20 Best Sporting Apps to Access & Watch Games in 2024

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Do you want to keep up with your favorite sports games with your mobile device? This article has specially curated a list of the best sporting apps to help you stay connected with the sporting game you love, saving you time and energy.

There is arguably no better way to get entertained than sports. At least a hundred percent of sports fanatics will agree with this. However, what’s more, appealing is to have access to all the sports we love. It can be a near-impossible act to keep up with all the sports we love by purchasing tickets to watch them live or spending hours surfing the web.

However, with the availability of sports applications, we can now keep up with all our favorite sports games in one app at a go. There are thousands of sports applications out there that can give us updates, ranging from football to tennis or basketball.

These applications are specially designed to ensure that we can even get notifications on any selected event.

Sporting apps have gamed so much relevance and usage that they now generate massive revenue. Data statistics show that in 2022, the market for sports apps was projected to generate 3.67 billion USD in sales. Moreover, it is expected that sales will increase at a CAGR of 6.50 percent between 2022 and 2026, ultimately reaching 4.90 billion USD.

For convenience, I have decided to share with you the best sporting apps in 2024 that are still active.

1. SofaScore

SofaScore Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

SofaScore provides real-time scores and stats. It also allows users to watch live sports events. All you need is dependable access to the internet. Up to 200 unique sports can be watched live on SofaScore.

Player ratings fluctuate during the season on SofaScore because players are inconsistent. The ratings are a reliable indicator of how well each player is currently doing. Installing it on an iOS device is as simple as doing it on an Android one.


  • Player rating
  • Live update
  • Chat option for match discussions with fans worldwide
  • Works on Android smartwatches
  • Statistics on team performances

2. FlashScore

FlashScore Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

With Flashscore, you can keep track of over 6,000 different matches and events from over 30 different sports. Scores and rankings can be seen in their respective tabs.

The application enables you to follow any of your favorite teams and get notifications from them about match updates, news, or other related team news.


  • Current events involving your favorite teams
  • Analysis both before and after the game
  • Almost all sporting events now include live text commentary.
  • Functionality is unaffected across devices.
  • Real-time match updates through push notifications

3. LiveScore

LiveScore Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

The LiveScore application updates scores in real-time. The latest scores in hockey, football, basketball, and tennis can be accessed anywhere, anytime with this statistic application.

The cherry on top is the available live commentary throughout each game. The application’s minimalist design makes it simple to quickly review highlights of recent games.


  • Notification about the selected event
  • The favorite option is where you can add games you would like to keep a tab on
  • Calendar for keeping a tab on future games

4. BBC Sport

BBC Sport Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Because of its timely and comprehensive news updates, live score updates, and game highlights, BBC Sport is widely regarded as one of the finest sports streaming applications.

As part of its ongoing commitment to user privacy, the application’s developers have implemented many new privacy protocols.

BBC Sport is dedicated to improving the experience for mobile users and directly servicing people by providing the sort of content they want in the form of customized updates on the homepage.


  • Chromecasting in real-time for games and TV recaps
  • Streaming of athletic events in real-time as well as on-demand highlights
  • Integration with popular social media platforms for quick and simple dissemination of breaking news and score updates

5. 365Scores

365Scores Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

365Scores provides the most up-to-date schedules, videos, statistics, and scores for 10 different sports, making it ideal for sports lovers of various backgrounds.

It also has up-to-date data about clubs and players from all around the globe.

The Multistage Football Trivia Game included in this sports application is a great way to keep fans interested.


  • Notification option for live update
  • Player heatmap and live rating
  • Real-time update to keep a tab on live games

6. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

No matter what teams or sports its users are interested in, the Bleacher Report application for mobile devices has them covered, ranging from American football, mixed martial arts, hockey, basketball, and many more.

What I love more about this application is that it enables its users to customize their experience by following just the teams and clubs of their choosing, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on all the actions.


