10 Best Sites to Buy Telegram Members for Groups & Channels

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Do you want your business to get more outreach on the Telegram channel? The best way to do so is to have more members. And with these top sites to buy Telegram members this article provides, you’re on the right track to boom your channel.

Building a strong enough audience on Telegram — or any other social media—to get visibility and convince others to subscribe might be challenging, but it is by no means impossible.

It is understandable how frustrating it could be to create a channel with no one subscribe.

Don’t give up hope. Getting out of this cycle is possible. You can achieve this by purchasing Telegram subscribers.

This article will show you the best sites that have served my Telegram needs over the years. Here, you can easily buy Telegram members for your channel and grow your business.

1. FollowersUp

FollowersUp for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 14 USD

With FollowersUp, you have found the right site to purchase Telegram members.

It is an established social media marketing firm that guarantees the protection of your personal information throughout delivery and, after that, in storage.

FollowersUp is a trusted service that can meet all your needs regarding post views, group members, and channel subscribers.

What’s more? It has the necessary systems to make deliveries without triggering the Telegram bot’s detection mechanisms.

FollowersUp has specific practices that ensure your Telegram data is always safe and secure.

Why I choose this site:

  • It offers fast delivery, and its prices are affordable. That’s not all. Its members are real and active users.

2. GetAFollower

Get a Follower for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 8 USD

Can you boost traffic to your Telegram hub at the lowest possible cost with lightning-fast turnaround?

Among the most incredible places to purchase Telegram followers is GetAFollower, which I am happy to recommend.

Their service is first-rate, as implied by the preceding statement.

They have a dedicated staff of social media and digital marketing professionals, so you can be confident that they will successfully direct consumers worldwide to your profiles and websites.

They do this while also guaranteeing your total anonymity and security.

Why I choose this site:

  • It is straightforward to buy Telegram members from the site. Also, it is competitively cheap compared to others.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 8 USD

You’ve probably worked with this incredible firm at some point if you’ve ever tried to promote an account across any of the extensive social media networks.

Media Mister offers various promotional items, with the Telegram-specific bundles being particularly appealing.

I’m curious as to how they’ve built such a massive online following.

Although some of the first promotional services targeted immediate earnings with the risk of losing consumers in the procedure, Media Mister has engaged in its system of associates and partnerships with trust rather than rapid revenue for subpar services as its primary motivation.

They made the proper choice, as can be seen now after all this time.

In exchange for a temporary influx of revenue, they have gained long-lasting internet recognition and a positive image in their field.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like that it is relatively easy to purchase members as the platform accepts payment in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

4. SidesMedia

SidesMedia for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 8 USD

If you want to increase the number of active users in your Telegram channels and groups, go no further than SidesMedia, a top-tier distributor of promotional metric bundles and actual users.

SidesMedia provides dependable services for increasing your Telegram traffic, including the option to purchase Telegram users and views on your Telegram posts.

The people at SidesMedia realize that the stuff you can get from them will do wonders for the visibility of your channels.

They have said on their website that they are willing to offer their expertise on the subject through blog entries.

They’ve made it possible to pay using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Bitcoin so that they can make their sale more widely available.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like that they will refund you should there be any issue with your purchase. Also, they have a risk-free and transparent process of transactions.

5. UseViral

UseViral for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 8 USD

UseViral has grown into a full-fledged marketing firm, offering a broad range of services beyond only increasing your company’s engagement on social media and networking reach.

In addition to conversion design, copywriting, ORM, and content SEO, they have dabbled in a wide range of related offerings.

In addition to offering the ability to purchase Telegram users, this firm also provides professional marketers and specialists in their sectors, a none-bots practice, and the option of creating a bespoke strategy with a combination of services.

Yet, it is also capable of that and excels at it to the point that it must be included here.

When you buy a bundle of Telegram members from UseViral, you get genuine people who will engage with and participate in your channels, not passive bots.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like how they comport themselves; it shows they are professional and ready to serve your needs.

6. Bulkoid

Bulkoid for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 channel members cost 8.99 USD

If you want to acquire Telegram subscribers, your best bet is Bulkoid. Their tools and resources will help you create a successful Telegram channel.

To expand your customer base, consider purchasing members from Bulkoid.

Their genuine Telegram users can help your organic development, leading to new followers with little to no further effort on your part.

Your prospects of attracting new clients improve as your number of members grows.

Bulkoid is invested in the prosperity of its customers. Thus, they spare no effort in bringing you the finest Telegram solutions.

