BatmanStream Alternatives: 10 Best free sports streaming sites like BatmanStream

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Want to stream sport games online for free and in HD? Here are some BatmanStream alternatives you may want to check out

Watching online sports is such an amazing privilege to all of the users that have access to the internet. BatManStream is widely known to be one of the most popular online sports streaming channels that you can use to watch live sports matches in different categories of sports. Be it tennis, baseball, racing, basketball, football and many more, find them all on BatmanStream. This website has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. This is to say contents are well classified into different categories. If you ever think of streaming any sport online, this site is arguably the best.

Like most streaming websites, Batmanstream might be down sometime. Besides, this website has been under the regulator’s radar for a while now. I don’t really mean to speculate, but this popular website could very well close shop, like other popular sports streaming sites that came before it. As such, this review has rounded up some of the best Batmanstream alternatives you may check out whenever the site is down.

Top 10 Tennis & Football Live Streaming Sites similar to BatmanStream

1. VipLeague


Watch all your favorite football streams wherever you are for free on VipLeague. There’s absolutely no sign-up needed. Just click on your favorite sports activities and begins streaming for free.

And the site is very mobile-friendly; you can stream your game on any mobile device or PC. It has a very user friendly interface with contents arranged in different categories. Find updates on all the latest football games on its schedule page.

The site is routinely updated with fresh content. You can, therefore, be sure to stream all your favorite live games on VipLeague. Just check through to confirm if the game you are seeking is featured, click on it and enjoy.

Key Features of VipLeague :

  • The site is routinely updated with fresh contents
  • VipLeague has a very attractive and user-friendly interface
  • All football streams are available in HD.
  • Provides trending football news updates from popular sites like Sky Sports, BBC Sports, and SSN Breaking Sports News.

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2. SportStream


SportStream has a very interesting way of approaching social media and the sports app. Users can start navigating around the website by logging in to your social media account, usually by Twitter or Facebook.

Afterward, you will choose your favorite team, which are chosen among a huge number of choices. But those are just random, they have an algorithm for it, which makes the whole experience fun. It also comes with a very attractive user interface and a wide variety of games to choose from.

You can check in to some of the games, it is like a virtual place around the website. Since it is a virtual place, there are also other people watching with you, if by chance. The app supports logging in through your Facebook or Twitter account. These log-in systems are even supported through the iOS native logins. That is a feature that you will not easily see on any of the websites (generally) all around the world.

Key Features of SportStream :

  • You need to log-in using your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Have a good choice of your possible favorite teams.
  • Everything on the website is offered for free.
  • There is TV information shown during the game, so you will be guided.
  • You can search for the game and be alerted for live scores.

3. LiveTV


This is one of the best free sports streaming websites that you can find in Europe. Also, this could be one of the very best worldwide. It has a very attractive user interface, and the way how you navigate the website is just so simple. The main focus of this website is all about European events and sports. This is the reason why you will find sports events here but then you will not be able to find it on other streaming websites.

This website is primarily designed for all of the European audiences. There is a lesser part or small part in this website that is dedicated to American football and the NFL. This could be the reason why there is just around 10% traffic generated from the US citizens. The website announces the streams days in advance. You will also appreciate the user-friendly interface featuring well-arranged categories. Live TV also has a wide collection of sports to choose from. You can be sure to find just about any game of your choice on this platform.

Key Features of Live TV :

  • It gives out an interface that is very interactive.
  • The most attractive UI.
  • One of the easiest to navigate websites.
  • Sports are properly categorized.
  • It comes with a wide collection of sports to choose from.
  • User friendly interface.

4. BeinSports


BeinSports is one of the websites that users love, and in fact, some of them consider this as their very favorite. They are most likely indulged into the world of online football streaming because of this website. This website is one of the best sources if you want to know more about this sport. Together with the shown matches, the website will also offer you score tables of every league, so that you will be guided no matter where you would go.

You will know the previous scores and results of each game and then you can also get the links of their highlights because it will be given by the website. Not just that, if you are interested in watching more games on this website, the schedule for the coming matches are also displayed here to that you will be guided well.

Key Features of BeinSports :

  • Perfect place if you want to live among football streaming online.
  • A whole new level of sports streaming.
  • Inbuilt video player.
  • Score table for every league.

5. Stream2Watch


This website has a very simple yet so functional layout that is very common to different live sports streaming sites. However, they do not experience the same experience when checking out Stream2Watch.

This website is different, as it has a huge database of live streams all around the website. It even has coverages up to ESPN, NCAA Football, Sky Sports and more of it. The live sports are usually on the front page that is highlighted so you will easily get a live game right after you have checked inside the website.

There are even TV series streams around the page, so you will not have a difficult time wanting to check around it compared to other streams. The quality of the stream will be fully experienced when using the PC version. There are even low-profile sports streamed in this website that includes snooker, pro wrestling, NHL hockey, darts, and even high school basketball. There were even concerts features inside the page at one point. You also get to access your favorite sports action easily from its user-friendly interface. There’s even a search tab to help you filter through and get the content you want.

Stream2Watch also comes with a wide variety to choose from. You can be sure to stream any sports action you want to. And unlike other free sports streaming sites, Stream2Watch guarantees users a very impressive streaming experience with absolutely no ads.

