37 Spotify Statistics in 2023 (Facts & Data Listed)

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Do you often use Spotify and wish to know more about this highly coveted music app? This article has collated some captivating Spotify statistics and facts that are going to blow your mind as well as up your knowledge about the music app.


When it comes to the music streaming market, Spotify is the clear leader. Founded in Sweden, the media service firm has paved the way for music lovers to acquire their favorite songs online. It has improved the way people throughout the world listen to music. In this post, I will talk you on a walk into over 30 Spotify facts and statistics to show how popular this music streaming platform is. You can learn a lot about Spotify and its plans to dominate the music streaming industry by looking at the company’s stats.

37 Spotify Statistics and Facts in 2022

The following section of this article will look at the mind-blowing statistics and facts about the most widely used music streaming platform, Spotify. These facts and statistics are authentic and well researched.

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The History of Spotify

1. The idea of Spotify first came into the spotlight in 2006, and the app was released two years later, in 2008.

According to research, Spotify came into existence in 2006. Daniel Ek is credited with the founding of Spotify. In the beginning, the service was only available in six European countries. However, in 2011, it made its debut in the US market, which had tremendous development potential.

There are two ways to listen to music on Spotify: free and premium options. In the free option, you may listen to music for free but must also watch ad breaks every few songs.  To access the complete platform’s content without being interrupted by commercials, there is a premium version available.

Streaming your music in higher quality is another perk. To effectively control expansion, the site initially exclusively offered free accounts to those invited. Paid services were also made accessible at the same time.

2. Spotify launched its free service in the United Kingdom in February 2009.

Research has it that a year after Spotify’s projected success, the corporation returned to its “invitation-only” approach around Christmas time. Premium cards for one, three, six, and twelve months were also introduced for listeners, allowing them to upgrade to premium service.

In 2011, when it entered the US market, the brand adopted a new approach. For the first six months, a free trial with in-app purchases was all that was offered. New users may enjoy ad-free music for as long as they desire.

Only 10 hours of listening monthly and five-song replays may be used each month after the six-month period expired in January 2012. When the platform released its free service in March of that year, there were no restrictions on it at all.

The Financial Statistics of Spotify

The Financial Statistics of Spotify

1. The market cap of Spotify is over 20 Billion USD

Spotify’s May 2022 current market value is 20.66 billion, according to statistics. As a result, Spotify is now the 759th most valuable corporation globally, based on its stock price.

2. A total of 2.1 billion USD was raised by the corporation in Sweden.

According to Spotify’s most recent financial reports, the firm has raised 2.1 billion USD in fundraising across 18 rounds. On February 25, 2021, they received a post-IPO equity fundraising round.

3. Spotify generates €9.67 billion in income annually.

By 2020, Spotify’s income is expected to reach 9.67 billion euros, increasing from 7.88 billion in 2017. There was little advertising money generated by Spotify’s premium subscriptions.

4. In 2021, Spotify earned Over 2.69 billion euros.

Spotify produced more than 2.69 billion euros in Q4 2021, compared to 2.15 billion euros in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year.

5. Spotify’s premium segment brought in 8.5 billion euros.

Increasing income from both premium and ad-supported services is another Spotify statistic that shows the growth pace of the company’s business plan.

6. Spotify generates the majority of its income in the United States.

Music streaming service Spotify, which has a presence in over 180 countries, generates money from various places, according to the most recent Spotify numbers. In terms of revenue, the US leads the pack, followed by the UK.

7. Revenue collected by Spotify, at 33.21 billion Euros, goes to rights holders.

Spotify has paid out 21 billion euros to music rights holders since its start in February 2021, according to businessofapps.com.

Download Statistics of Spotify

Download Statistics of Spotify

1. In October 2021, Spotify’s Android app had 13.37 million downloads.

In October 2021, Statista estimates that the streaming service was downloaded about 13.37 million times by Android users.

2. Over a billion Spotify users have downloaded the app on Android devices, according to data from the company.

On May 2, 2021, the number of Spotify app downloads on the Android Market surpassed 1 billion, according to the most recent Spotify statistics.

