Best 15 Sneaker Bots to Cop Favorite Pair [2023]

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Are you looking for the best sneaker bot to use for destroying the next limited-edition release of your favorite sneaker brand? then you are on the right page as the article below provides recommendations on the best sneaker bots in the market.

Copping sneakers have become the major trend in the sneaker market especially hyped and limited edition sneakers from popular sites. And for you to succeed in this game, you will need to use the best sneaker bot that will give you the most comparative advantage compared to the other bots in the market. It is no longer news that it is becoming impossible for most users to secure a pair in a limited edition release without using a bot. But using a bot is not just enough, you need the sneaker bot that will put you ahead of others.

And that is why this article was written. to provide you with recommendations on the best bots to use. we recommend to you, some of the best bots based on the sneaker sites you want to cop sneakers from. It is important you know that some of the bots might not be available for purchase at the time of reading this article. you will need to register and check their waiting list. but if you do get into it, the wait is worth it. Now let's get started.

1. Wrath AIO Bot — Overall Best Sneaker Bot

Wrath AIO Bot Homepage

The first pick here is Wrath AIO. Ever since the launching of the bot in 2018, there has been no sneaker release analysis without wrath mentioned. Using this bot as a sneakerhead or enthusiast, copping sneakers from your targeted brand release has never been easy.

As an AIO bot built with an advanced attribute, it cops any hyped release and limited edition sneakers your interest demands, be it Footsites, Shopify, YeezySupply, or Supreme; spell out your list. Compared to others, this bot is very fast, bypasses major bot protection, and is compatible with hundreds of sites. The setup is simple, with a friendly user interface. However, Wrath is highly-pricey; it costs $350 for a 3-month license and a $50 monthly renewal fee.

2. MEKpreme — Best Sneaker Bot for Supreme

MEKpreme Homepage

If you are an avid lover of Supreme, look out for no sneaker bot other than MEKpreme. This bot checkout any release from the red logo brand. Unlike Wrath AIO, this bot is cost-friendly, easy to use, and supports Windows or Mac platforms. Though your device functionalities define the MEKpreme bot, so choose rightly.

The bot costs $168 for six months and a renewal fee of $120 every six months. What is impressive about this bot is that, after purchase, you have access to a discord service to help address any issues. Also, a frequent update is available, but once the license is secured, a refund or cancellation is not allowed.

3. WhatBot — Best Sneaker Bot for YeezySupply

WhatBot Homepage

WhatBot is one of the best in the market rank amongst AIO bots because of the number of sites and platforms it supports.  This bot is not like others, as its peculiarity spike on every release, irrespective of the sneaker brand. The recorded success rate on Footsites, Shopify, and specific sites like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and more, have been boasted of.

WhatBot is the leading bot for YeezySupply release. One thing to mention is its developers do not allow reselling; hence, every one of their users is on a retail subscription of $30 monthly access. In addition, their recommended proxies enable you to cop the desired number of sneakers without the bot spotted on the release site.

4. NikeShoeBot — Best for Nike SNKRS Sneakers

NikeShoeBot Homepage

The NikeShoeBot is one bot designed with Nike fans in mind. It is beginner friendly, easy to use, and fast but expensive. Nike is top-notch in demand, so any sneaker copped can be sold and resold at a compelling high aftermarket price. What you would like with this bot is its multi-threaded technology which will allow multiple logins from a system to enable various sneakers to be copped.

Also, the calendar is another added value to keep you updated on the next hyped SNKRS sneaker drops. Up to 500 tasks can be created and kick-started; thus, you can automate your checkout or be in charge manually. The inbuilt tester is another thing to help make sure everything is well functioning before any new release, and this boosts your copping chance. Note that mac users don’t have a spot here – this bot only supports windows.

5. Prism AIO — Best Versatile Sneaker Bot

Prism AIO Homepage

Prism as a sneaker bot will not be rightly justified if not mentioned on this list. The versatility of this bot is genuinely on the high side. Whether you are a novice or a pro in reselling sneakers, the interface setup is seamless, with over a million successful checkouts.