  • Extremely prompt updates on all the latest news and scores
  • Personalization feature so that fans of certain sports, leagues, and clubs can keep up with the action
  • Up-to-date sports news

7. Forza Football

Forza Football Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Forza Football is another one of those widely used sports applications out there. Over five million soccer enthusiasts all across the globe find it appealing.

Forza Football’s main goal is to keep you informed of all the latest happenings in every football league across the globe.

Over 420 football leagues throughout the globe are covered in detail by the application, which is updated every 10 seconds.


  • Easy to use, simple interface.
  • Quicker and more accurate football match updates than any other application.
  • Provides access to player data, real-time football results, upcoming games, and game highlights.
  • The app often runs polls in which football enthusiasts can voice their thoughts and learn those of others.


ESPN Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

ESPN, being one of the first sports cable Television networks, has a solid reputation among viewers. ESPN has shifted its focus to mobile streaming in response to the growing popularity of this medium.

At the moment, it is regarded as one of the finest sports applications for ios users in the United States.

The application provides up-to-the-minute sports news, scores, video highlights, and more. The application can be tailored to your specific interests, and you can follow the latest news and scores from your favorite clubs and leagues.


  • Provides its peculiar radio and podcasts
  • Provides real-time coverage for several sports like tennis, golf, baseball, and football.
  • Daily breaking news update

9. Sky Sports

Sky Sports Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Suppose you need real-time sports news updates. You should consider Sky Sports. It remains one of the best sporting apps to receive breaking transfer news across all major leagues in the world.

It features real-time updates and commentary on the latest sports news as it happens. Not only that, but it also features highlights from major premium leagues, including the European Football Leagues, English Football League, Sky Bet Championship, and lots more.


  • Provides football news across major leagues
  • It has sports sections dedicated to various sports like football, boxing, tennis, and boxing.

10. FOX Sports

FOX Sports Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

The Fox Sports application belongs to Fox Corporation, a major American media conglomerate. The application has recently been modified to reflect the preferences of today’s sports fans. It works on both iOS and Android.

Easily navigated and aesthetically pleasing, the software is a joy to use. With a single mouse click, you can quickly locate your desired information.

The news, stories, scores, etc., that are most relevant to you are brought to the forefront in a personalized feed. Also, FOX Sports provides the latest news on events.


  • Keeps you informed on the latest happenings in the world of sports
  • Stream games with a single click
  • Easy navigation

11. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Another top-tier, free sports application for iOS and Android is Yahoo Sports. The application makes use of your location to provide you with relevant and engaging sports coverage.

Streaming video of NBA and NFL games is available for viewing on mobile devices.

In addition to the top football leagues, you can watch live coverage of other international sports like cycling, boxing, tennis, golf, and cricket.


  • Keeps you up to date on the latest happenings about your favorite sports and team
  • Simple, beautiful user interface
  • High functionality

12. NBC Sports

NBC Sports Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Tons of athletic events from the Olympic Channel, Telemundo deportes, NBC Sports Gold, NBCSN, and NBC are available on the NBC Sports application.

The interface of this software is well-designed and intuitive. The transition between screens is quick and easy.

Live streaming of the French Open, Premier League, PGA Tour, National Hockey League, National Football League, and more events are available.


  • Provides events highlights and previews through its video-on-demand
  • All upcoming events have notifications that can be enabled
  • Live streaming is available.

13. theScore

theScore Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Following only one sport might be difficult for many people. But what if your interests lie beyond just one sport? Somewhat surprisingly, a top-notch sports app is available to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the same arena.

TheScore is an app that keeps you up-to-date on your preferred sports leagues. Hockey, baseball, basketball, and football are all part of this category.

The app also offers real-time sports analysis and score updates. It also has an integrated sports calendar so you can keep track of upcoming games.


