10 Best Websites like survey monkey: Free alternatives to surveymonkey

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Do you want to get an in-depth analysis of your company’s brand?  Here are some Survey Monkey alternatives that may help you with customization surveys.

Company brand management and targeted customer marketing are very critical aspects of success. It is the single most effective way to create a culture of high performance by engaging and understanding the company employees. Ryan Finley is credited for his good works at creating the SurveyMonkey platform.

This has provided many corporates with an easy way to access their brand’s performance through a detailed and in-depth data analysis, sample selection and bias elimination. If you want to manage your company’s data and security, there’s no better way than with the SurveyMonkey. There are a couple of other websites that feature the exact same features as the SurveyMonkey. Most of these sites have the same analytical tools and features that will help you access your company’s brand performance and data security. This review has summarized some of these alternative sites. Be sure to compare each of them so as to get what will suit you best.

Top 10 Free surveymonkey alternatives for Survey management & Data analysis

10. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow for Survey management & Data analysis

The SurveySparrow is a very good analytical tool for business brand management. It is basically a feedback and survey management platform that allows companies to create and conduct surveys for determining their employee and customer pulse as far as the particular business model is concerned. This SurveyMonkey alternative allows users to build and distribute surveys in a natural manner. This should be able to illicit genuine answers and responses from the target end users. This way, you get to know employee and customer opinions and comments concerning a particular issue that affect the company.

Employee Pulse Surveys offer a very good way to help businesses create a working environment that favors employee growth& improvement, teamwork, and enhanced productivity & sales. Customer Pulse Surveys, on the other hand, helps institutions and organizations single out what motivates their customers to buy or avail their commodities and what ticks them off.

It also provides info of what supposedly keeps them coming back again and again. The overall purpose of SurveySparrow is to provide its users with a detailed crystal clear image of what the opinions of their target audience are. They can then leverage on the feedbacks provided to get the business on the right course in terms of profiteering.

9. Surveypal

Surveypal for Survey management & Data analysis

This is one of the most popular business performance analytical tools. Surveypal offers a very user-friendly survey management solution. This tool is designed to with the end user in mind. As such, it is very user-friendly and is one of the quickest ways to conduct employee and customer surveys and reporting. I love the ease and seamless integration with CRM product.

This makes real-time reporting on customer insights a breeze. Surveypal also lets you make intelligent business decisions that are certain to improve your general employee and customer experience. With this application, it is possible to understand the various needs of your customers. This makes it very easy to deliver exactly what they want.

In addition to that, it also provides precise survey data reporting tools. These tools will improve your business performance and also help you iron out different customer concerns expediently. In the longer term, this goes a long way to boost customer retention and spend. You will be certain to have very happy clients who are always willing to do business with you at every opportunity.

8. Survicate

Survicate for Survey management & Data analysis

Survicate assists the marketing specialists and owners of businesses learn about trends in business marketing and customer behavior. It has a special site widget which you can use for short and quick surveys and also get instant feedback from your clients. This offers a good way of coming to terms with your website’s performance in terms of sales and conversions.

As a business owner, you get to know which services or products are more appealing to customers and, and get suggestions on how to maximize sales of the same. With this business analytical tool, you can reach out to the right clients and get useful lead profiles and traffics for your website. These client profiles are delivered straight to your personal inbox. Together with that, you also get some essential tips about marketing automation or CRM platform that you can make use of.

In brief, the Survicate helps you learn about factors that influence, hinder, or even confuse your business client. In addition to its fantastic business data analytics, this tools also offers a wide range of great features a business owner can leverage to come up with targeted surveys for identifying factors that can further boost business lead conversions and sales quantity. If you are looking for a good SurveyMonkey alternative, this one is worth considering.

