Top 15 Slang Terms for 2021

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How complete are your skills in the English language? Do you know all the real words as well as the textbook terms?

This is a question that everyone who falls under the category of using English as a second language should ask themselves. Now is the time to learn more about slang words and what they mean.


1. Get After It

“Get after it” or “Get to it” or “Go for it” all pretty much mean the same thing. You want to get started on following a goal. You want to put in the time, effort, and persistence that it takes to reach this goal. The idea is to “go after it” with a singular focus until you finally reap the expected reward.

2. Dead or I’m Dead

You just read, saw, or heard something that, in a manner of speaking, nearly resulted in you dying of laughter. The thing that you read on social media may be any brand of humor from the satirical to the purely slapstick.

It may also be a completely dry and innocuous statement that you chose to interpret ironically as comic.

3. The Kitchen Sink

One of the most common expressions in English slang lore is “everything but the kitchen sink.” This basically means that much more was brought along during a move than was expected.

It can also mean a completely thorough discussion where every possible detail, and then some, was brought up and minutely discussed.

4. Going Down For

If you are going down for something, it most likely means that you have been convicted of some kind of wrongdoing, usually criminal. For example, a robbery charge may see you “going down for” a sentence of 10 years.

5. Being Down For

To be down for something is not the same as going down for something. When you are in the state of being down for something, it means you are ready, able, and very willing to do it.

6. Sus

If you hear someone say that something sounds very sus, it means that they think something is quite suspicious. “Sus” is an abbreviated form of suspect popular in the game Among Us. It can apply to behavior, statements, or actions that fit this category.

7. Glow-Up

To undergo a glow-up basically means to suddenly experience some sort of change for the better. For example, you may find that having plastic surgery improves your looks to the point where people around you refer to the fact that you had a “glow-up.”

8. Sheeple

Sheeple is a contemptuous and very contentious combo of “people” and “sheep.” It is supposed to denote a person who blindly follows the latest trends and opinions with the faith and, more crucially, the intelligence of a sheep. This is a term that can reflect badly on the person using it, so be careful with it.

9. Sketchy

The quality of being sketchy refers to a person, place, or situation that seems shady and rather unpromising. There can also be a touch of the ominous about them. Sketchy means that you don’t really know whether associating with that person, place, or situation is a good idea. You therefore advise caution.

10. Zoomer

Just as people born in the 1940’s are baby boomers and others born after are Gen X, Millennials, and so on, a member of the latest generation is called a Zoomer. This comes from Generation Z, the next logical generation after Y.

11. Cap

In some situations, cap can mean lie. So when you say, “No cap!“, you’re basically claiming to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

12. Ghost

To “ghost” someone in the 21st century sense means to stop replying to someone’s calls, texts, or messages on the web. You literally disappear from their social life by dropping off their radar and becoming a “ghost.”

You are the one doing the “ghosting” and subjecting the other person to the pain of being “ghosted.”

13. Loaded

Loaded can sometimes mean the same as drunk or intoxicated. It can also mean that you are so flush with wealth that you are literally “loaded” with cash.

14. Chillax

Chillax is a combo of “chill” and “relax.” It basically means to be, or to pretend to be, at a state of advanced relaxation that has you cool as a cucumber.

Being chillaxed is not quite the same as being completely apathetic or indifferent, although these states of mind can very often overlap or intersect.

15. Whip

Whatever else whip was in the old days, it’s now also a car. A whip in this case would be a particularly fancy vehicle, such as a Lamborghini or Maserati, rather than a common Hyundai.

There is also the phrase “whip my hair”, which basically means to shake it back and forth in the manner of a horse whip.

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