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All of us have heard about the decentralized form of currency which is also known as a cryptocurrency or digital currency. The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin as it is the first-ever developed cryptocurrency and the popularity of bitcoin is showing positive growth. And to help the progression of the cryptocurrency the support in the term of decentralized finance was given.

Decentralized finance is also known as DeFi. In this, the crypto holders can borrow bitcoin from another person for some time which is known as DeFi borrowing. It acts similar to the traditional banking system in which the lender lends his or her asset to another person for some specific time and gets some profitable interest on it. Some platforms are doing this and one of them is the Polkastarter.

It is one of the Defi projects or platforms which provides the user with a platform for the funding in the crowds and is not under any government or organization as it is decentralized funding. The people seem very excited with this Polkastarter as it provides very profitable returns to the user even if the capital is low, which makes it different from other platforms.

There are various IDO and ICO platforms in the market which are giving services similar to the Polkastarter then what is the thing which makes it different and more easily accessible. The IDO is the short form for Initial Decentralized Offerings providing the user with a very cheap and healthy path for making the money. Polkastarter is in the top position in this category as it provides the user easy access to the projects which will give the user profitable returns.

There are various projects on the web and due to a lot of choices the user gets confused about what project he should look for so that he can get profits and can grow his capital. The advantage of this platform Polkastarter is that it filters the projects and recommends the platforms which are best for its user. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit dogecoin millionaire.

Polkastarter was developed and launched at the end of 2020 and it got a positive response from the market since its launch and about $900000 was raised initially.

The Polkastarter provides the tokens to the members of the community as a share of the raising from the projects. There is no conspiracy regarding the distribution of the tokens as the platform is based on crowdfunding which is pool swapping.  The platform also provides a solution to the problems being faced by the blockchain.

Working of the Polkastarter

 Working of the Polkastarter

The feature of the Polkastarter is that it provides an answer to the problems being faced by crowdfunding in the blockchain. The answer is the fixed ratio swaps and it also provides safety to the user and it keeps the safe interest of the user so that the user does not lose the profit and suffer no loss. But to earn profits through the Polkastarter one has to first participate in the pool of the Polkastarter and for that, the person’s address should be whitelisted.

There are mainly two paths available for the user to get whitelisted one is by holding on to Ethereum and after almost 250-275 POLS you have the user has been awarded a ticket.

The whitelisting process is like a lucky draw in which the user is picked randomly from a lot of users, and to increase the chance of being picked one has to make sure that he must have a large number of tickets. The increase in the capital of the Polkastarter shows that there is a huge demand for decentralized finance.

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