10 Websites to Kindle books free download in 2024

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Are you looking for the best places to download amazon kindle books for free? Here is our collection of 10 best websites for downloading free Kindle books!

A lot of good things happened with the rise of the digital library. What was once a whole process of going to the library, getting a book, carrying it around and reading it during the day or other lightning, now has a convenient device.

You don’t have to worry about carrying so many books to your trip, or if your local library or bookstore has a book that you would like to read – all of that you can find online.

Your Kindle or any other device now spares you a lot of space and you don’t have to worry about the weight. The only worry is – where will you find these books?

Thanks to the rise of the internet and various search engines and aggregates, there are many websites where you can download your online ebooks.

Top 10 sites to amazon kindle books free download

This list will try to place the best among them, where you don’t even have to pay, and you will have hundreds of thousands of pages to turn. So, here are the top 10 websites to download books online for free.

1. LibGen


Among most of the bibliophiles, this website is considered to be the top-dog in free ebooks. It is a website of Russian origin, where you will find most of the popular and not so popular headlines.

The most interesting is that it is a base of countless scientific books and many students and academics may use it to find some content for their research. It is crowded with a lot of IT books too, so you will find most of the programming books here.

The website is not only related to books. Here you will find a catalog of comics, magazines, articles, sci-tech publications, etc. There are over fifty million articles from various academic and non-academic publications.

As the website is sometimes getting shut down for the same reason PirateBay and other places get down (legal issues), sometimes you will have to manually search for another proxy. You will despite all of this, have a great time downloading books in many formats from many different fields.

2. Dlfeb.com


Unlike LibGen, Dlfeb acts as an aggregate and it will try to search all internet places known to it that may contain electronic books you look for.

Short for Download Free Ebooks [DLFEB], it knows its purpose and does a top-notch job. It is a simple website without a lot of interface make-up. You can search by keyword, but you may also type in a number of other filters such as the author, ISBN code, publisher, etc.

While covering many online book databases, you may come up to different extensions so sometimes you will need to convert your document into a format supported by your device – which is not difficult – just look it up on the internet.

3. Planet Ebook

Planet Ebook

These guys are doing an amazing job. Even if the database is not as expanded and large like in some other websites, you will only find top quality on this site.

People from this website tend to constantly update their websites with various classical literature content that the digital format is not doing justice to. They are of the belief that the digital format of the books isn’t doing the paperback justice, so they are trying to ‘restaurate’ it in the way that makes reading pleasant.

On this website you will find tremendous HQ versions of all the classic literature books that are in the public domain. While the database is considerably lower than on the other websites, the dedication and work of the people involved in this project are worth the visit. The page looks lovely, too.

4. Ebookee


Ebookee is a useful search engine that can help you in finding some books and publications you haven’t dreamt of finding online.

It will use everything in its power to search the databases and many of the links are leading you to third-party proxy websites covered with ads – so you have to consider that.

On this website, I have found some rare books in various languages, from fiction to science and biography. There is also a nice categorical search for comic books and magazines. A really good website.

5. FreeBookSpot


Similar as some other mentioned sites on the list, this website also faces some problems with legality so it is often shut down and it resurrects very quickly, so if you find the link not working, try typing the name in a search engine and it will probably appear as a proxy.

On this site, you will also find some well-crafted categories. You can see that there are most popular downloads – pretty useful to hint you about something you may have overlooked.

The community on the website is very large and consists of uploaders and other users, so if some links are dead you will usually get a reuploaded book after reporting a problem.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the books are audiobooks too, so sometimes you will only find this type of format.

6. Books-Share


Books share is a good-looking website that runs smoothly and pleasantly. You will find all that you need on the left side of the website and just by looking at the categories and the number of books in the brackets you will see that the database is enormous.

In the Requested books option you may notice that a lot of new publications and best-sellers are constantly being uploaded and some books you will be able to download from the website, while some books will be available through the 3rd-party links.

The website layout reminds of Goodreads, so if you are an often visitor to the popular book database, surfing this page might feel close to home.

7. Bookboon.com


Bookbon is a great website to download non-fiction books about many real-life topics. It has a lot of academic textbooks, self-help, and motivational stuff as well as “do-it-yourself” publications that you may be interested in.

The database is not as enormous as some other mentioned books but nevertheless, you will a lot of books about marketing, law, different languages, etc. There is a premium option for various business publications but even without that, you will have a lot of choices.

It is a great website for free non-fiction, but if you want to read some comics and novels, it’s not for you.

8. eBooksBB

In this place, you will find some lesser-known publications and you will maybe find some authors that you didn’t know you would love.

It is a good place to download free ebooks in a different format but you will hardly find anything from the global best-selling lists. On the contrary, there is a great edition which is frequently uploaded where you can download the whole New York Times best-selling list for that month with all the most popular books.

There is an option to request an ebook and you will find many different topics. The website is a bit outdated and littered with ads, but since it is constantly updated with new books and content, it is not a big deal.

9. ManyBooks


ManyBooks is a popular website that is completely legal and such an aesthetically pleasing place to be. You will find all the books that are in public domain, beautifully sorted behind some artsy images representing various categories and it is something you will definitely enjoy.

All the classics are there available for you – From Dostoyevsky to Orwell to E.A. Poe. Whatever you wanted to read in your youth, now it’s just one click away. You can prepare your Kindle for some dedicated swiping. This website is pure pleasure, although lacking in content and any new literature.

10. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

An admirable project with a great name. Project Gutenberg is the work of many heroes around the globe who collected tens of thousands of books that are in the public domain, and digitalized them for readers to download them legally and free.

A lot of these books are available in most of the readable format for devices and audiobooks. This is one of the primary sources of many readers and it will probably be the core website for downloading free ebooks and non-copyrighted text.



That’s it! This is the list of top 10 websites to get ebooks for free, but you will probably have your own suggestions and feedback, which you are free to leave in the comments. It would be great to share different opinions for all the book lovers out there!

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