Top 20 Sites for Downloading Video Subtitles

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Are you a TV series and movie lover and wondering where to download subtitles for your favorite movie? These top best subtitle download sites are the best choices for you.

Enjoy any Language Movie with the Top Best Subtitle Download Websites

Subtitles have always been one of the easiest ways to understand any language TV series, video, or movie. Some persons do not like subtitles simply because they feel it obstructs them from viewing the movie properly. However, one can’t deny the fact that with subtitles, we can understand any movie outside our language.

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The sole aim of subtitles is to make sure that there is no language barrier and that a movie reaches several individuals without language boundaries. In this article, we will examine the top best subtitles download sites where you can get any language subtitle you want.

Best Sites to Download Subtitle for Your Video

1. SubtitlesHR

SubtitlesHR Home Page

The first on our list is SubtitlesHR. This subtitle site may not have that beautiful interface; however, its major focus is to ensure that you get any subtitle you want to watch any movie of your choice. The site makes it easy for you to download subtitles. One unique thing about SubtitlesHR is that it doesn’t bug you with ads popups, unlike some other subtitle download site where you will click on a particular thing, and you will be redirected somewhere outside what you want.

2. SubDivX

SubDivX Home Page

Another nice subtitle download site is SubDivX. You can find almost any subtitle you want on this site. It has subtitles for the newest TV series, movies, and TV shows. It provides its subtitles in either DVD or DivX forms. One amazing thing about SubDivX is that it enables users to upload subtitles to the website.

3. Subs4free


If you want a subtitle site that has over twenty-five thousand movie subtitles, it is definitely SubTitles. Once you access this site, you are sure of getting subtitles for your favorite TV series or movies. It offers its subtitles in either DivX or DVD forms. Without a doubt, it is one of the most reliable sites to download subtitles.

4. Megasubtitles

Megasubtitles Home Page

Megasubtitles has always been that easy and simple website that you can freely navigate to download any subtitles of your choice. One unique thing about the website is that it provides you with real-time search features. This means that the moment you begin to type on its search bar, it will immediately display the subtitles without you having to hit the search button yet. You will enjoy this site’s subtitle format as it provides its subtitles in a .srt form. It has a fast download, and you wouldn’t get redirected to other pages or be bugged with unnecessary ads.

5. My-Subs

My-Subs Home Page

This website is renowned for its organized way of displaying subtitles. It is quite easy to download subtitles on this website because it makes it direct and straight to the point. One unique thing is that you get to download your subtitles in a .srt form as opposed to some other subtitle websites that only offer their subtitles in zip formats.

Another thing you will like about My-Subs is that it provides subtitles for multiple languages so as to meet its users’ needs and wants.

6. Subdl

Subdl Home Page

Even though this website isn’t as well-known as other subtitle download sites, it gives you an amazing database of subtitles to download from. The website has a search you can use to search for any subtitle you want to download without having to browse through a long list of subtitles. One unique thing about Subdl is that it has subtitles in multiple languages, and it categorizes them according to release type. That is, it can categorize a group of subtitles under DVD release, BluRay release, and others.

7. Movie Subtitles

Movie Subtitles Home Page

Movie Subtitles is one of the most renowned subtitle download websites in the world. It has an impressive list of subtitles for any English movie you want to watch. Movie Subtitles offers subtitles in various formats such as DivX and DVD forms.

8. TVSubtitles

TVSubtitles Home Page

You can download any subtitle you want for free on the TVSubtitles website. The website has an easy user-interface that enables you to navigate through the website and download any subtitles you want without stress. TVSubtitles has subtitles for TV series, movies, TV shows, etc. You can easily surf through for the subtitle of your favorite movie because of the website’s well-organized interface.

9. Isubtitles

Isubtitles Home Page

If you want a website where you can download subtitles in various languages and for free, Isubtitles is the answer. With Isubtitles, you don’t have to spend any money to download any subtitle of your choice. The website has an easy interface that makes it simple for you to search for any subtitle you want to download even though you are a newbie to the system.

10. English Subtitles

English Subtitles Home Page

This website is unique for its provision of thousands and millions of subtitles for movies, TV shows, TV series, etc. If you are looking for classic movie subtitles, you are sure of finding it here on English Subtitles. One unique thing about the website is that you will get to see the newest subtitles newly uploaded to the site once you access it. It is a beautiful homepage and an easy interface.