3. Spotify Lite has been downloaded by over 10 million people.

The basic version of a media streaming app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people in 37 countries.

4. Spotify is Available for Download on Mobile Devices and Windows PC.

This is an interesting fact about Spotify. Android, iOS, and Windows users have something to cheer about as the highly-e music app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store for mobile devices. You can also download it on Windows as well.

Spotify User Statistics: How Many People Use Spotify?

How Many People Use Spotify

1. Spotify has more than 400 million active users.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, there were over 406 million active Spotify users, according to Spotify data. This is a rise of almost 60 million people in only one year.

2. Around 37 countries have access to Spotify Lite.

The popularity of the application’s light version, which requires only 10MB to install and run in approximately 37 countries, has increased.

3. There are over 180 million premium Spotify users.

Another interesting fact about Spotify users is that the number of premium users has increased from 55 million in the fourth quarter of 2020 to 158 180 million in the fourth quarter of 2021. Clearly, this shows that Spotify’s business strategy is a successful one in that it targets both free and premium users separately. As a result, any aspiring music streaming entrepreneur should keep this in mind while pitching the idea to their staff.

4. 83.1 million people are using Spotify in the United States.

It’s important to remember that the United States is Spotify’s largest market. According to eMarketer, there are presently 83.1 million paying customers to Spotify in the United States. Spotify’s internal data shows that since its introduction, the brand’s popularity in India has expanded by more than thrice.

5. In India, Spotify’s brand recognition climbed by three times.

Spotify’s internal data shows that since its introduction, the brand’s popularity in India has expanded by more than thrice.

6. Millennials make up 29 percent of Spotify’s user base.

According to Spotify’s stats, one-quarter of its users are between 18 and 29. The Spotify music streaming service is popular with people from all areas of life, as shown in the graph below.

7. Spotify has a male user base of 56 percent.

Even though Spotify is mainly used by men, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity among women. The graph below shows that this is the case.

8. Spotify is being used by 52 percent of its customers to listen to music on their cellphones.

It’s possible to use Spotify on a variety of devices. However, Spotify is most popular on smartphones and tablet devices. Over half of Spotify’s customers use their smartphones to access the service, with the other half using their tablets.

9. Spotify premium subscribers utilize an average of 2.4MB of data every minute.

A premium user consumes 2.4MB per minute or 115.2MB per hour to get the most excellent streaming quality. As a result, Spotify’s membership cost is significantly more than Apple Music’s. To prevent users from switching to Apple’s service, the app added a setting to return the streaming speed to normal. In this manner, they can listen to their favorite tunes without breaking the bank.

10. Every day, Spotify users spend 148 minutes listening to the service.

Spotify subscribers listen to music on their cross-platform gadget for 148 minutes every day. This is just another indicator of the growing popularity of Spotify’s on-demand entertainment service, which can be seen from the rising number of active users.

11. More than 10 percent of Americans listen to Spotify at least once a week.

Spotify tracks may be listened to in various frequencies in the United States, just like in other countries.

12. A user dedicates 41 hours each week to artists.

A typical week on Spotify includes tunes from 41 different artists. As a result, Spotify appears to be a platform that allows musicians to interact with a broader audience more quickly.

13. Spotify users create 17 percent of the playlists they listen to.

Spotify playlists can be categorized into three types: user-generated content (UGC), personalized playlists (P), and curated playlists (C). More than a quarter of the time, the playlists that people listen to are customized.

14. 55 percent of Spotify users have signed up using Facebook.

Spotify has made registering for a new account a lot easier for new users by integrating with their social network accounts. The value shared above can be used to draw this conclusion.

Spotify Demography: Where is Spotify Available?

Where is Spotify Available

1. There are Over 180 countries where Spotify is available.

As of right now, Spotify is available in 184 countries, with the majority of its users hailing from the European Union, North America, and Latin America. Spotify intends to expand its operations to other nations in the near future. If the music streaming service is serious about expanding its reach to as many people as possible, this is a good sign.

