SocialMasters TikTok Bot Review – Is it safe to use automation?

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Today, many understood that using social media platforms like TikTok, can help them become famous and get massive following only by doing simple creative videos that give people laughs.

TikTok has seen massive growth in the last period, approaching with high speed of 1 billion users, and for sure by the end of the year, it will bypass this number.

Still, TikTok is new on the market and the ones that really want to become influencers and lost the train with Instagram, now have a second chance. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to become famous on TikTok and make money online by posting cool content, right?

But, is there any way to grow faster and automate your daily interactions routine?

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Yes, for the ones that are new on TikTok or just want to quickly boost their audience, exposure, and engagement, then they are likely to be interested in using growth platforms and bots to help them achieve goals faster than doing everything by themselves. Of course, using a TikTok bot will save you hours of manual interactivity and having to deal with work that you rather spend on creating videos.

Pay attention though, many people are confusing a TikTok automatic bot with buying TikTok followers. TikTok automation bots doesn’t give you followers or fake following, but they interact with other TikTok users on your behalf so they will notice you in their notifications. Once they see you, it’s their choice if they follow you back or not. Having an attractive account is mandatory to achieve great results.

SocialMasters Growth Bot

With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s the right automation bot for you, but with this detailed SocialMasters review, a performant TikTok automation bot, you’ll have everything you need in order for you to make an educated decision, but also learn how to use it the right way.

Overview: SocialMasters TikTok Bot

SocialMasters can help you streamline the process and take some weight of your shoulders, making it easier to focus more on your content and creativity. SocialMasters services are most commonly known in the industry as a TikTok bot automation service. In fact, they are one of the best companies to offer this, and it seems that they are improving and upgrading continuously.

SocialMasters TikTok bot is more performant than your average social media bot, and on their website, they say that they can help with automation like follows, unfollows, comments, and likes. And if you are really serious about growing your TikTok account and need a straightforward company that takes their client’s needs very seriously, then SocialMasters is a viable option.

SocialMasters Automated TikTok Bot

SocialMasters Features & Usage Tips

The sign-up process if fairly easy and takes only a few seconds to do an account with SocialMasters. Once you did that, the next step is to connect your TikTok account and immediately you will have access to a complex, but easy to use dashboard where you can manage your automatic interactions.

A very good thing about SocialMasters is that they offer first-time customers 3 days free fully-featured trial that you can use to test the service and make up your mind without any risk whatsoever.

By default, SocialMasters will add few targets as an example, targets that you can replace by clicking on the “New Promotion” button on the top of the dashboard. You can add up to 20 active targets that can run simultaneously.

SocialMasters Features

Type of targets that you can add

  • Other users

This way you can target and interact on TikTok with the followers of other people’s accounts. Make sure you add accounts with consistent following.

Interact with people that posted content using those specific hashtags.

Pro Tip: Make sure you add target accounts and hashtags with similar content as yours, because the chances to be followed back and have a better conversion will increase dramatically.

SocialMasters new promotion

SocialMasters hashtags content

Besides the targeting that is very flexible and efficient, you can change tens of settings and filters to help your narrow down the users that you want to interact with. One of the customizations is the speed that can be slow, normal or fast, but is recommended for the beginning to start with the slow speed and turn it up after a while. This way, you give TikTok time to get used to your automatic interactions.

Also, you can customize other types of filters like the number of followers and following of your targets, how many minimum videos they have on TikTok, if they are private accounts or not, when to start the unfollowing process and so on. Customization of comments is also possible and this way you can personalize with more detail your TikTok automation.

Is SocialMasters Safe For My TikTok Account?

safe uses of socialmasters

Given that SocialMasters has been around for a good period of time, while many TikTok bots have come and gone in the last period, it’s definitely one of the best bots out there. Until now, we haven’t heard about any limitations imposed by TikTok for the accounts that used a bot. We don’t know what it will happen in the future, but for sure now it is safe to use SocialMasters as long as you don’t get greedy and start with a fast speed from the beginning.

SocialMasters Pricing

SocialMasters Pricing

When it comes to pricing, all we can say is affordable and flexible. Not only that you can use all features without any limitations at $24.99/month, after your 3 free days trial, but you can also pre-purchase credit and receive bonuses for paying ahead for a few months. Anyway, in order for you to see the best results, you can only do it after at least one month of usage, so better check out SocialMasters bonuses.

Final conclusion on SocialMasters

SocialMasters also offers live chat within their website, which is seems to be very fast answering to any inquiring and the team appears to be very knowledgeable about the platform. They should be able to give you an answer to any question you may have about those TikTok automation tools.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if SocialMasters is the best for your needs and budget, we just know that this TikTok bot uses methods that are safe and efficient to help grow your TikTok account and achieve your goals. One thing is for sure, SocialMasters provides a genuine and trustworthy automation service that will not load your account up with fake accounts or unwanted bots.

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