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Slide shows are a trending feature among youngsters. It is not only useful for making a sweet memorable video but also can be a good gift.

You can pick all the desired photographs and then assemble them to make a good film. You can add music or songs as per your choice. You can add your voice note and various effects and filters to make it fancy yet elegant.

There are many online video editors available. Some applications are theme-specific. Most of them are free for users. You can go for the one that suits your purpose.

Slideshow Maker applications

Let us look towards the ten most desirable slideshow makers that will give a graceful look to your work.

10 Best Slideshow Maker Softwares

1. Kizoa

Kizoa provides its users with a free slideshow maker. This software is one the easiest to use, among many others. It gives a lot of ready to use templates. Users can select the pictures to the model that they want. It provides its users with various layout designs too. Users can choose from the wide, vertical, or square format. You can create a free account on Kizoa, and you are ready to use the template that you want.

This platform is one of the best options for business purposes.

2. Scoompa Video

Scoompa video is an application available on the play store. It is very suitable for android users. You can select several video clips and photos of your choice and then assemble it according to your preference. You can resize each snap or clip as per your requirement. Inbuilt features are available too, but you can customize them. There are several transition effects and animation styles possible. You can choose the music from the library or download something which suits you. You can also add several voice notes and text to emphasize a specific scene.

Scoompa Video Slideshow Maker

This application is more suitable for informal purposes.

3. Proshow Gold

This application is not only easy to use but also very efficient and speedy. You can import snaps from various social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. If you are a beginner, then also using this platform is not a tough nut to crack. The inexperienced users can make use of the automatic feature, which makes their task more manageable. This application is capable of making acceptable videos. However, you don’t get a wide variety of choices in music.

4. Animoto

It is a paid online video maker. Initially, the user can enjoy a premium account for a few days. The free trial period ends after fourteen days. The cost of the plan varies depending upon whether you opt for a personal or a professional account.

You can select any template from the designs available and then shortlist the required snaps. After selecting the pictures, you can edit them and make customization to the slideshow before saving it.

5. Slydely

It is one of the free slideshow makers available for the users. You can choose the pictures from your gallery or social media handle and upload it. Customize the images and add music of your choice. You can also go for either private or public mode as per your mood. In addition to this, you can share your work with your connections on this particular software.

6. InVideo

InVideo is not only a slideshow creator. Apart from it, it is also an excellent option to edit pictures and create a collage. It is free for its users and available online.

It gives the flexibility to its users to either select a template for creating a slideshow. You can also start a new slideshow entirely from the beginning. You will get a variety of choices from transition effects to filters. You can also choose from a lot of audio to give a complete look to your work. You can even add text to videos for emphasizing key points within a video.

7. PicoVico

We all are aware that social media advertising is at its peak in the present time. We endorse our products online on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. All the videos are not good enough to get proper attention from the customers. Different YouTube video makers allow making some videos predominantly for YouTube.

PicoVico is one such free platform that solves this problem. After making your slideshow, you can directly share it to your social media handle.

First, you have to create a free account, after that you are ready to use this feature. You can define the quality of the video too. It is one of the perfect options to give an enchanting look to your professional venture.

8. TripAdvisor TripWow

This slideshow maker is free for the users. As the name suggests, travelers make the most out of this option. Apart from the various features that it provides, the animated travel map is one of the most mesmerizing features. It is a convenient application in which you can efficiently operate with fundamental knowledge. You will have plenty of travel songs to use, which will make your work different from the crowd.

You will need a flash player to use this platform. It will help you create excellent work suitable for your websites and blogs.

9. 123-Slideshow


It is a free website that helps to create high-quality slideshows. It has a very speedy process, and the user gets the work done within a few minutes. You can go to the website directly and upload the required images. Edit it as per your need, and your work will be ready in a blink of eyes.

You can publish the video to your website or blog.

10. Roxio Photoshow

This slideshow creator enables you to add video clips in addition to the images. You need to create an account and add a suitable subscription to use it. You can customize your work as per your prerequisite. You can add filters, effects, and borders to enhance the show.

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These are some slideshow makers that are doing well in the market. Apart from the abundant features, they also enjoy positive reviews of the users. Each one is unique in its ways. Pick the one you desire, and you will get excellent work in no today environment.

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