2. There are a variety of platforms on which Spotify is available.

In addition to Android and iOS, Apple macOS and Windows are also supported by the company’s apps. Users may now listen to music from a more extensive range of devices thanks to the addition of the ‘Spotify Connect’ feature, which was launched by the business.

Random Spotify Playlist and Music Statistics

Spotify play list

1. Spotify has over 3 million podcasts available.

Also gaining enormous traction in the industry is the Spotify podcast option. It is estimated that Spotify has 3.2 million podcasts in its library, with many more awaiting approval.

2. More than 80 million songs and 4 billion playlists to choose from.

There are already more than 80 million tracks and 4 billion playlists available on Spotify, according to the most recent data. On-demand music services and radio alike have struggled to keep up with the demand for these tunes, including recent and historical ones.

3. It is estimated that more than 60,000 songs are added to the site every single day.

In addition to listening to music that is currently accessible, the Spotify app gives users the option of uploading tunes from their own devices. According to Spotify’s listening statistics, this has the effect of bringing in an additional 60,000 songs per day.

4. On Spotify, over a hundred songs have been played a billion times.

On Spotify, as of February 2022, over a billion times were played on about 100 different songs, from “Shape of You” to “Closer” and “Havana,” according to listening data.

5. Almost 20 percent of the music on the app has never been listened to.

Even though Spotify has made it incredibly simple for musicians to promote their music and gain notoriety, many songs remain unheard. About 20 percent of the music on Spotify has never been listened to by anyone, according to figures from 2022.

Spotify Purchase and Investment Statistics

1. It has purchased 24 other companies.

When comparing Spotify and other music streaming services, it is important to note that Spotify has purchased 24 other companies. Whooshkaa was their most recent purchase, made in December 2021.

Who are Spotify’s Major Competitors?

Spotify’s Major Competitors

1. Spotify’s main rivals are as follows:

With Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube, and Google Play Music, Spotify has its work cut out. The focus on user experience and affordable price give them an advantage over some of its competitors.

Spotify Subscription Services

1. Spotify has Both Free and Premium Subscription

According to Spotify, there are two major subscription services available. There is the Spotify Free service and Spotify Premium. Generally, Spotify Premium has the following services: it supports over 50 million songs; there is the availability of audiobooks and podcasts; you can travel abroad with your music; you can select and plan any track of your choice on your mobile device; there is no ad popup unlike the free plan; you can download podcasts and music; your music is of the highest quality.

The Premium is divided into sub-categories:

  • Premium Individual supports all premium features.
  • Premium Student: there is a 50 percent discount up to four years, but you must renew every twelve months for at least three times.
  • Premium Duo: For the price of one premium account, two persons living together can receive two accounts.
  • Premium Family: Each of the six persons living together gets a discounted Premium account. The Spotify Premium Family provides Spotify Kids and Explicit Filter. Spotify Kids has a free app with various kid-friendly playlists, soundtracks, and songs. In the Spotify Explicit Filter, users can opt-out of receiving explicit content by using the plan’s clear filter.
  • Premium Trials: The Premium plan can be tried for a discounted or even free price for those who have never had it or are members of a Premium plan such as Duo or Family. Signing up for a free trial still necessitates providing a valid payment method. When the trial period ends, this information will be needed to verify your location and begin processing payments for Premium.


Q. What are Spotify’s 2022 current subscribers?

According to Spotify’s 2022 stats, the app has about 180 premium users.

Q. Is Spotify the streaming service with the most users?

Of course. Streaming music and movies has never been easier. And Spotify’s wide range of devices, song catalog, and subscription options are why this victory against Pandora, Tidal, and other music streaming services.


Now that you’ve seen the projected growth of Spotify in 2022, you’re probably persuaded that the music streaming business has a bright future. Diverse new companies are already preparing to invest in this area, which considers a wide range of industry trends and technology to help firms get a competitive edge over their competitors.

Businesses and users alike are eager to find out what will happen next due to this. Contact a well-known entertainment app development business if you’re also thinking about launching a fantasy sports or entertainment app.

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