Sites Like Craigslist to Sell Items: 10 Alternatives to CL Personals

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Do you want to sell some second-hand household items online? Or Do you want to post free classified ads in usa? Here are some great Craigslist alternatives you may consider. Check Those free classified sites like craigslist out! (100% effective).

Selling stuff online is a very good way to get rid of electronics, clothes and other items that you no longer need. Craigslist is one great platform for selling items online, and it offers sellers plenty of benefits and rewards. Noteworthy is the free listing and selling options that come with this platform, not to mention the wide range of products and services. If you are looking for a convenient and reliable platform to sell used household items, I strongly recommend Craigslist. It has been around for a while, way before most of the imitator sites spawned, and therefore has the advantage of experience.

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Even with the many advantages associated, Craigslist has a fair share of disadvantages. These mostly affect the sellers and buyers directly. For instance, a buyer may not be able to evaluate the level of interest on an item. As a consequence, one may delay for too long and end up missing out on a great business deal. Some of the products on Craigslist are actually ghost listing; they have actually been sold and as such, the posts are misleading. For sellers, payment is not guaranteed for any items sold to a buyer. Some of the individuals masquerading as buyers are actually thieves out to take your item without paying. It is even worse if you welcome the supposed buyer to your home; things might go terribly wrong. To help you spread out the risk, one ought to list some of the items in some other sites. In this Post, we have sampled some of the best Craigslist alternatives.

Craigslist Alternatives: 10 Other free usa classified ads sites like craigslist personals

10. Hoobly

Hoobly Craigslist to Sell Items

Compared to most other alternatives, this one is an exact Craigslist look-alike. It comes with a wide range of listings, allowing you to search and buy just about any item. Something I love most about Hoobly is that it provides listings for Canada and Europe. That is to say, you simply look up listings for individual countries; so much variety. Some of the products listed on Hoobly include pets, merchandise, cars, rentals, real estates, etc. Product listing, selling and buying on this platform is free of charge. No subscription fees and some other hidden charges.

9. Greebo

Greebo Like Craigslist to Sell Items

This is one of my favorite shopping websites. Greebo was established in 1999 as a platform for selling and buying vehicles, real estates, and merchandise in some 160 communities around Los Angeles, Tulsa, Virginia, Cincinnati, and Chicago. Unlike Craigslist, Greebo guarantees payments for all items sold. It has a “SafeTrade” transactions feature that provides a layer of safety to sellers. Protecting them from rogue buyers. This feature indicates that the actual exchange of property and payments should take place at a local police department for safety reasons. This is one aspect I love most about Greebo, and I am sure you’ll love it too. You never get this on Craigslist.

Greebo, the Safe community classifieds, platform has a wide range of product listings. Real estate, Rentals, Employment services, Services, vehicles, construction/ farm tools & equipment, and merchandise. I love the fact that employment listings are also provided here. You can very easily land a well-paying job on Greebo.

A notable downside of Greebo has to do with its blog. This one has been dedicated to bashing competitors. If you ask me, this isn’t settings a very good precedence for good business practice and I don’t approve of such trends.

8. Trove market

Trove market to Sell Items

Trove market is home to all kinds of used furniture. If you want to get rid of some furniture or are looking to add something to your collection, this is where to go. You’ll also appreciate the user-friendly interface of the Trove market website. This allows for easy navigation and access to different listings. There’s even a mobile app, for iOS and Android devices, which you can use to chat buyers and sellers without disclosing sensitive details and contact information. The good thing with Trove is that it provides local contents depending on one’s geographical location. This is not restrictive, though. You can still use the all-powerful search tab to access contents from other sellers, not within your locality.

Its collection constitutes antique varieties, mid-century selections, and the latest modern furniture. There’s something for everyone. Depending on how the transaction process goes, you can have the furniture shipped to you, or you may have to pick it up from the sellers. Items can even be shipped internationally, depending on how the sellers and buyer agree.

