Solutions for Bad Mobile Signal

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It is impossible to imagine a comfortable life without mobile communication in the 21st century.

There’s no need to mention the mobile Internet, which has become a full-fledged part of our lives. Today we will talk about such a gap as a bad Internet signal, its causes and how to improve the signal with EE signal booster, and other ways of solution.

What causes poor mobile signal? 

What causes poor mobile signal

The causes of a poor cellphone signal might range from the most serious to the most trivial. Now we'll try to explain the key factors that might contribute to unreliable and poor signals and the Internet. However, here you can see several of possible reasons:

  • Country;
  • Weather;
  • Electromagnetic intervention;
  • Distance from the cell tower.

To begin with, topographical topography, such as mountains, hills, valleys, or forests, might function as impediments to establishing a permanent network.

The passage of radio waves from the cell tower is disrupted by natural reasons such as climate change and astronomical phenomena.

Radio waves can be interfered with by electronic or metallic things. Furthermore, intensive building in the districts might be a factor. This is because the majority of the signal is reflected off the structure and only a little portion of it reaches your device.

The third reason is that the towers of mobile providers are located fairly far away from you. This is particularly important for homes and small settlements. Distance is frequently an essential factor in network power. The location of your home/cell office's tower influences network strength. Cell towers are often positioned relatively far apart, resulting in a poorer network. There are frequently just one or two cell towers in remote locations. The link is definitely weakened as a result of this.

The material used to build a building or house may be an obstacle to connecting to a liquid network. Elements such as metal, concrete, thick walls or any energy-saving device are often installed. All of them make it difficult to get a good signal.

Moreover, traffic is one of the most common causes of poor communication. Often there is too much traffic in one cell tower. This means that several users have access to the same mobile tower. Disabling LTE in the settings will help in such situations. Just as at the moment you will have a stronger signal.

There may be several reasons for poor cellular reception. Mobile signals are mixed in the form of AM / FM radio waves. Radio frequency is used to cover long-distance wireless communication. Well, this means that any object that stands between you and the cell tower can be an obstacle. Something that will prevent uninterrupted network movement. Here are the main reasons that can cause problems with an unstable network.

Is mobile phone signal amplifiers the final solution to all network problems? 

Mobile phone signal boosters from reliable providers, such as UCtel, are your constant solution to all network problems. You can call it a cellular repeater, a cellular amplifier or a mobile phone antenna amplifier. This is a device approved by international regulations and certified for networks to strengthen your weak GSM, 3G or 4G LTE network.

The workflow is quite simple. The booster has three main components connected by a special cable. Here's how it works:

External antenna: also known as a donor antenna, this antenna captures the weakest radio signals or waves in the area of your network.

Amplifier: The amplifier is responsible for increasing the weakest signals to the range of + 60 dBm or + 70 dBm to offer you the best connection.

Internal antenna: the internal antenna performs the final task. Also called a transmitting antenna, it emits amplified signals in your network, providing a stable connection.

The best part is that there are no additional or monthly payments, it is a unique investment! You do not need to connect it to any third-party device, such as Wi-Fi or fixed Internet.

Why do you need mobile phone signal amplifiers?

Mobile phone signal amplifiers are used in both rural and urban areas to improve communication. Mobile signal amplifiers are widely used in different parts of your country. All this is due to the increase in demand for higher Internet speed and a stable network.

Mobile phone signal amplifiers guarantee you to use high-speed Internet anytime and anywhere. Here are some of the advantages of installing a mobile amplifier:

Video without interruption

Video without interruption

Buffer storage time can be annoying. With an improved network connection, the video will be broadcast without problems. There will be no interrupted videos with a signal strength of five bars.

No more dropped calls

Tick-in and interruption of calls have become common network problems for many people. Mobile phone signal amplifiers help to solve this problem immediately. Thus, anyone who uses it can now enjoy high-quality calls.

High-resolution audio/video

With the mobile coverage amplifier, you can enjoy high-quality high-resolution audio and video anytime and anywhere. It’s really comfortable and easy to watch movies and series when you are on the way.

Higher Internet speed

The mobile amplifier will improve the weakest signals by offering you speed after the Internet. This means that you can easily upload or upload huge data files in a shorter period of time! There’s no doubt that you will enjoy using you mobile phone or laptop even more.

Mobile phone signal booster with one operator compared to several operators

Single-element mobile phone signal amplifiers can increase the signal strength to +100 dBm. This is for one carrier at a certain time. This is due to the fact that the amplifier is fully focused on increasing the cell frequencies of a particular operator.

On the other hand, the multifunctional amplifier can increase the coating to a gain of +74 dBm. This is for several carriers at the same time.

Thanks to technological advances, the world has advanced from the first to the fifth generation of the network. If you have a bad connection, you should invest in a quality amplifier that will solve your problem.

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