10 Best Sites To Watch Hindi Movies in HD For Free

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Bollywood is like Hollywood on steroids. It is a rapid movie industry that is pretty famous outside of its mother nation – India.

When a movie industry produces around 2000 movies each year you may say it’s an unbelievable feat!

An Indian movie industry with its unique style and touch is something to check out for anybody who likes cinema.

The content and the unique style brought the Hindi movies closer to various public, so Bollywood movies are a real treat for cinephiles all around the globe.

Luckily for you, the Internet has a set of pathways where you can try and watch Hindi movies for free, or even download them very simply in high quality.

Top 10 free online Hindi movies sites to watch Bollywood movies online

These are the top 10 sites to visit if you want to watch Hindi movies for free. Enjoy the magic of Bollywood!

1. HDFriday


This website has a name that will make you cherish the late night weekends. With a colorful palette of movies and a great website layout, you will want to stay cozy at your home and enjoy some of the top hits right now in Bollywood.

At this website, you will be put on some interesting choices. You will come there to watch movies, but you will find a lot more. This website has great sorted Hindi TV shows and serials list too!

The movies are sorted by genre and category and at the bottom of the page, you will find some other useful links and also a list of upcoming Hindi movies and Bollywood movies dubbed to English.

2. HollyFree4U


As the website name says, this place is all you need if you want to watch a high quality and free Hindi movies. It’s a well-sorted database that its updated regularly – around 3 movies are uploaded every day.

You can watch Hollywood movies dubbed to Hindi (a perk for native visitors) but also a lot of new movies straight from the Indian cinema. There are categories such as “South” and “Dual Audio” and an easy search bar.

Only thing that is missing is sorting by popularity and genre, so this is more for visitors who know exactly what they want.

3. Sab-Wap


SabWap’s interface may seem a little bit off-putting at first but that is just a cover of a book. It looks like it is made 20 years ago and I may agree with that but with a couple of smart clicks you will get a full list of a resourceful database of Indian content.

Not only will you find the best HD movies, but there are also great TV shows and serials, candid camera and prank shows and many more. You will also find the greatest music video hits to download or watch, so Sab-Wap is a true jack-of-all-trades website.

The Sab Wap content is mainly streamed from YouTube and the website provides a sorted database and system, so it’s more of a tool – which is equally useful for your Hindi movies quest.

The website is full of ads so it may prove to be a bit frustrating for those not patient enough to click-out ongoing assault of pop-ups.

4. FilmyWap


Similar to Sab-Wap, FilmyWap is another not-so-visually-pleasing website with a lot to offer below the surface. The site is primarily designed for mobile users and it is pretty quick and simple to use.

You will find the website really useful to watch movies from portable devices, such as your Android smartphones or iPhones. The buffering is smooth and the database is sorted.

On the website, you will find various categories which may interest you. Latest movies, latest shows, top-rated movies, and all that sorted by genre.

The website is not limited only to Hindi cinema. You will find cinematography of many European and Asian countries – German, French, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, etc.

The ads can prove to be a bit of a pain too, but it is not a big price to pay.

5. Hungama


The most professionally-looking website with probably the biggest database and it comes with a slight downside – you have to pay up for premium content.

Hungama is a reliable and sweet website with categories from serious movies, to entertainment shows and content for children.

On this website, you will, unfortunately, be restricted to an amount of content you can consume if you don’t want to pay premium access, and a lot of content will be unavailable nevertheless.

The website is definitely worth the subscription, but the limits of watching for free may be just enough for you.

6. MoviesCounter


MoviesCounter is a nice website for movies that despite its somewhat mediocre outlook brings a lot of quality content to the table.

The sorting is decent – you have movies by year, by genre, by popularity, by quality and categories are also sorted by tags. You will easily find a movie if you search for a Bollywood actor – there is a big chance you will find all the movies with him in the leading role.

It’s another website crowded with ads, which is not a big con, but may prove to be a decider for someone. With correct add-ons, you will be able to nullify this.

7. SonyLiv


A website and an application as well, SonyLiv is probably the most popular Hindu streaming service. It also has a web app that will make a lot of people happy.

The reason this website is so down on the list is that it is not entirely free. Similar to Hungama, this website offers premium content if you sign up and pay up and will do everything in its power to persuade you to do it.

This includes limiting watchable movies, limiting the quality and sometimes not allow you to watch certain hits.

SonyLiv is great as it is a mega-database of everything you can imagine from TV shows, music, and films, all in HD, dubbed, subbed and sometimes with dual audio too. You can also watch sports programme which I found to be unique so far.  Definitely worth a try.

8. NewMovies4Me


As with most of the movies mentioned before, this particular streaming website offers a good catalog of watchable movies in top quality. You will find movies released recently as well as some old Bollywood classics.

There is an important option to report a broken link or a movie missing, and the website is usually quick to update the link. The new movies are also updated frequently.

This website also contains some adult websites for movies so you may want to keep an eye on that and restrict it to only adult usage.

9. Bolly4YouHD


Bolly4YouHD is first and foremost a Bollywood streaming site but there is just so much more. All the new Hollywood movies are here too, and you can watch them in English, Dual Audio or Hindi dubbing..

You will find browsing through this site enjoyable with a nice interface, great, large movie posters with all of the characteristics pointed out.

The sorting is another good factor of this website, where you will also find Punjabi, Marathi and South Indian movies. You may also request a movie if you can’t find on the list – which is usually not the case.

A really convenient website.

10. JaihoTV


Jaiho TV is a simple website that focuses on genre sorting. Here you will find in an unusual way of rows all the movies sorted by genre horizontally.

If you are a specific genre type of movie watcher, you will enjoy this kind of sorting. A lot of new Hindi releases are uploaded regularly and reliably.

This is a really nice website for pragmatic people who know exactly what kind of movie are they in the mood to spend time on.


So, there is a top 10 list of places to watch Hindi movies online in high definition.

Even if the list was focusing on Hindi, you will find other types of Indian movie production in all of these websites. You will find Bollywood, South, Marthi, Punjabi, etc. and there is no way you will ever get bored!

If you have any feedback or comments regarding this list, or maybe you would like to add some of your own choices, feel free to comment!

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