Sour Diesel: Which Strain Wins For CBD Oil Potency

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Claims suggest that the Sour Diesel strain (boasted as a legend) derives from a combination of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. The indication is that it originates from the 90s, but the details surrounding its development contrast, with a Grateful Dead scenario involved in one interpretation.

The variety boasts long-term health-related properties resulting in substantial demand due to its potential for helping with symptoms associated with stress, mood disorders, and pain sensitivity. View here to learn why the bud is so attractive for users.

Sour Diesel And Other Strains With Positive Characteristics

Sour Diesel CBD hemp strain touts an invigorating, fast-acting option named for the pungent diesel type aroma. Results felt by users notes as a sense of relaxation and dreaminess yet with a boost in energy.

The purported aid with alleviating symptoms like pain reduction, stress relief, and decreases in mental conditions like depression have extensive longevity making the bud among the favorites for enthusiasts.

While the strain is among the top throughout the country, there is a diverse range of buds to benefit specific circumstances and preferences aside from Sour Diesel. Trusted companies like Cheef Botanicals provide high-quality flowers, so there’s no fear of risks or safety. Let’s look at some facts on each of the hemp buds.

Sour Diesel

The hemp flower variety is useful for beginning users and those who have experience. When breeding the original Sour Diesel, the THC is kept to a minimum without disrupting the rapid response time or the bud’s pungency.

The flower has an abundance of terpenes allowing consumption in the conventional sense or using dry herb vaping to emphasize the flavors. The CBD concentration isn’t as high as some of the other options, but it’s decent.

Nostalgia plays a key role in its popularity. There is also a super version. Go to for details on the variety.、

Skywalker OG

The complex flavor of Skywalker OG has better emphasis through vaping the dry herb. Sourcing is by way of the United States, where independent lab tests take place to verify an authentic natural product at 100% with zero synthetics.

The bud provides a bold flavor with makeup dense in terpenes/cannabinoids and nutrient-rich. The variety is a hybrid between Skywalker and OG Kush, creating what boasts as a top OG Kush for potency, offering a powerful user experience.

You can visualize the terpene and cannabinoid abundance from the layer of crystals or trichomes over the flower. The CBD level in this strain is among the highest of any.


Elektra crosses between ACDC and Early Resin Berry, creating among the highest potency CBD strains bred. The aroma is that of chocolate and a sweeter type of citrus. If you choose to vape the dry herb, you should expect a pine undertone.

Elektra boasts exceptionally potent but presents a mellow result, albeit with a contrast of a boost of energy to invigorate the user. The suggestion, due to the robust nature of the strain, can potentially provide the full benefits of CBD.


What To Look For When Searching For The Ideal Strain

When looking for a CBD bud that will work for you, look from where the hemp sources. Higher quality strains will only source from a place of higher standards with their practices.

With a quality product, there’s no fear of contaminants or elevated levels of undesirable ingredients. Instead, you’ll find the exact ingredients, as listed on the packaging. These are typically tested and confirmed transparently.

The flower should offer the ideal combination of flavonoids and terpenes so that you experience the best delivery, whether you choose to smoke or vape. The flavor adds an added layer of pleasure, but that’s not why people indulge in the practice.

The potency is what users are looking for when smoking buds, and the higher a strain offers will provide the most benefit from the CBD. With greater strength, there’s less effort required with inhalation to achieve goals or fewer puffs.

Final Thought

It can prove tedious to choose the flower that works best for you. The composition of chemical compounds differs for each variety. If you intend to use CBD hemp buds to aid with health-related symptoms, make sure to research high CBD-low THC strains to avoid the “high.”

Note the bud’s descriptors and how it’s supposed to react. Everyone is unique, meaning the effects will vary from person to person. Still, you’ll get an idea. If you’re feeling nostalgic, give Sour Diesel a shot.

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