6 Best Spotify Bot to Get More Streams & Followers

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If you're a music producer, you can make money by playing your songs on Spotify. Surprisingly, you don't need to do it, Spotify bot can do it for you. We will share with you and a list of the best bots that still work on Spotify.

Well, if you are a music producer, I have two questions for you. For starters, “How much money do you normally make with your streamed songs on Spotify?” Last year, Spotify admitted that it was only paying $0.007 per track, which sounds like a small amount. That translates to 70 cents for 100 music tracks or $1 for 143 streams.


Secondly, on Spotify, each song needs to be played for at least 30 seconds before it can be marked as listened to. Hence, 10 songs need to be played for you to get five minutes. This is where a bot comes in to help you earn more. If you normally sleep for seven hours, the bot can play 840 tracks to earn you $5.88 a night. That’s just with one account, imagine if you could do that with multiple accounts?

Here are some of the best Spotify Bots that you can use:

Top Spotify Bots To Get More Streams & Followers in 2022

1. Aiostream


AioStream is a revolutionary music marketing software that you can use to market your songs. It helps to increase your songs’ views, followers, and likes. Hence, it can come in handy in ensuring your tracks are played on the Spotify app. This will help increase the revenue you get from your songs and music’s exposure.

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Features of AioStream:

  • It is compatible with most popular music sites like Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, Napster, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and Tidal.
  • It also features a smart schedule task function.
  • The account manager allows you to save your accounts by category or campaign.
  • The super-smart data management function allows you to add, import, set, and use any type of data.
  • The anti-fingerprint technology bypasses detection hence will work perfectly on the music sites like Spotify.

2. Somiibo

Somiibo Homepage

Somiibo is the perfect Spotify music marketing bot that will help you to gain followers and get your songs streamed tens of thousands of times. It uses browser-trusted user input events and Spotify will think it is a real user interacting with the content. It also offers multiple modules each with its purpose.  The Somiibo bots target other users with the same interest, searches for tracks to repost, and you can even listen to your songs thousands of times to boost your music play count.

somiibo price

Features of Somiibo:

  • It features proxy support and automatic execution of multiple accounts.
  • It features multi-module automated social networking.
  • It also has automatic thread settings.
  • It sets breaks and goals for each Spotify Module.

3. Spotify Plays Generator Bot


The Spotify Plays generator bot runs 24/7. It works on AppleMusic, Pandora, Napster, and other music platforms. It also comes with analytics tools and detailed playback statistics. It can also play full songs instead of partially. You can also track bot performance in streams.

jasaseo price

Features of Spotify Plays Generator Bot:

  • It allows you to customize the playing time and you can set the percentage of the songs to be played at a time.
  • It works on proxy less/HTTP proxy/SOCKS proxy/proxy APIs/proxy with user names and passwords.
  • The bot can use a fixed IP and impersonate a user with a static IP.
  • It also features a performance mode, accounts checks, analytic tools, and private PDF, and a beautiful GUI.

4. UseViral

UseViral Homepage

Without any doubt, this bot will increase your Spotify music exposure and help you reach a larger audience. It helps to beat the Spotify algorithm. Hence, Spotify will rank you higher when they see the number of interactions on your profile leading to better exposure. It also helps to save on time and gives you an initial boost if you are starting out. UseViral also helps to enhance social proof because of the new monthly listeners you will be having.

useviral price

Features of UseViral:

  • Real interaction with a team of 5000 people
  • Support almost every major social platform
  • It features different promotion services: monthly listeners, artist followers, playlist followers, and Spotify music plays.

5. Sellix


This is a bot that you can use across multiple social platforms. It is effective and ensures your social network is great. Also, it generates accounts or reads your accounts from the file. It is appropriate if you want to build a larger following even when you don’t have the capacity. Proxies help you to navigate through Spotify without being noted, hence the proxy support on Sellix is a great deal for the growth of your Spotify profile.

sellix price

Features of Sellix:

  • It supports proxies for generations.
  • It supports proxies for account login.
  • Sellix uses the VCC list to create multiple Spotify premium and family accounts.
  • It loads addresses to set for the family accounts.

6. Sidesmedia

Sidesmedia Homepage

This Sidesmedia bot will help to increase engagement and retention on your Spotify music profile. It can help you to get over 10 x growth to help in growing your account. They offer a variety of different packages depending on the combination of services that you need. Specifically for Spotify, Sidesmedia will help gain you ore monthly listeners, artist followers, playlist followers and song plays.

sidemedia price

Features of Sidesmedia:

  • Facebook and Instagram are temporarily unsupported
  • It ensures effective interaction rates
  • It allows you to buy real social media services, and followers.
  • It will help get you more followers, views, and likes on the Spotify music streaming app.

Play Music to Make Money

You can't make the robot play every song for 30 seconds, it always has to be a little bit more, so set the playing time (30-35 seconds). Single accounts often use bots to listen to music, which can be easily detected, so you'll have to combine proxies to use multiple accounts. Also, when using bots, ensure it doesn’t seem obvious that the bot is the one auto-playing the music that can easily lead to detection by the Spotify app.

However, you need to invest in any of these bots that will help to increase your income. For the ones that add you more followers, you can use them to increase your following which will subsequently lead to more people listening to your music.

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