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Unblock the internet without restrictions, collect data or protect your privacy. Smartproxy gives you the ability to do it all in one place.

Smartproxy is one of the latest rotating residential proxy services to hit the market. Smartproxy offers its users immense features and functionality at affordable rates.

If you’re looking for a long-term proxy service to stick to, it’s worth looking at Smartproxy’s unique offerings. The company promises to deliver one of the best proxy services for both residential, business, and commercial demands. It’s one of the first companies to offer its services for all kinds of people.

Whether you’re just looking for a proxy for your personal security reasons or you want to be able to expand your business through ad targeting, it’s all possible with Smartproxy. This proxy gives you unlimited access to the internet without getting blocked off and restricted by your geographical location.

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Smartproxy Review

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Smartproxy has a host of useful features that it offers that many other proxy services can’t provide. As far as usage goes, it provides great performance no matter what you set it up to do.

For average everyday use, You’ll also get superior security and features to add on top of that. Here are some of the features you can expect from using Smartproxy.

Note this type of residential proxies DO NOT work for streaming music, videos, TV shows, and movies.
Features of Smartproxy

Multiple Locations

8 specific cities

Smartproxy doesn’t limit you to a single digit limit of countries you can connect to. This service is global in the true sense by providing you with connectivity to any part of the world. While you’re usually limited to a few major cities and countries from most proxies, this service gives you unlimited access to over 195 countries.

This means that you get access to some of the most out of the way locations out there. But at the same time, you will also get the best browsing, downloading and uploading speeds from the top countries. You can get premium access points to major cities from top countries like the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, and Turkey.

Large IP Pool

There’s nothing worse than getting a proxy to circumvent geographical restrictions and bans only to have 4 or 5 IPs that can just as easily get banned again. With companies getting more aware of proxy service and creating more restrictions, this is a growing problem. But Smartproxy manages to get around that problem easily.

Large IP Pool new

By providing millions of residential IPs, it makes it easy for you to get past restrictions easily while never running out of IPs to use. Smartproxy offers 55+ million residential IPs with unlimited connections and threads. You have access to countless IPs from any country in the world that has more than 50 connections.

Independent IPs

The best part about Smartproxy is that you have access to multiple independent IPs at the same time. This allows you to do things like control multiple different accounts from just one place.

This can enable you to manage multiple different social media accounts without breaking a sweat. You can use your favorite social media boosting tools like GramistaFollow LikerGramdominator, and Jarvee.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime

Smartproxy offers a continuous service through and throughout without facing any serious downtime. This service guarantees you 99.47% uptime for your proxy connections.

You won’t get disconnected in the middle of your usage or face any kind of speed throttling. You can enjoy safe, anonymous, and secure connections seamlessly without any issues.


Smartproxy enables you to remain completely secure as you browse through the internet. You can be sure that no one is monitoring your network traffic. You can also be safe from anyone trying to track your location via your IP.

The best thing about this proxy service is that you have great control over multiple IPs that can be used intermittently. You can get an IP from a random pool of millions with the ability to keep a sticky session active or switch with rotating sessions on the fly.

Undetectable Automation

Undetectable Automation

There are many automation techniques that can be easily sniffed out by sites constantly. You can use multiple proxies to behave just like human users, so you can avoid any bans.

This means that you can carry out high levels of automation techniques like price comparison, travel fare aggregation, data collection, and SEO related activities. Because Smartproxy uses residential IPs it doesn’t trip the bot detection algorithms for any website’s defenses.

Unlimited Connections

One of the greatest features of this service is the fact that you can get unlimited connections at one time. Smartproxy allows you to have as many connections and threads going on at one time. You can have multiple IPs going at one time around the world. You can get a lot of work done fast and efficiently all at once with minimal effort.

Unlimited sessions for scraping

This makes data collection easy and straightforward especially if you’re already strapped for time. Another area where this is useful is when there are limited product releases. You can get around the system of limited purchases per person by using multiple connections simultaneously. Smartproxy is compatible with all the popular sneaker bots like BNB, Supreme, Easy Cop, Nike Slayer, AIO, and Another Nike Bot.


Smartproxy provides exceptional compatibility across the board. You won’t find any kind of compatibility issues on this service at all, for more details you learn more from compatibility tests by the research of It supports all the usual protocols like IPV4 and HTTPS.

You can also use it with any desktop or mobile VPN applications that use the standard HTTP/HTTPS protocols. No matter what your favorite proxy application, you can integrate Smartproxy easily into it.


Smartproxy is one of the most reliable proxy services that you will find. The speeds are stable enough that you don’t see a drop in downloading and browsing performance.

Your connection will work without any kind of downtime so there won’t be any interruptions in your work. Even in some remote parts of the world, you will get a more stable performance than other major proxy services.


Smartproxy has multiple plans suited for anyone from basic end users to commercial and business users. You can choose from multiple plans. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, you can go for a Pay As You Go option for residential (and mobile) proxies that costs $8.5/GB, or you can choose from a variety of subscription plans that start from $14/ month for 2GB.

Smartproxy Residential Price

You get an amount of allotted data that comes with the plan and you can pay for any surplus on top. With a higher plan, you have to pay less per GB of data.

Every proxy subscription plan has a 14-day money back guarantee so you can get a refund if your service isn’t working properly. For scraping APIs, you can get a 1 month free trial for testing the services. You can pay for your subscription with multiple payment methods like Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and even crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

Smartproxy chatCustomer Support

Smartproxy has excellent customer support across the board for its customers. Whether you’re having problems making something work or you don’t know how to use the service, the team will help you out. There are multiple channels available for you to be able to reach the support team.

Along with the usual support email, you also have a 24/7 live chat. They also have an extremely good social media presence so you can reach them on any platform and be able to reach them without fail. The response is usually prompt and helpful.

Our Verdict

Smartproxy brings a lot of usability and features into the mix. It provides users with great functionality and it’s incredibly useful for a lot of different applications.

While it has a few hitches here and there, it provides a good enough service to make up for it. Rest assured, Smartproxy is more than capable of meeting all your proxy needs no matter what they may be.

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