10 StumbleUpon Alternatives to Make Random Discoveries on the Web

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Did you get a replacement for StumbleUpon after it closed its doors in 2018 or you are still wondering what to do? If not, this is the right time to move on by trying other reliable alternatives in the market.

StumbleUpon was a social web search engine. When you are using StumbleUpon, the recommended web pages are from users, and you can rate random discovery sites by simply “like” or “dislike” them. At the same time, you can also share this web page on Facebook, Twitter, and share or discover other Stumblers in the email.

StumbleUpon provided a new way to browse the web. Unfortunately, it closed its doors in 2018. However, that doesn’t mean all is lost because there are several reputable StumbleUpon alternatives that you can use to access the internet in a personalized manner.  The following are some of the alternatives that you should try.

1. Mix


This brand new and highly effective personalized platform can help you to rediscover the internet. All that you need is to enter your favorite content on the Mix platform in large volumes and tags. Once you do that, the platform will use its interface to display content to you in a very light manner.

That way, you can easily choose the content that you wanna access and even share it. The mix is a reputable platform and you can never miss something that interests you on it. Additionally, this platform comes with social attributes and you can add people with the same hobbies to grow your network.

2. Pinterest


You can never miss something that interests you on the Pinterest platform because it’s one of the leading social platforms globally. This platform is designed in a manner that makes it easy to discover and save information on the internet using videos, images, GIFs, short writings, and pinboards.

You can use the platform to share what you love, discover ideas, shop to make things that you love yours, and save what inspires you. The good thing about Pinterest is that you can use it on the go from your Smartphone. Just download and install the platform’s Apple or Android app and you’re good to go.

3. Discuvver


Time has passed for browsing the internet blindly. All you need is to use Discuvver platform to discover useful sites easily. Here you have access to over 10 million useful sites that you can access with a single click. Additionally, the site is easy to use and it never asks for your personal details.

Discuvver is similar to StumbleUpon but it doesn't allow users to list interests. All you have to do is to visit the platform's main website and click the button that says, “Take me to a useful website!” Please note that you can only access one random website at a time when using the Discuvver platform.

4. Reddit


This is a home for thousands of communities, human connections, and endless conversations. You can get all sorts of information on Reddit, be it breaking news, TV fan theories, or sports news. The social platform is all you need for personalized access to the internet. It’s a reputable discussion website, web content rating platform, and social news aggregation site.

As a registered member, you can submit content in form of videos, images, text posts, and links. Additionally, you can downvote or upvote posts from other members. Reddit is also available on  Android or Apple apps for those who would like to access it from their smartphones.

5. Pinboard


This social bookmarking platform is super-fast and independently run. Pinboard is a no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value speed and privacy. On top of that, this platform has no third-party tracking and ads. However, you have to pay $22 per year as you signup to use Pinboard.

Once you sign up, you can bookmark from the browser of your choice, synchronize with popular services, and connect-up Twitter accounts. Other superior products from Pinboard include archiving service, full-text search, and checking dead links. Remember that this platform is easy to use even for beginners.

6. Refind


You can get the experience found on StumbleUpon on Refind platform. Many busy people start their day with Refind where they get the most relevant links for websites that match their needs. You don’t have to search the internet blindly because you can use Refind to make your work easier.

The good thing is that you can also access this platform on the go from your Smartphone using their app (Android or Apple). All you need is to sign up for an account with Refind and you're good to go.

7. Digg


This reputable American news aggregator serves as a great alternative for StumbleUpon. Digg comes with a curated front page that selects various stories for internet audiences. Some of the leading stories on this platform include viral internet issues, trending political issues, and science among others.

Here you submit stories for promotion and you allow other users to vote for (digged) or against (buried).  Stories that attract more votes appear on the front page of Digg and they attract a lot of traffic to corresponding sites. Remember that you require a Twitter account or Facebook account to post content on the Digg platform.

8. URL Roulette

URL Roulette

This is a free online platform where you can easily access URLs for most visited websites. Similarly, you can submit URLs links to other users using the URL Roulette platform. If you're bored browsing the internet, this platform is suitable for spending your free time.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter or unsubscribe anytime without restrictions. Although URL Roulette is a safe platform, you need to be careful when using it and other online social platforms.

9. Pearltrees


This is the right platform for you if you wanna make how you access the internet easy. All that you need is to sign up for an account with Pearltrees, which is easy and quick. You can use this platform to organize, collaborate and share everything you like from the Internet.

Additionally, you can use Pearltrees to save photos, videos, notes, web pages, and files. The good thing about this platform is that it's available as an Android and Apple app. Moreover, Pearltrees is a safe platform and you don’t have to worry about your online security and privacy.

10. Instapaper


With Instapaper, you can save anything and read anywhere comfortably. All you need is to create an account with the platform and it will change how you browse the internet. Some of the content that you can save using Instapaper includes articles, song lyrics, videos, and other content that you come across when browsing the internet.

This platform is easy to use even if you aren’t an IT guru. You just save anything and manage whatever you find on the internet with a single click.

Discover the new world of the internet

Now you know that you don't have to be stuck because StumbleUpon closed its doors. There are various similar platforms that you can use and get a similar or better experience. However, I would recommend that you start with free ones and later move to those that charge signup fees.

You should also look for StumbleUpon alternatives that match your internet browsing needs if you wanna get the best experience.

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