6 Best Social Media Lookup Tools [Search Anyone by Name]

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Would you like to gain more details about people’s social media profiles? Getting much information about someone via their social profiles can help you know whom you’re doing business with. With the best social media lookup tools this article provides, you’re well covered.

One of the best ways to get to know someone better is through their social media accounts. The fact that the world has gone digital means people now live their life on the internet.

You can gain insight into someone’s day-to-day activities through his social media profile. This is particularly helpful for organizations that want to recruit.

Imagine looking up the social media profile of someone you wish to employ, only to find out that this person doesn’t command good ethics or lacks the moral standard of your company.

The real deal is — how do you search for someone’s details through their social media profiles? That is where social media lookup tools come in.

Social media lookup tools are created to enable you to look up someone’s social media profiles and gain information about their personality. This search can be done by imputing their phone numbers, email addresses, or their names.

In this article, I am going to show you the best social media lookup tools that you can trust and rely on for accurate search results.

1. Orbitly — If you’re a marketer, this is the best social media lookup tool for you

Orbitly for Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Pricing: Charges per credit. 100 credits cost 15 USD

This social media lookup tool is used by top organizations. The too prides itself on the fact that it can conduct a thorough search to help organizations gain more details about potential clients, leads, as well as contacts.

The ability to contact any profile you see by email or instant messaging is a major benefit of using Obritly.

Data will be enriched using social media platforms, including AngelList, Github, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

To facilitate automated searches and real data, the interface utilizes application programming interfaces.

Would you like to gain more details about people’s social media profiles? Getting much information about someone via their social profiles can help you know whom you’re doing business with. With the best social media lookup tools this article provides, you’re well covered.

Why I like Orbitly:

  • It charges you for only what you use, unlike others that charge per month.
  • It allows you to test its service for free before making a purchase.

2. Spokeo — All-in-one social media lookup tools for organizations and private use

Spokeo for Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Pricing: 1 month’s membership costs 19.95 USD

This social media lookup tool is primarily US-based. What I like about Spokeo is its simple user interface. Even a beginner will find it easy to navigate the platform.

It has amazing features that cover various lookups, such as postal address lookup, phone lookup, and reverse email lookup.

Searches can be conducted on Spokeo’s platform, but outcomes are only accessible to paid subscribers.

Why I like Spokeo:

  • It has a mobile application that you can use for easy access.
  • It provides detailed results, from criminal records of an individual down to the person’s business and employment records.

3. BeenVerified — Best functions within the US

BeenVerified for Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Pricing: 100 reports cost 26.89 USD monthly

In part because of how thoroughly it examines a candidate’s social media profiles, BeenVerified consistently ranks among the finest social media lookup tools.

When an individual’s social media profiles are connected, you can discover more about them.

Its capacity to search court records and other legal files is a major selling feature.

The only thing I don’t like about this tool is that it is a US-based tool. The firm strongly advises that you do not utilize its services if you are situated outside of the United States.

Why I like BeenVerified:

  • It provides thorough search results.
  • It is simple to use because of its user-friendly interface

4. PeopleLooker — The best for learners for beginners because of its simple UI

PeopleLooker for Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Pricing: 5-day trial costs 1 USD, while monthly 22 USD for unlimited checks

This is one of my best all-in-one reverse lookup tools. It covers reverse lookups for an email address, phone, and username.

Easy instructions are provided for usage. Key in the information you have in the appropriate area, click search, then wait a few moments for the results to load. However, results can only be viewed after you must have subscribed.

Why I like PeopleLooker:

  • It stands out from others because of its ease of use.
  • It covers multiple reverse lookup searches.

5. Google — The world’s most popular social media lookup tool

Google Search Overview

  • Pricing: 100% Free

Google is the world’s leading social media lookup tool. It contains millions of information about a particular individual.

One of its advantages is that it doesn’t cost a dime. Once you key in the name of the individual, Google will display the search results in less than a second.

Also, after adding an individual’s email address to your contacts, tapping on “find contacts” will prompt Google to get information on that individual, usually incorporating their social network profiles.

Why I like Google:

  • Fast result display
  • Super easy to use
  • 100% free to use
  • Accessible to everyone, irrespective of your location.
  • The results are authentic.

6. Seon — The best for real-time results

Seon for Social Media Lookup Tools

  • Pricing: Begins from 299 USD monthly

Finding someone via their social media profiles is one thing; getting information about their criminal or fraud record is another. But guess what? Seon provides both!

With Seon, you can do a comprehensive reverse social media search to identify potential fraud.

With only one piece of information, like a person’s IP address, phone number, or email address, you can find out a lot more about them with the help of the tool.

This helps organizations know more about the person they want to employ. It tells them if the person is actually who he claims to be.

Why I like Seon:

  • Results are authentic and accurate.
  • It helps detect fraudsters.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It functions for all fraud types.

Benefits of Social Media Lookup

Benefits of Social Media Lookup

According to Backlinko’s research, the typical internet user has 8.8 different accounts across various social networking sites.

The easiest approach to checking somebody’s information is to look at their social media profiles. The usefulness of this extends to a wide range of contexts, including:

1. Identifies online scammers

It’s an intriguing scenario where the lack of social media presence may indicate fraud. So why is that? It’s simple to make up new phone numbers and email addresses. It takes effort to set up a complete social media presence, so scammers typically do not bother.

2. Reunites relatives and old-time friends

Have trouble getting in touch with an old friend? Any listed contact information may no longer be active; however, there is a huge possibility that they still have their social media accounts active.

3. Prevents scams

With social media lookup tools, you can easily identify scammers through their social media profiles. The tools display every of their activity on their social media profiles. With this information, you can easily detect if they are scammers or not.


Q. Where do social media lookup tools get their data from?

In the case of public social media, details are gleaned from people who have voluntarily made it available via the use of crawlers (scripts) that actively seek certain pieces of data. Depending on the platform’s settings, these scripts may be able to access different degrees of publicly accessible or personal data.

Q. If I try to look up someone’s social media page, would they find out?

There is no way the owner of a social media profile will know that you’ve looked them up.

Q. Is it legal to use social media lookup tools?

Definitely. The data collected by social media search tools are accessible to the general public. But keep in mind that there may be some wiggle room in how you put the data to use. The only time it’s okay to look at someone’s social media profile is to avoid fraud; however, cyberstalking is illegal.


This concludes this list of the best social media lookup tools. The digital world we live in has become one that embodies every piece of information about our day-t0-day activities. This information can be a great source of finding out who a person is.

So many organizations benefit from social media lookup tools, as they enable organizations to find out the criminal records and personalities of their potential employee.

It is important to know that not all social network profile finders will provide an instantaneous connection. In certain situations, it’s preferable to collect social data — like age, gender, and name — without actually accessing the social network.

In the fields of fraud prevention and cybersecurity, where just a little bit of personal data goes a long way, this is standard practice. Other applications include forensics, HR, and marketing.

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