Trove market saves you time by cutting down the usual back and forth cycles that are typical of most platforms with second-hand product listings, Craigslist included. This platform also lets you find potential sellers and buyers within your locality. Sign up for free and start selling or buying right away.

7. Bookoo

Bookoo to Sell Items

Bookoo is a very family-friendly platform that is quite similar to Craigslist. It allows you to list items for sale or even advertise a yard sale, it’s all up to you, the seller. Because Bookoo has most of its centers around military bases in towns, it is one of the best second-hand sales and buying platform for military personnel.

The administrators of this platform have ensured its safety and credibility is beyond reproach. This is done by ensuring that sellers are thoroughly vetted and verified to confirm their identity. All sellers have a profile featuring a legitimate photo and a short bio. Buyers also pass through the exact same identity verification process. And you also get to review the user’s profile to evaluate their transaction history. These measures make the Bookoo platform safe and secure for business.

I love the simplicity of the user interface that provides for ease of navigation. This makes the listing of items for sale and accessing local items much easier. This platform has a wide range of products including rentals, real estates, merchandise, fashion wears, etc. Clean up your house of all the outgrown pieces of clothes, old furniture, and unnecessary electronics by listing them on Bookoo for free.

6. Close5 Marketplace

Close5 Marketplace to Sell Items

The Close5 marketplace might appear new, but that’s really not true. Formerly known as eBay classifieds, this platform offers an improved way to sell and buy second-hand stuff locally. It supports local listings in the US, particularly in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Recently they’ve included listings for other states in additions to the above mentioned. I love the rich variety that makes it easy to find just about anything on the Close5 marketplace.

The user interface is also very simple and friendly. This makes access and navigation through the website much easier compared to what you find with other Craigslist alternatives. When looking up stuff on his platform, you won’t fail to notice the classic Polaroid picture design. This unique outlook features the product price and name below every listed item.

With Close5, you don’t have to disclose your contact details to the buyer. Just chat and set out your business terms onsite. There’s even a mobile app, for iOS and Android, which you can use to access listings and even chat buyers or sellers on-the-go.

5. Oodle Marketplace

Oodle Marketplace to Sell Items

This is another fantastic Craigslist alternative that works really fine. Unlike other options, Oodle is so flexible it allows listings from other shopping sites. That is to say that Oodle acts both as a selling & buying platform for second-hand items as well as a marketing site. So don’t act surprised when you meet products from other sites on this platform. I guess this is a strategy they adopted to help expand their listings and provide the buyers with a wide collection to choose from.

There's more freedom & flexibility on Oodle than you find anywhere else. Sellers are even allowed to advertise listings via popular social media sites like Facebook. It is important to note that Oodle and Facebook Marketplace are so closely related. In fact, Oodle is powered by the exact same technology that powers Facebook Marketplace. So, if you have an account on Oodle, the same is visible on Facebook. Find all types of vehicles, rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, ticket sales, personal items, and many household products on this platform.

The User interface is very simple and attractive. This makes navigation and access to product listing and even posting of new listings much easier. There’s even a search tab to make your search much easier. Everything is arranged neatly on the Oodle marketplace home page. In order to use this platform, all that you need to do is sign up for free and start posting product listings or checking out listings for some great items. In case you are wondering about the safety and security of selling or buying on Oodle, the platform is very safe. It has a foolproof verification procedure during account creation. That is to say that the user profile contains very authentic identity details.

If you are looking for a good job in nearby cities, this platform takes care of that as well. It has job listings that could be easily land you your first job. The job listing feature is only applicable in select counties including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States.

4. Offerup

Offerup to Sell Items

Offerup is a little different from other Craigslist alternatives. It allows all sellers and buyers to be rated. This helps build trust whenever you are transacting business with a seller or buyer. You just check on user ratings and immediately know the kind of person you are dealing with. You easily tell who is genuine and who’s not from their user ratings. There’s also a provision for bargaining for a better deal with the seller, for every product listed on this platform.

There's a “watch list” feature on Offerup where you can add all the items you like but aren’t yet ready to buy. This gives you ample time to cross-check and evaluate products before settling for a purchase. Sellers on this platform also have the option to extend their marketing reach by taping on social media platforms. You can broadcast your listings on Facebook and other social media platforms.

