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Do you want to stream unlimited music and enjoy the amazing Spotify offer? These steps guide you on how to get a Spotify student offer and enjoy your favorite music at no cost.

Stream your Favorite Music with a Spotify Student Discount

One of the biggest music streaming service worldwide is Spotify. Millions of users use this platform to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, or TV series. It has overa million artists from different locations. The Spotify application is mainly used by students to stream the latest songs. What the platform does is to impact individuals in the little ways it can. As students, it is advisable to take part in this great student deal.

Spotify will help you reduce your total investments. This guide will show the unique aspect of the discount given to students. Hopefully, all your questions about how to get Spotify student discount will be cleared through this article.

Various Steps to Get Spotify Student Discount

To get Spotify student discount, you have to sign-up on the platform. The registration is easy for everyone. The platform is open for everyone. Students with a valid University or College student identity card can also use the platform. In some places, students should have a .edu email. If you are eligible and have the necessary documentation for registration, you can immediately begin with the registration procedure. This article hopes to examine the various steps to get Spotify student discount. For a new experience of streaming music online, follow the steps below carefully.

  • Step 1:

Step 1 entails you accessing the official site of Spotify. For the easy alternative, you can access the platform here. It will lead you immediately to the homepage of the site. The complete information needed for the offers and plans is on the website. There is a premium button located at the top right side of the webpage; click on it.

spotify official site

  • Step 2:

You can access the complete information about the different subscriptions through the Spotify premium page. The student offer is available for users on the webpage. Navigate down to see the cheapest plans accompanied with many benefits. To create a new account, all you have to do is press on the “Get Started” option displayed on the page.

spotify premium

  • Step 3:

One unique thing about Spotify student discount is that both old and new users can use it. All you have to do is log in using your credentials if you have registered your account before and ensure you fill in your details correctly.  The platform also enables you to sign in using Apple ID or Facebook. Click on the “Sign up for Spotify” option if you are a new user.

spotify login

  • Step 4:

Once you get to step 4, note that the registration webpage will require some important personal information. To ensure a quick registration procedure, you can sign up with your Facebook. Users must add their name, birth date, etc. Ensure you fill in your details correctly.  A captcha will pop up, unscramble it and press the registration button. Your new account will be set up immediately.

spotify sing up form

  • Step 5:

When using the 3 step verification method, you are required to input your school email address. This process checks your enrolment immediately and confirms your student offer. The offer can be accessed instantly without any confirmation delays. It is accessible for all United States colleges. Note that you will have to fill in your birth date, university, and name correctly. After this, a “Get premium” option will appear. Click on it to continue with your registration.

spotify 3 step verification

  • Step 6:

The final step of the signup procedure is to fill in your payment details. You can use your credit card to pay on the site. Spotify uses privacy to secure the payment process. This is to ensure a secured online transaction.

spotify student account

Congratulations. The Spotify student offer is now successfully purchased. Hopefully, you will enjoy the amazing offer of the platform.

Spotify student dashboard

Benefits of Spotify Student Discount

Benefits of Spotify Student Discount

The various functionalities of the student offer provided by Spotify depend on your region. Immediately you purchase the plan, you will see the numerous benefits that come with the plans. Below are some of the benefits you will get.

Premium Content

The student plan comes with Hulu(ad) subscription and complimentary Showtime for students. Premium content is enjoyable with an inexpensive subscription. Many people spend their 2020 streaming online. With this service, you can stream entertaining movies and shows with ease while using the student discount plan. Most times, students have a low fund, but it is worth spending on this plan. This plan has so many values added subscriptions.

Free Trial for Three Months

Currently, Spotify is giving all United States students a free trial for three months on the Spotify student discount plan. It is a great plan for anyone who loves streaming music easily. With the free three months trial you are sure of having a great deal you will be committed to for as long as it lasts. Note that you can only enjoy the plan for a year.  After the three months trial, the subscription cannot be canceled. It is a great deal for people who love listening to music because the Spotify student plan helps you stream on the go within three months of a free trial. One of the largest music streaming sites in the world with a large library of songs is Spotify.

You can Download and Stream without Ads Popups

The Spotify student discount is loaded with many contents as it enables users to save while listening on the go. With little investment, you can avoid advertisements popping up on Spotify. With the Spotify student discount, you will also have ad-free streams that ease your music needs. You will have a smooth and seamless streaming experience.

The student discount reduces expensive monthly payments also. The downloading features on the premium content enable you to save high-quality music easily. It occupies little storage space. It has offline streaming that saves data while streaming.


This article has successfully examined the various necessary steps to get a Spotify student discount. Spotify is a great music streaming app for thousands of people. Why don’t you give it a try and experience the service today?The platform allows you to create extraordinary playlists so you and your friends can have a feel of its amazing quality. Spotify give you so many reasons to sign up for the student discount as you get to stream your favorite music at a reduced price instead of the huge subscription fee.

With the student discount, you wouldn't have to spend much streaming any music you love. Hopefully, you have an outstanding experience as you use this amazing music streaming platform.

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