So far, sneakerheads and enthusiasts can stand tall with the number of sneakers they have copped using this bot. On average, over 300 checkouts achieve by a single user. Prism has calendar release features and several groupings to streamline activities. The sneaker bot license costs $400 at retail and  $150 for renewal every three months.

6. Valor AIO — Best Auto-Start Footsites Sneaker Bot

Valor AIO Homepage

Another interesting bot that has stood the test of consistency in usability and thousands of sneaker release checkouts is Valour. This bot is like a go-get-it software, and unlike SNKRS, which is Nike only, Valor works on websites like Footsites, JD, Finishline, Footaction, Champs, Footlocker, Eastbay, Shopify, and they are hoping for more.

The central selling point of this bot is its efficacy in creating more tasks with lesser resources but cop many targeted limited edition sneakers. However, on assessing its Footsites efficiency, there is an auto start Footsites monitor to help automatically restock and begins the task. Isn’t this interesting?

7. Trickle — Best Sneaker Bot for Adidas

Trickle Homepage

If you have your eyes on Adidas, Trickle will do the trick. Although not affordable, the bot is worth it. With its several advanced attributes and ever-ready 24/7 discord group, update on every new release will be known. The UI is beginner friendly and informative.

Even though using bots can be worrying, especially when trying to cop multiple websites simultaneously, Trickles in-house anti-bot protection helps bypass any website anti-bot detection. And this is one fine distinction many bots lacks. Regarding restocking, your computer can run on autopilot, pulling through checkouts on your behalf. Additionally, carrying out unlimited sneaker copping will come smoothly.

8. Kodai AIO — Best Sneaker Bot for Cross Platform

Kodai AIO Homepage

Next with fascinating functionalities is Kodai. It has a precise hub where all service features descriptions are. In the hub, you can choose your activities and check for times and dates for new sneaker drops. You can view your previous experience and purchases via the analytics menu. Setting up the bot is simple if you follow the steps carefully – as the settings differ by device type.

Subscription is either by retail, resell or rent, so if you can’t afford to own a license, the renting is pocket-friendly; $7 can earn you 24 hours of copping. Aside from that, you can select the size of the sneakers you want to cop, be it specific or random sizes. Sneaker releases cover all US sites and other major countries. Essentially, having a cross-platform rapport, the bot runs on almost all mac and windows devices.

9. Noble AIO — Best Sneaker Bot with Consistency

Noble AIO Homepage

Noble AIO is another top performer in terms of sneaker bots. The developers of this bot have done a great job. This bot might not be the first on this list, but it's top in line, just like Wrath AIO. They dominate significant releases, and when they don’t, the bot is always within, keeping its consistency among the well-performed.

Noble supports different sneaker websites, and its inbuilt monitor keep watch of all task, then communicate these found tasks to foster quick check out of product. Whenever it restocks, there is no need to reset the monitor for the group sneakers you are in for; the automation features will automatically start any existing monitors in all your set task group.

10. MEKAIO — Best Shopify Sneaker Bot

MEKAIO Homepage

MEKAIO is often similar to MEKpreme, but not to get confused; though both bots are from the same developer, their use cases are entirely different. While MEKpreme is a specific bot best for Supreme release. MEKAIO is majorly for all Shopify releases, Nike/SNKRS, Adidas/YeezySupply, and JD.

All thanks to its All-In-One aspect, the Shopify sneaker drops and raffle is worth the deal. Purchasing this bot is pretty high, $300 for 90 days (three months), but the renewal is pleasant, $45 per month, including recent updates and discord support.

11. EasyCop Bot — Best Sneaker Bot for Footsites Only

EasyCop Bot Homepage

ECB is an abbreviation for EasyCop Bot. By customer reviews, the bot dominates on footsites compared to others. Whether footlocker US, Champs, Eastbay, Kids, or Lady’s footlockers, hyped and limited edition releases are copped exclusively. The primary factor for developing the bot is prioritizing testing of essential functioning tools, including your proxies before sneakers dropping commences.

Also, it gives utmost support when needed, sends automatic updates on sneaker brand release, and enable the running of limitless copping task that can boost you to become a reseller. Sneakers checkout is an added spike as the bot is extremely fast, with a recorded 80% success rate.

