10+ Best solarmovie alternatives: Free movie streaming without subscription

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If Solarmovie is down abruptly, What do you do? You should look for an excellent alternative to Solarmovie. Here we gathered 10+ best online free streaming sites to watch movies online.

Long gone are the days when you had to constantly visit DVD stores to buy movies. Today, you can find every movie and tv serial on the internet and that too for free. There are numerous websites present on the internet that feature different genres of movies. Some websites offer a complete collection of all the genres that you can choose from and play easily.

10+ working Solarmovies mirrors in 2022

<solar movies unblocked>

Cat catches mouse all the times:) However, there are lots of Solarmovies proxy sites and Solarmovies mirrors are still active!

  • https://www2.solarmovie.one (Best Speed!)
  • https://www.solarmovie.fm
  • https://solarmoviez.su
  • http://www1.solarmovie.net
  • http://www.solarmovie.ms
  • https://www0.solarmovies.co
  • https://solarmoviez.ru
  • https://www.solarmovie.life
  • https://www0.123moviesok.net
  • https://solarmovie.unblocked.app
  • http://www5.solarmoviefree.net
  • http://solarmovie.unblockall.org

Solar movies is a movie website that is quite popular among movie fanatics as the website has a huge collection of movies, from different genres and languages.

You can watch any movie you want and that too for free. However, there are times when the website is down due to the IRPs ban due to copyright issues or some other problem. At times like that, it’s better that you have some good solar movie alternative movie websites in mind so you can switch and watch movies there instead.

To help you find some good free movie websites that work just as well as solar movies and have nearly just as much as a variety of movies, we have listed 15 websites that are similar to Solarmovies alternatives. Let’s have a look at these websites.

10+ Best free streaming sites like to Solarmovie for watching Online Movies & TV Shows

Let’s have a look at the best solarmovies alternatives.

Websites such as Hulu and Netflix are pretty popular these days as both these apps let you stream movies on any device. These apps can be accessed on your mobile phones, laptop, tv, and any other media streaming site.

However, these apps require a premium subscription, for which you have to pay a monthly fee. Today, we will be listing websites where you can watch movies for free. No need to register or subscribe. All you need to do is search the link, choose a movie and play.

1. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is another great alternative to solar movies. This website is very simple to use and navigate. You can find different sitcoms, movies and Tv serials on this website. The website also includes a filter feature that allows you to sort movies and tv serials according to their genres, release dates, popularity, etc.

What makes this website all the better is that you don’t have to deal with constant pop-ups and adds. Hence, you can watch the movie in peace without getting disturbed or distracted. You can either select a movie from the recommended movies on the homepage or find your desired movie by searching from the search bar on the upper right corner of the page.

The website features many HD movies that are not usually present on other free website movies. The stream speed is very fast and your movies won’t lag at all.  Overall, this website is quite reliable.

2. M4ufree


A great alternative to Solar movies is M4ufree. This website has a wide collection of different genres of movies and tv shows. Its filter feature allows you to sort movies according to their release date, genre, and quality etc.

One of the best things about this movie is that if your internet is working at a good speed, the movies won’t lag at all. The website has a friendly user interface and is very easy and simple to use. All you need to do is select a movie and hit play. There is no need to subscribe or create an account in order to watch movies. Other than movies you can also watch the latest tv serials on this website.

3. Iomovies


The next website on our solarmovies alternatives list is Iomovies. This website has a lot of unique features and also offers a great user interface. It offers a huge variety of movies and Tv serials that won’t let you get bored in your free time. The website features all the latest released and top-rated movies.

A great feature of this website is that along with each movie you can find the movie’s review and rating, hence you can easily decide whether the movie is worth your time or you’d like to watch some other movie instead of that one. The website allows you to sort movies according to their genre, release date, and popularity.

4. Watchmoviesfree


Watchmoviesfree is a great alternative to solarmovies. You can find and watch a huge number of high-quality Tv shows and movies on this website. It features a wide range of genres and movies from countries from all over the world.

The content of the website gets updated frequently so you can access the latest movies and shows easily. You do not have to register or make an account to watch movies on this website. Almost all of the movies can be found in HD quality that stream without lagging. What’s even better is that movies can also be downloaded from this website, hence you can enjoy watching movies while offline as well.

