How to Get a Tidal Student Discount in 2024

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Are you wondering how to listen to your favorite songs without having to spend much on a subscription? This guide teaches you how to get the Tidal student discount and stream your favorite songs at a discount price.

Stream your Favorite Music at a Discount Price with the Tidal Student Discount

One of the coolest ways to ease ourselves off anxiety, stress, and even boredom has always been music. Music, without a doubt, acts as a form of therapy to calm a troubled heart and makes us relax, forgetting about a hectic day.

Tidal Student Discount Eligibility

Many of us can’t do without music in this present age, as it’s a form of uplifting the heart, body, and soul for the younger generation, who see music as a source of keeping their spirit up when down. Because of this importance of music, it’s now necessary to have loads of songs on our devices. However, the question is—does streaming music come cheap?

Some newly released music can be extremely expensive; however, it’s still very much possible to have them on your devices at a discount price. This is where the Tidal student discount comes into play. With the discount, you can stream thousands of music at a reduced price or no cost at all.

But what is Tidal Music or Tidal student discount? Tidal music is a kind of streaming service that allows you to stream thousands and even millions of music. Tidal music has lots of playlists, live concert recordings, music videos, and podcasts for your streaming pleasure. The only thing needed to have an account on Tidal is to verify that you are still a College or University student.

One benefit of having a student account on Tidal is that you wouldn’t have to pay the full subscription price to stream your favorite music. Once you are able to verify your studentship, you can get to enjoy the Tidal student discount and listen to millions of songs for a reduced price as opposed to the premium subscription.

There are also several music services that provide discounts for students. Music streaming sites such as Apple Music and Spotify do this. However, there is something that Tidal provides, which these two do not offer. For instance, Tidal provides Master quality sound and HiFi for streaming music online.

Steps to Sign up for the Tidal Student Discount

Before you can get a Tidal student discount, you have to verify your studentship just as we have discussed above. Steps to verify your studentship will be discussed subsequently in this article. So if you want to enjoy the student discount offered by Tidal to stream unlimited music, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1:

The first step to take to get your student discount from Tidal is to go to the official Tidal website. Fill in your Facebook account, Twitter account, or email address to begin your account creation.

official Tidal website

  • Step 2:

After logging in with your new account, you will have to choose the account type you prefer. There are various account types such as Military, Student, Family, and Standard. Click on the Student account type.

Tidal account type

  • Step 3:

After selecting the Student account type, the next step is to input your payment details to complete your registration process.

Completion of registration forTidal account

Steps to Verify your Studentship

Tidal Studentship Verification Process

After successful registration, the next thing is to prove your studentship by providing the necessary information needed. Tidal will provide you with a two-page form to fill. The form contains some basic requirements that only you can fill and must not be disclosed to others. Below are steps to follow to verify your studentship on Tidal.

  • Step 1:

The first step of the verification process is to visit the official page of Tidal student discount. Once you access the page, there is a list containing various schools. Select the school you are in.

  • Step 2:

The second step is to enter every necessary detail correctly. Do not make any form of error, as this can affect your verification success. After filling in the needed information, click on the ‘Continue’ option.

  • Step 3:

After step 2, the platform will provide you with a page where you will have to present a document that contains your name, such as last name and first name, your school name, and other necessary information.

  • Step 4:

After completing step 3, you can then click on the ‘Choose File’ option. Once you have done this, you will have to choose the document you will use for your studentship verification.

  • Step 5:

This is the last step of your verification process. After adding the document in step 4, then click on ‘Next.’ After this, you will see a confirmation page on your screen that states that you will receive an email once they have verified that you are a student and eligible for the student discount offered by Tidal.

Tidal Student Discount Eligibility

If you haven’t used the Tidal free trial period before, all you have to do is register an account. That is, a discounted account. To do this, visit However, if you have an account already and you are also eligible for the offer, you can access and navigate to the Subscription page.

Tidal Student Discount

After that, choose the appropriate discount link and upload the necessary documents you are required to present. Note that the document you are to present must contain your complete name as well as the name of your school alongside a date in the last three months.

Some of the approved documents for students are Transcript, Tuition or Registration receipt, Official enrollment letter, and Current term class schedule.

Note that if you desire to keep enjoying the offer even after the first year of your subscription, all you have to do is to re-verify your studentship at the end of the year.


This article has successfully examined the various steps to take to sign up for the Tidal student discount. The discount enables students to stream millions of music at a discount price instead of paying a huge subscription fee. Once you are able to verify that you are a student, you can enjoy the Tidal student discount. Tidal also gives you 30 days of free trial before you begin to enjoy the student discount. If you choose to keep enjoying the student discount after the first year of your subscription, all you have to do is re-verify your studentship. The processes are quite simple and easy to follow.

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