  • Easy user interface
  • Provides live scoreboard
  • Provides group chat with other sports enthusiasts
  • Provides news feed

14. FotMob

FotMob Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

With FotMob, you can always be up-to-date on the latest soccer news, scores, and statistics.

It is now much simpler to keep tabs on your favorite clubs and players thanks to the individualized alerts and news you get.

Even if you’re not at the game, you won’t miss a goal because of how quickly the scores are updated.


  • Sports news
  • Following option to keep up with your favorite team
  • Calendar tab to view upcoming matches
  • Video highlights
  • Live match update

15. The Athletic

The Athletic Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Enjoy up-to-date sporting news with The Athletic app. This powerful application ensures you are closer to your favorite team by bringing you breaking news no matter where you are.

It is one of my best apps for getting both live commentary and breaking news.

That’s not all; with The Athletic app, you can catch up with news from every major league and sport, including English Premier League, Champions League, Basketball, NBA, NFL, MLS, and so much more.


  • In-depth coverage of sporting markets
  • Covers various sports news
  • Breaking news and live commentary

16. OneFootball

OneFootball Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

This is an all-in-one football app. OneFootball covers everything football comprises. From football news to live score.

This app is an all-time great to follow football news of your favorite football team. You will never miss a moment with your beloved club with this app.

That’s not all. With OneFootball, you get to watch football videos even if you missed the match.


  • Football live score
  • Up-to-date football news
  • Calendar for upcoming matches
  • Transfer market from all major leagues

17. BeSoccer

BeSoccer Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

If you want accurate football stats and news, consider BeSoccer as the best option. It is an amazing live soccer application that brings you quality football news.

That’s not all; with BeSoccer, you get live scores for your favorite football team. The app covers over 10,000 competitions, which means you can keep up with your favorite games through notifications.


  • Latest soccer news
  • Live score
  • A large community of users to interact with about football games
  • Predictions and analysis of games


FSCORE Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

The next sporting app on this list is FSCORE. With FSCORE, you have a “live score in your pocket.”

With this app, you can stay up to date with live scores of games as well as check the latest result of matches.

FSCORE covers more than 2,000 league matches, which means you can follow your favorite team’s news and results without stress.


  • Livescores
  • Game predictions
  • Latest game results
  • Football standings, rankings, and top scorers
  • Line-ups and H2H statistics

19. All Football

All Football Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

All football is a sporting app that enables you to enjoy football matches and professional statistics at any time of the day.

With over 20 million downloads, All Football cuts across more than 150 countries. It provides you with authentic live scores and matches analysis all time round.


  • Live scores
  • Match analysis
  • Match statistics and ranking

20. CBS Sports

CBS Sports Sporting Apps Download from Play Store

Do you want accurate sports news? Consider CBS Sports your best option.

This sporting app doesn’t end there; it ensures that you can stream live sports and watch sports videos as well.

With CBS Sports, you are guaranteed access to games from Serie A, the PGA Championship, Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and many more. CBS Sports is, without a doubt, one of the best sporting apps.


  • 24/7 live news
  • Sports highlights
  • Sports stats, scores, and news
  • Live games and events


Q. Are sporting apps free to use?

Many sporting apps are free to use, while some demand you subscribe to get an exclusive update like the Athletic. Outside this very mentioned app, every other one on this list is free to use.

Q. Which sporting apps can I use to stream live sports?

There are many sporting apps to stream live sports. You can try ESPN, as it remains one of the best sporting apps for quality sports video coverage.

Q. Which app can I check live football scores on?

Some of the best sporting apps to check live football scores are FotMob, All Football, Livescore, BeSoccer, SofaScore, FlashScore, and FSCORE.


There you have it — the best sporting apps. While there are thousands of sporting apps out there, very few can boast of providing quality and authentic services, and those are the ones I have listed in this article for you. The list of the best sporting apps in this article contains apps you can rely on for quality sports coverage, live score, sports statistics, and players/teams rating. You can download and install any one of your choices and see how it works for you.

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