This is one of the fastest growing Craigslist alternatives, with more than 25 million monthly users. In order to facilitate ease of use, Offerup has a mobile app which you can use on your iPhone or Android device for on-the-go selling and buying. The user interface is also very intuitive and simplified for easy navigation. There’s even a search tab which you can use to access anything on the platform, fast and easy.

3. Recycler

Recycler to Sell Items

This one started in California a couple of years back and has since established itself as one of the best Craigslist alternatives. It started as a local classified newspaper and upgraded to a global marketplace only recently. Even with the recent entry into the industry, Recycler is already one of the most popular sites with more than 18M monthly users.

Some of the products listed on this platform include rentals, real estates, pets, cars, pets, and many more. The site has just about everything that’s listed on Craigslist and a couple more. This platform is very safe and secure, thanks to the rigorous identity verification process. All users have a detailed profile featuring a photo and a legitimate name. This makes it hard for scammers to get a chance. If you are a seller on Recycler, you also get a chance to share your listings on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. To further boost your sales and exposure, you can also leverage on Recycler paid Ads for targeted marketing.

The platform also comes with a very simple and attractive user interface. This makes navigation and access to listings pretty easy. Sign up to this platform is free, no credit card information required unless you want to try the paid Ads.

2. Letgo

Letgo to Sell Items

This is another great Craigslist alternative that comes with very good product listings. It has a very attractive and user-friendly interface which is well sectioned for easier navigation. Letgo’s homepage has very nice photos and brief descriptions for different product listings. You can use specific keywords of particular items to get all your favorite items. It has a wide range of product categories cars, rentals, real estates, pets, fashion, household accessories, and many more. You can also access more product listing from the same seller by simply clicking on one of the items.

I like the safety that comes with Letgo. It has a very thorough identity verification procedure. All users must verify their Facebook and Google accounts. They have even included a phone number verification step lately. All these make the platform safe and secure, perfectly suited for business. There’s even a mobile app for on-the-go chatting and checking out new listings.

I love the ease of use and rich variety of product listings found on this platform. I have sold and bought a couple of items on Letgo and I can say confidently that it is a great shopping platform. Clean up your wardrobe and kitchen of all the excess items you don’t need by selling them off on this platform.

1. Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace to Sell Items

This is unquestionably the most popular social media platforms. Many people think of it as a platform for sharing videos and checking out new status updates only. There’s a business side of Facebook where you can buy and sell second-hand items locally. Because of its huge user base, Facebook has one of the largest product listings. You’ll also appreciate the safety and security that comes with transacting on the Facebook Marketplace, thanks to the thorough identity verification procedure. This makes it one of the safest platforms for selling and buying used items. Unlike Craigslist, listings on this platform are well updated. The items are even classified in terms of time and date of posting. This makes it easy to evaluate items on the basis of the time of posting.

Finding local listings is also very easy on Facebook. Simply type the name of your online yard sale and city or use the “buy and sell groups” icon. You can also use the marketplace tab to filter for local product listings. Posting to groups is easier but subject to the rules and regulations of a particular group. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for posting in various groups, else your posts may be restricted or censored altogether.

Like Craigslist, certain products aren’t allowed on the Facebook platform. Items like firearms, and a couple of other items that are tightly regulated by government agencies, aren’t allowed. Get access to the largest variety of product listings and the best sales deals on Facebook Marketplace. Sign up for free and start shopping for high-quality used items.


The success of Craigslist started way back in the 90s when it was a simple email distribution platform. Over time though, this platform changed into one of the world’s leading online shopping platforms for local bargain hunters. If you have second-hand stuff you want to sell, I highly recommend this enduring site for free posting of your classifieds.

For some reasons, however, some people are looking for Craigslist alternative sites that have the same or better services. Our review has captured some of the best alternatives you may want to consider. Compare and contrast the shopping sites so as to get an alternative that suits you best.

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