Sweepstakes in Gambling: How the System Works

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You may have heard about the growing popularity of playing at online casinos. With more people than ever before interested in playing games online for real money, USA sweepstakes casinos are increasing in popularity all the time. What are these sites, and how do they work?

The Basic Facts

You can now play sweepstakes online for money in the USA. It is a clever approach that allows the casino operators to offer real money games while keeping on the right side of the current gambling laws.

Casino Games

The fact is that casinos in most of the country aren’t allowed to make it obligatory for players to spend money to take part in their games like roulette and blackjack. Yet, it is perfectly legal for them to provide incentives to purchase their chips, which is where the sweepstakes idea comes in.

All across the US, this approach can be used; the only exception is Washington State. At the time of writing, Sweepstakes casinos are also legal everywhere in Canada except Quebec. It is easy to get started with them, so let’s look at the process of doing so.

What Is the Process to Follow?

To begin playing on one of these gaming sites, you need to start by buying some virtual currency tokens. These are usually called Gold Coins, and new players can choose from different packages of them. Even if other names are used for the coins, the concept remains the same.

You will then be given a set of tokens that you can use for playing, often going by the name of Sweeps Coins. The number of these tokens that you receive depends upon the number of Gold Coins that you buy. It is technically a free bonus, and, of course, the more coins you get from the casino, the better.

An important point to note is that any wins you get with Gold Coins don’t earn you money that you can withdraw as they can’t be used for winning cash prizes. On the other hand, if you win money using your Sweeps Coins, you can withdraw the cash.

Another option is to play some free games with your Gold Coins, rather than buying Sweeps Coins. If you win in this way, you will receive more Gold Coins as your reward. It is just up to how you want to play and whether you wish to have a chance of winning real cash.

What Games Can You Play?

Remember that the names of the coins and the sweepstakes model are just details that are designed to help you start to play. Once you enter the casino and start placing bets, you will find the same games that you would expect to see in any casino, online or otherwise.

That means that classic card games like blackjack and baccarat are among the options. You might also see some versions of video poker, which is a sort of fast and simple version of the game, where you win a set prize by getting one of the best possible poker hands. Roulette is also well represented in these casinos.

You will also see a large selection of video slots that cover different themes and ways of playing. These are easy to understand games where you need to try and line up matching symbols on the screen to win the stated cash prizes.

Some extra spice is added to many of the table games and card games through the use of a live dealer. That type of game has a live stream from a casino setting beamed onto your device while the action takes place right in front of you.

It is worth pointing out that the casinos don’t usually produce their games, although some of them offer a few proprietary titles. Instead, they bring together a selection of games from the biggest software companies, which is why you will often see the same games on more than one site.

Summary – A Legal and Enjoyable Way of Playing Casino Games

To sum up, there is nothing complicated about this way of playing. The sweepstakes model is simply used as a way of allowing players in North America to legally play casino games for real money or just for fun.

Casino Games

Once you understand how the different coins work, you will see that at the heart of these sites is a stylish casino that gives you plenty of different ways of playing whenever you wish.

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