7. TypeForm

TypeForm for Survey management & Data analysis

TypeForm is a special survey data analysis software whose unique selling point is the quick form filling that is actually fun. The SurveyMonkey alternative is actually an application and includes some interactive tools and features that prompt your respondents to fill up the survey forms fast and accurately. In addition, the forms are designed super responsive and as such, are very compatible with all popular browsers. They are also mobile friendly and will fit in your smartphone screen excellently well. The TypeForm systems also support the drag-and-drop file addition and manipulation feature. This feature makes creation and filling of forms nothing but a breeze.

You will also appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of using this SurveyMonkey alternative. You have the option of including question types such as opinion scales, or even rating scales. You also have a wide range of images to choose from and a couple of multiple choices questions that might interest your target audience. TypeForm also comes with a free API platform for seamless integrations and company data export options that will certainly simplify your brand management process through quick data analysis. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will love this one.

6. Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat

The Client Heartbeat is one of the most user-friendly of business survey management tools. It provides the business owner or analyst with details on customer feedback and other related info that are critical in improving lead conversions. You get to automate and also regulate business client surveys with much ease and flexibility.

The Client Heartbeat helps you identify elements that meet the needs of your customers. You also get real-time alerts of comments and opinions from unhappy clients. This makes it much easier to tailor your brand towards ensuring more customer satisfaction. This way, the business owner finds it much simpler to undertake corrective measures to address concerns and issues from clients. Who knows, you could even have them as your company brand ambassadors.

The Client Heartbeat also provides the owner or expert analyst with details on how the company stacks up against potential competitors. You really get sufficient info about top-rated industry competitors in your locality, plus their marketing strong points. You will love the ease with which it provides instant customer survey questions, thanks to its integrated proprietary survey algorithm that you can use to evaluate just about all crowd-sourced materials and contents to determine particular survey questions.

Some of the specific features that single out this data analytic survey tool include its Industry benchmarks and automatic follow-ups. You also get details of customer and company trends. You can conduct custom surveys or periodic surveys, whichever you are most comfortable with. This is such a great SurveyMonkey alternative you really need to try out.

5. AskNicely

AskNicely for Survey management & Data analysis

This is a simple and very popular marketing tool company owners can make use of to improve lead conversions and overall business sales. The AskNicely system integrates nicely with any CRM platform. This makes it very easy to gather vital business info concerning client experiences and satisfaction rates. This it does by automatically gathering clients’ feedback data from the surveys provided. After that AskNicely analyzes the results on the basis of your company’s net promoter scores.

It also provides you, the business owner, with real-time updates of complaints and concerns from clients. This allows you to act fast to address the issues so as to improve the overall consumer experience. This SurveyMonkey alternative comes with a user-friendly interface that features Main highlights and a set of impeccable third-party integrations tools and very affordable business pricing packages.

Some of AskNicely’s key features include the Automated and event-triggered surveys for real-time automatic surveys. It also supports feedback replies and customized response alerts. You also get automated reporting alongside daily survey scheduling. There’s more that you can handle in terms of business data analysis when using AskNicely.

4. Confirmit

Confirmit for Survey management & Data analysis

This SurveyMonkey alternative is essentially an online survey technology that is designed to meet the needs of business research professionals. It helps them with efficient data collection and analysis in the form of custom and scheduled surveys. This application is important for in-house business research to get a picture of the company’s customer experience. It can also be used by the big market research agencies to understand the overall market trends and consumer experiences across different market niches. Confirmit is therefore very important when it comes to providing quality services to clients and preempting their likely behavior in different business environments.

It also helps company management streamline internal processes to save costs and improve the overall performance efficiency. With Confirmit, companies are certain to listen to their employees and clients. This is done by analyzing business consumer insights and consequently taking measures needed to gear the business towards profiteering. Confirmit offers you a chance to create a quick survey once and deploy it for use on multiple business marketing channels including newspaper paper and mobile telephony. You could also use it on CAPI, and website marketing surveys.

It works fantastically on any of these platforms. This SurveyMonkey alternative also offers a wide range of features you can leverage to improve consumer response rates. Some of the features include loads of latest multimedia clips and different types of questions. In addition, it also has a very robust set of client feedback options. This SurveyMonkey alternative provides an excellent way to manage your business consumer experience and brand performance.

