Jungle Vibe Alternatives: Websites like Jungle Vibe to free download Mp3

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Jungle Vibe is a great music website for streaming and downloading music, but what do you do when the website is down? You look for websites similar to Jungle Vibe. Jungle Vibe offers a large music database that you can search to stream and download music.

Though the website has a large collection of music, there are a few songs that are sometimes not available on the website. At times like this, you search for similar websites that are reliable and work just as well as Jungle Vibe.

We have chosen and listed down some great websites for free music. Almost all of these websites are just as easy to use as Jungle Vibe and contain a large variety of music from different genres and artists.

Top 10 Alternatives to jungle vibe for Free Online Music


Zippy Audio

Zippy Audio is a great website for listening and downloading music. The website allows you to easily download tracks from the internet and add them to your existing playlist. All you need to do to download a song is search for it and click download.

The website has a great indexing system that is loved by almost all of its users. You can find music from all well-known artists such as Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, The Beatles, Mariah Carey and many more on the website. Zippy Audio has a friendly user interface, hence, navigating the website and searching for music is very simple and easy. Overall, this is a great alternative to Jungle Vibe.

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Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is another great Jungle Vibe alternative. The website allows its users to upload their own music to the archives and also to look for online music in the indexes and download for free. Users can create their own account on the website, make their own playlist and listen to playlists of other users as well.

The website features a huge library of tracks, where different songs from all time periods are available. You could spend hours only browsing through the different available genres. You can search for different curators as well. The available curators on the site come from all over the world and have a lot of experience and possess a good taste in music.



SoundCloud is a well-known music website and app. It has millions of users and visitors and is a reliable website. Not all music offered on SoundCloud is free, but it does offer a wide range of music from every kind of artist, from the most popular ones to the lesser known, young artists. Artists often offer their music to download for free on their verified profiles.

You can browse music according to genres, popularity, artists and latest postings. The website also allows users to upload their own music to the website which other users can listen to. Due to this, the website has a lot of cover songs uploaded as well.


Who does not know about Amazon? It is a website where you can buy literally anything from a simple phone charger to washing machines. Not a lot of people are aware of this but Amazon offers free music as well. It has a wide collection of tracks that can be played locally and downloaded for free.

Though Amazon’s music library is not very large, it does include music from some most well-known artists. To get the song added to your music library, all you need to do is add it to your cart and check out. To play these songs on Amazon online, you need to install Amazon’s music player app.

Amazon also offers the Auto-rip feature which allows you to download the mp3s of the music you bought for free. Listening to songs on Amazon is not free but downloading them is, and that is why Amazon made it to this list.



Jamendo is a great free and legal music website that is not known by a lot of people. The website has been offering free music for years. It is a very reliable website. All the downloads are absolutely free, and since the website is legal, it is protected by Creative Commons licenses. Hence, downloading the music from the website won't cause any problem.

Jamendo offers a huge range of music which includes 500,000 tracks from 40,000 artists in more than 150 countries. You can stream or download the music in both OGG and mp3 formats. The music offered on Jamendo is from independent artists, hence, you won't be able to find artists such as Drake or Rihanna.

One of the best features of this website is that it is very easy to use. You can search music according to mood, specific genre or a particular instrument. Since the website features a wide range of genres, there is always something for everyone.


Pure Volume

Another great music website is Pure Volume. The website offers a wide range of music from different genres such as country, blue, rock and many more. You can either listen to songs for free online or download them. However, most of the songs available for download cost a lot.

It is often a better idea to download music from the website by recording it through an online recorder, such as Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder or Streaming Audio Recorder.

You can find music from well-known artists on the website, such as Kanye West, Tokyo Police club, Drake, Mariah Carey and many more. You can find music from emerging artists as well. The website attracts more than half a million visitors every month.



SoundClick is another great online music website. SounClick allows you to download music directly from the website of the artist. A number of artists on the platform offer their music for free. You can download those songs for free and can also buy licensed songs. There is a lot of music available on the site and you can search based on different genres.

You can connect with other users via forums. SoundClick also offers news and articles regarding SoundClick artists. Even though it’s a great website, the user interface of the website isn't the best and the website is a little cluttered, which is why newcomers find it a little difficult to navigate the website.




Last.fm is a well-known website site that offers an amazing collection of music that you can not only listen to, but also download for free, under the free music section. There's a huge variety of genres of music featured on the website.

You can click on a genre and the list of the music that falls under that genre will be displayed. All you need to do to download your desired music from the website is to click the Free Download button that is present next to the song.

One problem with the website, however, is that it does not mention the quality of the sound. But you can always listen to it first and then decide whether you want to download it or not.



NoiseTrade is yet another great music website that allows you to listen to and download music without any hassle. The website offers a stylish and easy-to-navigate user interface.

You can find music from different genres and a number of the latest and trending tracks on the website. You can find a brief description next to each song. This website does not show you the quality of the track available for download either, but you can always listen to the song before you download it.

You are required to sign in with your Facebook to download a track. Once you are logged in with your Facebook account, all you have to do is click the orange download button to download the track.

10. MP3.COM


mp3.com is one of the oldest music websites present on the web. Even though the website is very old, it still does not feature a huge variety of music like the rest of the websites mentioned in this list. But you can still find a decent amount of good music on the website.

The website allows you to stream music from well-known artists, whereas, the free downloads are usually from unknown artists. The website allows young and new artists to share their music on the website with millions of users.



Whether you are looking for websites where you can stream music online or download songs, you can find efficient and reliable websites like Jungle Vibe from the list above. Almost all of these websites offer a wide range of legal and easy-to-download music.

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