You can expand your various groups by purchasing energetic and genuine people to join them from Bulkoid.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like that; unlike others, their followers are real and from real accounts. They don’t use bots to increase your follower base.

7. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 group members cost 12 USD

You can get more people to join your Telegram group by using the services of InstaFollowers, a firm specializing in social media marketing.

Although the name may imply otherwise, InstaFollowers isn’t limited to helping you get traction on Instagram.

Their services can cover every aspect of your social media presence. In other words, you can buy services from sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

However, Telegram users make up a significant portion of the site’s overall traffic and popularity.

Gaining new Telegram users is as easy as clicking a button with InstaFollowers.

Their order form is straightforward, and they provide competitive pricing.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like the fact that they provide 24/7 customer support. This enables you to contact them at any time of the day when you run into any issue with their services.
  • I also like the fact that they prioritize fast delivery. They deliver your order immediately after you place them.

8. FastPromo

FastPromo for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 group members cost 13.99 USD

If you want to acquire Telegram users, FastPromo is the place to do it. You can expand your group’s reach and membership thanks to their excellent services.

One of the reasons FastPromo has become so well-known is that it consistently ranks among the lowest-priced service providers in its field. This, however, is not to say that quality is lacking.

The company’s offerings are tested on active app users. That’s good news since it signifies your group is bot interference-free.

Experts in digital marketing promotion are in charge of the group. Because of this, their services are highly sought after.

The group has a firm grasp of what its clientele is looking for. And they go above and above to cater to the needs of each customer.

Why I choose this site:

  • I love that FastPromo uses the services of well-grounded professionals to attend to your needs.
  • Also, they don’t sell bots to you as members. Instead, their members are real-time and active followers ready to boost your Telegram member base.

9. Telegram Booster

Telegram Booster for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 group members cost 119 USD

Regarding reaching the right people in the Telegram community, Telegram Booster offers some of the most effective advertising options.

In addition, one of my favorite things regarding them is their knack for providing authentic Telegram users to their customers, which can help your social media presence develop exponentially.

If you want to advertise your material on Telegram effectively, they claim to be a marketing firm that can help you with various services.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like that they’re sincere with their service. They offer both real and fake Telegram members, and this is clearly stated on their platform before purchase. So, you can either buy fake members from them or real Telegram members.

10. Social Bar

Social Bar for Buy Telegram Members

  • Price: 1000 cost 33 USD

Social Bar can accommodate whatever scale you choose for your advertising campaign.

Because of their massive user base, selling you Telegram subscribers is a breeze.

They disapprove of bots and cloned profiles that increase the number of users in theory but don’t contribute anything to the discussion or the group, so you can be sure that each Telegram user you get from them is going to be authentic and acquired legitimately.

Social Bar provides Telegram members and posts views, poll votes, likes, and follows from the United States and other countries based on your specified demographics.

There’s strength in numbers, and Social Bar lets you purchase as many as 30,000 Telegram followers simultaneously.

Why I choose this site:

  • I like that they are committed to a refund for every unsuccessful transaction you make. If they fail to deliver your order, you can easily chat them up, and they will refund you.


Q. Will my Telegram password be needed to buy Telegram members?

Most of the membership-selling platforms I have discussed in this article can operate without your password to provide the services needed to boost your Telegram channel.

Q. Is buying Telegram members recommended and safe?

Finding a trustworthy vendor to purchase Telegram channel members from is essential. When you purchase genuine users, you get all the advantages of a full-scale advertising campaign without the hefty price tag. Investing in reliable members reduces risk, saves money, and boosts productivity in the long run.

Q. Is there any difference between Telegram members and followers?

No, there is no difference. Both are the same thing. Though some of these sites discussed in this article may refer to them as “followers,” others may refer to them as “members,” they are the same.

Q. Are the purchased Telegram members authentic and engaging?

Adding members to your Telegram channel is an efficient and inexpensive approach to growing your group’s user base. Purchasing targeted Telegram users can boost post views and overall group activity.

In addition to propelling your organization to the forefront, this strategy will attract additional actual members. Committing to the service will allow for natural expansion.


The key to your success is finding a trustworthy, effective firm from whom you can purchase Telegram members. Without it, you risk slipping behind the competition and having trouble getting your content to perform as expected.

Similar to every other social media platform, Telegram revolves around its user base. If you aren’t actively working to grow this audience, your efforts to promote your content will be in vain. You can be sure about the future success of your Telegram channels if you make use of services that allow you to purchase Telegram members.

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