its actions. However, your data is not encrypted like other providers and tokgrowth will need access to your account in order to work effectively. If you don’t run a VPN this could result in actions being flagged as there will be multiple sign-ins from different locations.

  • Customer Service

Tokgrow provide you with your own account manager that is dedicated to helping your account grow, this paired with 24/7 customer support means you are purchasing a service that will be on hand to help at any given point.

  • Overview

Tokgrow doesn’t make any claims in terms of quantifying expected growth when you start using their service, however, they do offer 24/7 customer support to make sure you get the best out of the service.

5. Jeffery – Real Followers


Jeffery provides customers with real followers as TikTok will delete fake accounts. Its targeting doesn’t seem as accurate as Tokupgrade or toksocial but will provide you with followers that match broader data points that you have set.

  • Security

There is little to mention in terms of security, whilst they do say that security is at the forefront of their operation, there is no data encryption and no suggestion that they don’t sell data to third parties. Whilst we didn’t get any security notifications from TikTok when we used their service, that doesn’t mean they offer the same level of insight as the aforementioned products.

  • Customer Service 

Jeffery will provide you with 24/7 customer support for any questions and queries you may have that relate to your account, however, they don’t give you your own account manager. Whilst this reduces costs, you don’t have the same level of strategic viewpoint as you do with other automation services which can hamper your account growth.

  • Overview

There is no doubt that Jeffery will grow your TikTok account, they don’t provide the same level of targeting or customer service that other providers do. They are more a tool for people that have experience with automation and give you a sleek dashboard that you can configure and build reports off the back of without having to contact your account manager. That being said, if you want a totally hands-off approach to automation and just want to concentrate on producing content, Jeffery isn’t the option for you.

6. TrendGrow


Trendgrow offers user a totally hands-off service that will see your TikTok account grow. As TikTok deletes fake accounts, they give customers real genuine user growth. They promise their users who purchase their gold package a minimum of 1500 + new followers per month, without getting their accounts deactivated or deleted.

  • Security

Trendgrow make a bold statement exclaiming that they know exactly how the TikTok algorithm works. In reality, the only people that know exactly how the algorithm works, is TikTok and this is a closely guarded secret, so be aware of bold claims. Whilst they don’t need your password to operate, there are no statements regarding your account security or safety and no mention of any type of encryption.

  • Customer Service

Trendgrow is a small organisation with an even smaller team. They don’t offer 24/7 customer service support or a dedicated account manager, there is simply an email address where you send your queries and questions.

  • Overview

It seems that trendgrow is still in its infancy of development and hasn’t grown big enough to allow users to benefit from features that other services provide as standard, such as 24/7 customer support. Whilst they seem to still be in their early days of development and operation, the bold and blasé statements that are made from the outset don’t fill us with confidence for the service that they provide or if they really can operate under the radar or the algorithm they claim to know so much about.

7. AutoTokker


Like other high-end automation tools, Autotokker also doesn’t work or collaborate with fake TikTok accounts, this is due to TikTok’s zero-tolerance policy on fake accounts, so you can be sure that the accounts that are following you are genuine. Autotokker claim that you can get between 20 and 100 new follows a day, this will vary depending on well you have configured your automation and how niche you have chosen to go.

  • Security

Autotokker pride themselves on the safety of your account and won't jeopardize its validity for a few fake accounts and followers, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your account won't get flagged for actions if you use this service. However, there is no mention of how it protects your personal information, so there may still be some risk involved in terms of third-parties collecting data.

  • Customer Service

There is no mention about the support offered to customers on the website, however, there is an email address that you can send questions and queries too. There might well be support offered once you have purchased the service but the lack of account management may put some potential buyers off.

  • Overview

Autotokker gives a more realistic expectation of followers than other services such as trend grow. They operate within the confines of what TikTok allows, so there is little to worry about in terms of shadow bans and your account being deleted. This is a good product if you are more of a hands-off type of person that simply wants to select an account to mimic. However, if you are looking for a more detailed and involved strategy, Autotokker isn’t for you.

8. QuikFlok


QuikFlok uses the mimic strategy in order to build your TikTok following. This is a good strategy if you are aware of your target audience and want to mimic particular accounts that you want to be indirect competition with. If you are targeting a niche community, it may not be the service for you. Quikflok will grow your account with real followers as they are picked out from other users follow lists.

  • Security

There is no mention of account security, encryption or data management on their site and nor does it mention any factors relating to shadowbans or blocked actions. You don’t want to risk your account being blocked for the sake of a few followers.

  • Customer Service

You don’t have the option of having customer support with QuikFlok, it is a tool that it optimized to mimic rather than develop its own strategy to grow your account. If you want a dedicated account manager working on your growth, this isn’t the one for you.

  • Overview 

There is little information to go on when it comes to Quikflok, it follows the basic methodology of following accounts that mimic your own, however, we can’t be sure that these actions won’t get your account flagged.

9. Ektor.io


Ektor.io provides a comprehensive service that will get your account real, genuine followers. Their service will get you targeted followers that will help your account grow through deploying a variety of services such as auto comment, like and direct messages. As this service only targets active accounts, you won’t suffer from shadowbans or having your account deleted.

  • Security

You will need to set up two factor authentications before you can access the app, this is positive as it seems that many providers are lax on their security. Of course, there is always room for improvement, such as encryption, but Ektor are offering more security than most other automation providers.

  • Customer Service

Ektor don’t provide you with the same level of account management and customer service as other automation services, this could be positive or negative depending on what you are looking for. If you want a hands-on approach, then Ektor could be a good tool for you, but if you want an account manager who can help you grow, then there are better services available to you.

  • Overview 

Ektor provides you with a secure platform that will help you grow your account; it has also demonstrated a good level of security with the two-factor authentication that is required to be set up. If you want a self-managed tool, etkor can provide you with a stable service, but if you want a higher level of security and a support team behind the tool, ther are other products out there.

10. The Vire


Whilst the vire will give your real, genuine followers, their methodology is based on hashtags rather than strategic targeting. You won’t have your account ruined by non-engaging followers, but there is a limit to what targeting based on TikTok hashtags alone can achieve.

  • Security

There is no mention of any security or security protocol on their website.

  • Customer Service

Whilst they say that their team will like, comment and follow other accounts on your behalf, there is no mention of any customer service or account management support.

  • Overview

Vire’s methodology seems strategically lacking in compared to other options on the market, the reach of hashtags only goes so far, especially when you have other products that specifically target your demographics of interest. There is limited reach and scope of this service, especially when they offer no insight into their security or customer service capabilities.



It may seem that purchasing an automation tool can be complex and time-consuming, but when it comes down to it, you want a provider that you can talk to, build a strategy with that endeavors to keep your data and account safe and secure.

Before you select who, you are going to work with to grow your account, consider providers that have clearly demonstrated that your account security is more important than the follower numbers garnered from their actions.

Providers that offer encryption and customer service are your best chance at not only growing your account but making sure it stays safe in the process.

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