12. Cybersole — Best Sneaker Bot for Simultaneous Copping

Cybersole Homepage

Cybersole is a bot to choose from with advanced features to be enjoyed. If you are buoyant enough, this bot is a great choice. It has a self-explanatory user interface but is not beginner friendly because it’s very pricey. Cybersole is not like other bots. The sites it supports are over hundreds, including the most popular sneaker site you know.

So far, the sneaker copping records have passed over two million checkouts. Retailers still go for this bot because it has global coverage and cops simultaneously without limit. Hence becoming a top reseller is at your fingertip. The downside of this sneaker bot is that it's always sold out and does not support macOS.

13. Ganesh Bot — Best CLI-Based Sneaker Bot

Ganesh Bot Homepage

Ganesh Bot cut across quite exciting locations, but the assessment of the Europe/Asia sneaker checkout success rate is worth noting. Unlike other bots with only GUI, the Ganesh bot comes with a plus choice of CLI (Command Line Interface) which will further allow interaction with the OS of the sites you want to cop sneakers from; thus, dominating performance is reached at a high rate.

In addition, there is an anti-bot team to bypass several bot protections, which has checked out over 650,000 sneakers effortlessly. By support score, every site supported by the bot always has a take home, though you will have more checkouts when you are copping from EU/Asia sites.

14. Project Destroyer — Best Sneaker Bot with CAPTCHA Harvester

Project Destroyer Homepage

Project Destroyer is one of the most reputable elite bots with top-rated developers' backing. Compared to Cybersole, the bot is less pricey. And copping sneakers released on any of its supported sites, be it Finishline, Converse, Offwhite, or several other famous sites, is truly a piece of cake using the bot because it has a high-performance level coupled with a bulk task editor and CAPTCHA harvester.

The sneaker bot currently covers releases from more than 200 hundred sites, and this has earned it an edge in being seen as an AIO bot. Interestingly, even if your focus is on a single site, you are guaranteed good checkouts.

15. SplashForce — Best Auto Checkout Sneaker Bot

SplashForce Homepage

Last on the list is SplashForce. Are you a sneakerhead or enthusiast looking to cop sneakers from popular sites? Then you will need a Splashforce bot to handle that. With over five years of experience, this bot understands what users need. What it offers is unlimited regardless of the sites you want to access.

You can create a proxy list on the bot to avoid missing out on any drops. In terms of the price, its value differs from all mentioned above. After the first payment, the subsequent renewal earns you six months of free usage before paying a renewal fee. Also, since the bot is extremely fast, copping is easy. The turn off here is, if you can't get a retail one, the resell is twice the price.


Q. Is it illegal to Use Sneaker Bot?

No, using a sneaker bot is not illegal. There are several developers of sneaker bots in the market, and they advertise with different functionalities. However, no sites allow bots to be used on them, as bots go against their term of service and give their users an unfair advantage. It is for this reason that you need undetectable bots as sneaker sites have anti-spam systems that detect and block bot traffic.

Q. Why do I Need Sneaker Bot?

The need for bot usage is crucial in copping sneaker, and even the best in the sneaker copping game uses bots to acquire most of their sneakers. Because the demand for sneakers is way higher than the supply available, with just a few seconds of release, hundreds of sneakers can be cop by a single user. Hence, to secure your desired pairs, you will need to use a sneaker bot.

Q. Is Sneaker Bot Wort It?

Sneaker bots are worth it and you should invest in one if you are a sneakerhead. With them, you avoid paying retail prices which usually are in multiples of 3x to 5X. Also important is the fact that sneaker bots can help you secure multiple pairs which you can sell to make a profit. if you have the money to purchase one you should. you can also team up with friends and go for group buys for sneaker bots that support that.


There is no best when it comes to sneaker bots. Every one of them has uniqueness in performance. It would be best to look for a consistent one that can handle the brand release you target to cop. Above all, never use your sneaker bot alone. No bot functions well, and check out desired sneakers without proxies especially if you need to cop more than a pair. We recommend Bright Data, Smartproxy, and Shifter as some of the best providers of sneaker proxies for you.

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