A few Tv shows and movies do require you to sign up for the website before downloading, but the registration process is very simple and free. Hence, this website is a great choice for both watching movies online and download them for free.

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5. 123movies

123 movies

0123 movies is a great website to watch movies in HD quality for free. The website is just as easy to use as Solarmovies. The user interface is very simple and friendly, hence searching for a movie just takes a minute or two. All you need to do is search for the movie in the top right search bar and hit play. The website features a huge variety of content and you can select from different genres. You can find movies from all over the world and tv shows and movies can also be sorted according to their genres, popularity, release year etc. You can find recommended and the current popular hit movies on the feature section. The IMDb rating and reviews are also mentioned along with each movie.

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6. Movie4k


If you are searching for a solar movie alternative that is just as easy to use and is just as efficient then Movie4k is a great option. It has a friendly user interface. Navigating through the website and searching for desired movies is very easy. You can choose movie quality ranging from webrip to full HD. You can find different genres of movies such as action, horror, sci-Fi, drama, thriller and many more. Along with movies you can also watch different Tv shows and serials. You can also watch live Tv on this website which is a feature that not many websites offer.

7. Rainierland


Rainierland is a website that is not known by a lot of people but overall this is a great website that has many features that most of the other free movie websites do not have. It offers a simple and easy to navigate user interface.

You can choose a movie from a wide range of genres and the website also features a recommended list where you can find top rated movies and tv shows to choose from. The website also features a list of top rated movies of imdb. Overall, Rainierland is an efficient and reliable alternative to solarmovies and you will definitely enjoy your experience of using this website.

8. Bmovies

Bmovies Watch for free

The B in the Bmovies stands for blockbuster and box and just as the name suggests, this website consists of a wide range of super hit and blockbuster movies that can be accessed and watched super easily. You don’t need to sign up or register to watch HD movies and tv serials on this website.

The website features almost all genres of movies. You can find both the most recently released and old movies on Bmovies. The movies and tv shows are organized according to their release date, genre, country and most popular, hence searching for a movie is not a difficult task. As compared to the old domain, the new domain is very neat, efficient and interactive.

9. Yes Movies

Yes movies

Yesmovies is one of the best alternatives to Solarmovies. It features over 9000 free streaming movies, documentaries, and Tv show. The website has an attractive layout and it is very easy to find the movie of your choice. Furthermore, this website features a wide content in both movies and Tv shows and you can choose from different genres such as comedy, thrillers, drama, sci-fi, horror, and war.

One of the best things about this website is that it does not lag and you can watch a movie without getting frustrated due to constant lagging if your internet speed is decent. Overall, this is a great website that can easily be your best alternative to Solarmovies.

10. Vumoo


Vumoo is also a website that deserves a mention among our best Solarmovies alternatives. This website is one of the most organized and thoughtfully created websites on this list. You can browse and choose from a thousand different movies. Almost all of the movies are available in HD and Full HD quality.

The website has also categorized movies according to their release year and genres. Hence, it is simple and easy to find your desired movie. You might experience minor lag issues while watching movies on this website but overall vumoo is a great alternative to Solarmovies.

11. Movies.GG

Movies GG

Movies.GG is also a good Solarmovies alternative and is available in both German and English language. This website to features a wide range of movies from almost all genres.

The homepage lists the latest and most popular movies. If you want to watch a movie of your own choice you can easily search for it and play. As compared to solar movies, this website lacks the sophistication and offers lesser features but it is not a bad option.

Except for those free streaming movie sites, you can download the movies or TV shows when you're sleeping! Another solution to Solarmovies is the torrent sites!

[Bonus] Yify


Yify is a good, high-quality alternative to SolarMovies. It has a friendly user interface, hence searching for your desired movie is very easy. You don’t need to register to the website or subscribe in order to watch HD quality movies and Tv shows.

A wide range of movies from different genres such as horror, sci-fi, thriller, drama, etc. can be found on this website. Although this is a good online movie website, However, the movies aren’t directly provided through the website, streaming is offered by a 3rd party instead.

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For now, that’s all for our best solarmovies alternatives reviews. All of the above-mentioned websites work just as great as solar movies.

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