11. Addic7ed

Addic7ed Home Page

The word “Addic7ed” was coined out of the term ‘Addicted,” and they are pronounced alike. The website provides lots of subtitles every movie lover can download from. One unique thing about this website is that it doesn’t only provide subtitles for TV shows; it also has a large library of TV shows and series for movie lovers. Unfortunately, before you can download any subtitle, the website requires you to sign up first. This notwithstanding, it’s worth it as you get to download subtitles in multiple languages.

12. BollyNook


This website is quite different from other subtitle download websites. This is because its approach to subtitle download is different from others. Downsub has an easy user interface that allows you to easily download subtitles from websites such as VIU, Viki, Vlive, YouTube, etc. It is free to download subtitles from this website. Another unique thing is that it offers subtitles in various formats such as TXT, VTT, or SRT.

13. TV Subs

TV Subs Home Page

TV Subs is renowned for providing subtitles for any TV shows you want. Just as its name suggests, it is a place for download TV shows subtitles. It enables you to download subtitles easily and for free. It is also free to sign up on the website. TV subs is one of the best, and easiest subtitles download sites.

14. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles Home Page

YIFY Subtitles is another subtitle download website that is quite easy to use and navigate. One unique thing about this website is that it ensures you download any subtitles of your choice without stress. It’s named after a well-known piracy group. The website is entirely safe to download any subtitle of your choice. In addition to this, you can download subtitles in multiple languages.

15. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker Home Page

Subtitle Seeker is among the best subtitle download website when it comes to free download of subtitles. The website has a large library of subtitles for TV series, TV shows, and movies. The good thing is that you can download them for free, and you don’t have to bother yourself sourcing for.SRT subtitle format as every subtitle on the website is in .SRT. Subtitle Seeker has become one of the most visited subtitle download websites in the world.

16. Podnapisi

Podnapisi Home Page

The name ‘Podnapisi’ may look like something outside of the subtitle download website. However, it’s one of the easiest websites where you can download any English subtitle of your choice. The website is extremely easy to browse through because of its easy-to-understand interface. Podnapisi is a website that has subtitles of over two million. The website also boasts of over fifty-eight thousand movies, and six thousand TV shows that you can download from. Podnapisi also enables you to search for any movie subtitle you want through its search engine, which curates a large database of subtitles.

17. DivX Movies English Subtitles

DivX Movies English Subtitles Home Page

DivX Movies English Subtitles is a one-of-a-kind website that offers captions in various languages such as Czech, German, English, and lots more. It offers various subtitles for DVD and DivX videos. The only downside about this subtitle download website is that it isn’t properly organized. This makes it a bit difficult for you to search for any subtitle you want. However, it still ranks as one of the best websites to download subtitles.

18. Subscene

Subscene Home Page

Subscene is renowned for its large library of movie subtitles. The only thing needed to download any subtitle you want on this website is to simply search for it in XviD, or DivX forms through its provided search bar. You must ensure that java is enabled on your computer before you begin to download.


Moviesubtitles Home Page

If you want a free subtitle download, is the best site for it. boasts of thousands of subtitles for renowned TV shows and movies. Before you can use the subtitles you want to download, you will have to download it in .zip format. After downloading, you will have to unzip the file.

20. Open Subtitles

Open Subtitles Home Page

Open Subtitles has been the most popular and largest subtitles download website. It is a very popular subtitle download site that supports multiple subtitle languages. You can download any subtitle you want in any language of your choice. One unique thing about Open Subtitles is that it has an easy-to-understand interface, making it easy for you to search for any subtitle of your choice without any issue.

It has a large collection of subtitles for TV series, XviD movies, and many others. It also makes it possible to download subtitles in DivX format.


One of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate movies that aren’t in our language is through subtitles. With subtitles, you don’t have to bother about language barrier when it comes to Chinese movies, Japanese movies, Spanish movies, etc. With the top best subtitles download websites we have examined in this article, we hope you find your choice to download subtitles for any of your favorite movies, TV shows, and TV series.

All of the websites we have examined in this article are free. You don’t have to spend a penny to download subtitles from them. While some offer subtitles in various languages, others are specifically based on English subtitles. Whichever one you want, they are all great and easy to use.

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