Key Features of Stream2Watch :

  • It has a wide variety of sports and all the other types of programming compared to other streaming sites.
  • A long list of live networks from around the world.
  • A good quality stream and very dependable.
  • Usually no dead links among the links given.
  • It has ads.
  • Attractive user interface
  • It has a wide collection of sports to choose from.

6. Livefootballol


If you are fond of watching streams at Batman Streams, then this one is the best stop for you in case the website is not working well. Livefootballol is a website that is dedicated to stream football games that you can find all around the world completely for free. It streams all of the games from the La Liga, Serie A, English Premier League and more of that!

Not just that, they do not only give out streams in football games but also in other famous sports just like F1, MotoGP, and UFC. This one is in the top of the list because of its accessibility to all of the users. If you are a visitor on this page, you will not have a very difficult time one looking and testing every single channel that you wish to watch. Simply because the search results are filtered depending on the nation or the league name that you have chosen. They give out fast and high-quality streams, so you will surely spend much time on this website.

Something else you’ll find alluring about this site is its attractive and simple user interface. Contents are well arranged into different categories for easy access.

Key Features of Livefootballol :

  • Choose to filter the search results that are displayed.
  • You can categorize them all by the league names or the nations.
  • Has a good quality streaming, but still depends on your internet connection.
  • Simple and attractive user interface.



This is one of the biggest streaming websites that are life when you are talking about NFL. If you wish to look closely at NFL, you can see lots of sports events that you will surely love. In this website, the umbrella that is under the organization of NFL is so huge but then you will be able to see all of those channels completely for free.

We are so pretty sure that you will find the sport that you need to see on this website. There is pretty much nothing that they do not have.

You can find different results even from Cycling, WWE, Tennis, Basketball, Racing, Golf, Hockey, Baseball, Motorsports, Boxing, Formula1, Football, Snooker, Winter Sports, AFL, Water Sports and pretty much any type of sport that you have in your brain.

They do not just give some free streaming services to you, you could also choose to upload some videos and bookmark some videos in case you truly love them! You might want to use VPN though when attempting to access this website.

Key Features of :

  • Get a good streaming source of different sports events for free.
  • You can see lots and lots of different sports events.
  • You can also upload and bookmark your favorite ones.
  • Attractive user interface.

8. The 12thPlayer

The 12thPlayer

12thPlayer is now known as, but still, they do recognize themselves as It is the same site, just a change of domains. Of course, you know most live stream sites change their domains time after time. That aside, the 12thPlayer offers a wide range of games to choose from. And all these are free of charge like is the case with BatmanStreams. Some if the game categories available on this platform include live football streaming, football highlights, live basketball, live hockey, live tennis, live baseball, volleyball, etc.

They offer you fast streaming service that will definitely satisfy your needs. Also, if you will look closely on their website interface, they do not have a very crowded or annoying interface, meaning you could just search for the category that you need seamlessly without having some annoying popups that will disrupt your experience. Overall, if you wish to look at a minimalistic, yet effective user streaming experience, this one is a good choice. Essentially, this platform has a wide variety of some of the latest sports. You get to enjoy streaming the games you like whenever you want to.

You will also appreciate the user-friendly interface featuring neatly arranged categories. This makes it a lot easier to access and stream your favorite sports action. No need to sign up, not even an account is needed on this platform. Just look up your favorite sports action and start streaming.

Key Features of The 12thPlayer :

  • Has organized categories in terms of different sports.
  • Provides simple web layout for easy navigation.
  • No search function.
  • Attractive and friendly user interface
  • Wide variety of games to choose from.

9. VIPBox


This website is one of the websites in the online streaming community that has a goal in mind, to get rid of the setup boxes and create an environment that will instantly give out football matches. That is one very good reason on why this website was born.

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Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to stream online football matches with ease. Not just that, you can view any part of the game live through online streaming, which gives it a very huge relief.

The interface of the website is very simple to understand. It works so well for people who don't want to explore more and directly click out what he or she needs. The aim of the website is to give out top quality content to all of its users. The games found on this website are broadcasted with the utmost top-quality stream, but then the speed will always depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Key Features of VIPBox :

  • A modular environment for all of the streaming channels of football games.
  • Stream football matches from any part you are around the world.
  • View any game live through online streaming.


This is a free website if you want to look for high-quality sports streaming in the field of Cricket. Cricket events are well streamed here all around the world. So, wherever you may be, as long as you can access this website, you are eligible to witness the biggest database of online cricket sports streaming.

But if you are not a huge fan of cricket, then there are still 12 other categories of sports events that you can watch on this website. But as I have said, if you are a huge die-hard fan of cricket, then I suggest you should never leave this place.

A user can just easily stream 2 very popular sports channel in this website, just like the Sky Sports 1 and 2. The interface of the website is just so simple compared to other websites that give out the same categories.

Rugby, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and tennis are some of the sports than you can stream on this website too. Right inside the homepage of the website, you can see the schedule of the events, so you will be guided well.

Key Features of :

  • Biggest database of cricket live streaming found online.
  • Also gives out 12 different categories of sports events to stream.
  • You can get some of the biggest sports channels in the world.


These platforms that are found here are only tools to make the different sports activities become more engaging to all of the viewers and fans around the world. There are different features that will allow you to stream the games live.

You can also share your favorite sports actions with friends and family. Also be sure to compare each of the BatmanStreams alternative sites in order to find what suits you best.

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