3. QuestionPro

QuestionPro for Survey management & Data analysis

This is another fantastic web-based survey tool you will really love to deploy as a business analyst. It is expertly designed to meet the needs of small as well as medium-sized businesses. It also suits that large corporations and enterprises. QuestionPro allows you to create online surveys and even polls with no much effort. You can then share these polls and surveys with your target clients via different channels. This make it easier to make ideal business decisions on the basis of sampled survey responses from clients.

The platform offers more than thirty sample questions and a couple of pre-designed survey templates for consumers. You can use these to create targeted personalized questionnaires and surveys. You will also appreciate the fact that QuestionPro comes with many tools and features you can use to reach out to your target audience via popup messages and even emails. You could also reach your customers via integrated pop-ups as well as email for your surveys. QuestionPro also lets you do survey posting on different social media platforms. You also get a chance to choose from more than twenty professionally designed survey themes. This allows you to brand your surveys with the company logo. In addition to the logo, you also get a chance to use videos, images and even HTML marketing contents that will help with quality surveys.

2. Qualtrics Research Core

Qualtrics Research for Survey management & Data analysis

The Qualtrics Research Core is a SurveyMonkey alternative that is geared towards enterprise research for companies. It is ideal for business owners who want to conduct high level business brand management research and analysis. It is great for finding self service solutions for business owners seeking to empower their employees. Simplifying the research process, the Qualtrics Research Core require no coding and complex programming. This make it a very good choice for even analysts who are not conversant with programing languages to customize and deploys their surveys pretty fast. Qualtrics Research Core is used in a number of business brand analytical cases among a horde of other uses. These range from customer satisfaction to, business brand management, segmentation and business strategy evaluation. You could also do product and R&D analysis using this SurveyMonkey alternative.

Something I really love about the Qualtrics Research Core is that it makes access to consumer data very easy. That way, it is fairly easy to analyze and effectively act of insights thus improve the overall business performance. With a wide selection of consumer survey distribution channels, the platform also provides email surveys and SMS surveys. It also leverages on social media to expand its reach to a wide respondent base. Some of the other options this platform makes use of include offline surveys and receipt surveys. It is important to note that this SurveyMonkey alternative is free. You won’t have to pay any subscription fees to use it.

1. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo for Survey management & Data analysis

This is one of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives I know of. SurveyGizmo is a survey tool that businesses can use to create and conduct some very good online surveys. Some of the things you get to enjoy with SurveyGizmo include surveys and questionnaires. You can also uses it with quizzes and polls. With this SurveyMonkey alternative, it is very imple and easy to engage consumers and also manage company employee relations. You also get to conduct academic research works super easy with the SurveyGizmo. It omes with a veru user friendly interface that is super customizable.

This makes it very easy for users to navigate and access the survey questions. This way, you can be sure to have very friendly and interactive experience with your target respondents. You can also create loop pages during your surveys. Some of the options that are available on SurveyGizmo include charts and pipe data alongside other advanced survey tools for a dynamic survey. There are also analytic tools for data processing and timely analysis of your business information. I also love the simplicity of use that comes with this SurveyMonkey alternative. You get to appreciate the ease of customization, reports, and themes.


The success of any business depends to a large extent on how it makes use of available information. The business owners ought to have to be sure their clients are happy and satisfied. To ensure that, they need to make use of powerful analytical tools that can help them with brand management.

Such a tool should also provide you with info about consumer insights that will ultimately improve the business performance. SurveyMonkey is one such tool that comes with very cool features to help you with business data survey and analysis. Such data is critical in managing the company’s brand and improving the overall business performance.

In this review, we have enlisted some of the best SurveyMoney alternative sites. These sites will assist you do excellent business data management during surveys. Check them out and compare the different options so as to see which one works for you.

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