7 Best Technologies to Engage Your Customers in 2021

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In the digital era, customers have higher expectations and demands from companies. Nontraditional marketing techniques are getting adopted to accommodate this growing customer population. Technology has been a massive tool in making this happen.

It has made customer engagement much more accessible and faster than it ever was before. Companies are incorporating technology as much as they can. The society of today is all about rapid service and rapid delivery. Failing to do will only result in losing potential customers and desired market position.

Tech-Savvy Customer Engagement

Tech-Savvy Customer Engagement

More extensive data is now roaming in every business setting. With the increasing population, the amount of data and information has risen incredibly, and we call it Big Data. AI has made it easier for large companies to carry out data analysis.

It has helped companies understand customer preferences, which allows them to tailor products according to a customer’s demands. It also helps brands stay relevant and ahead of market trends. Brands are using these seven essential tools to change the way they interact with their customers.

1. Augmented Reality Is Facilitating Purchases

Augmented Reality for Purchases

Augmented reality helps customers see a close replica of the product they want to purchase. Suppose a customer is interested in buying a house. AR gives them 3D imagery of the product they’re interested in with scaled dimensions, which provides them with accurate numerical data.

Customers save time and transport costs while engaging with the product as many times as they want in their house’s comfort. The same rule applies to smaller purchases such as clothing and shoes. Customers can view the product as often as possible and find relevant information in the data provided.

2. Chatbots Have Streamlined Interaction

Any online business can attract a considerable chunk of consumers. Customers bring many questions with them. A representative can’t sit in front of a chatbox waiting for a customer to appear. Chatbots removed this hurdle.

Online shopping Using chatbot

The AI behind a chatbot is automatically activated when a question clicks on a chatbot. The AI uses company feed information about the current stock and supply chain and adds interactions with other customers to its database. Customers can ask as many questions as they like. Chatbots are also programmed to strategically insert promotional advertisements into the conversation, which subtly influences customers to purchase more.

People with specialization in the field are making their names by inventing technologies that bridge the provider and consumer gap. Thus, enrolling in a communications degree online program will be a smart choice to play your part in the developmental process.

3. Social Media

One of the most excellent tools of the modern business world is social media. Social media allows companies to develop a brand name. As they are the most interactive and publicly accessible platforms, customers can find other kindred spirits and engage with them.

Social Media for modern business world

They often end up forming communities and alert each other to different websites and online markets. Social media makes it easy for brands to get noticed as they can pay for ads. For the targeted audience.

It ensures that the advertisement will pay off, and the customer will most likely visit their website and generate traffic. Traffic generation is critical. It boosts the SEO ranking and brings brands closer to the top on search engine results.

4. In-app Support

In-App Customer Support

Sometimes, customers struggle with the online market. They can’t understand how the app works and what they should make of it. In-app support is a customer’s best guide in these circumstances.

The support informs the customer about relevant information about the app itself, guides them on making a purchase, and leaves behind ratings that other customers can pick on. In-app support also connects customers to a set of recommendations. The app starts introducing after picking up on the customers interacting with different products.

5. Video Chatting

Video Chatting for Businesse

Businesses need to conduct a large scale webinar or meet customers. As business representatives travel immensely, it is not always possible to see customers in person. Video chats make this easier. No matter where the customer is residing, they can easily connect with a business representative and have a conversation for as long as they like.

Suppose a range of customers want to see what a store has in stock for them. Store representatives cannot edit or script answers while conducting live video sessions. Their honesty and eloquence benefit the business’s reputation and improves credibility.

6. SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Through this method, brands can reach an even broader spectrum of customers. Sometimes establishing an internet connection is not possible. SMS marketing enables businesses to encourage customers to visit their physical stores and buy products in real-time, promoting and boosting a shop’s popularity.

When customers enter shops, sales representatives can obtain email addresses to add potential customers to their subscription lists. This way, trained sales staff can make them a part of the brand’s email campaigns. SMS Marketing and Email marketing is an excellent example of merging two marketing strategies and working towards a shared goal.

7. Drip Email Campaign

Drip Email Campaign

Emails sent this way reach a plethora of customers. Put, a standardized and well-formatted email gets created, which isn’t personalized but incredibly engaging. The AI can be programmed to send this email in a timely fashion with intervals in between. Drip emails can be updated according to the season and promotions and sent to customers.

These campaigns save the bulk work of customizing individual emails. Companies can categorize their client base according to their preferences. Part of this requires preparing standard emails for different categories. It hits the words they know would attract customers to click on the links in the email.


Digitization is all about modernization. In a modern world, convenience and accessibility are essential traits customers look for while making purchases as the world is getting fast-paced. Customers no longer have the time to walk up to a store and place an order. They’re interested in multi-tasking and getting their work done right then and there. Technology has enabled them to do so.

Companies are interested in generating profit, and digitization helps them achieve their market set goals right away. Companies can predict future trends through extensive data available from current trends.

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