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Do you love streaming movies and TV series on 123Movies? Here are some sites with a wide variety of HD movies like 123movies you may want to try out.

123movies is one of the most popular movie streaming sites. It has a very rich collection of the latest varieties as well as some oldies. Anything movies and TV series, this is the place to find them.

Its popularity also draws from the simple and intuitive user interface that makes access and navigation onsite a breeze. You’ll also like the fact that joining this platform is simple and no many restrictions and red tapes. You only need to sign up and get ready to get started.

You may be want to know What happened to 123movies.to?  The answer is 123movies down!

For some reason, however,123movies shut down in 2018! Which does really bad news to many Movie lovers! 

some users may want to explore more and access many other platforms that provide almost similar movie quality like 123movies.

To take care of such individuals, this review has summarized some of the best 123movies alternatives that you may want to consider. These sites have the same rich variety of movies and TV series and some don’t even require any form of subscriptions.

List of 15 Best Alternative Sites to 123movies Legal to use

15. Bmovies

Bmovies Watch for freeBmovies is one of those websites where you can watch movies and all of those TV series without even downloading or signing up to their system. Most of the movies and TV series on this platform are paid for. You only need to sign up to one of the monthly plans and be ready to start streaming your favorite movies.

Compared to the other websites similar to what Bmovies does, Bmovies does not support Ads. With this, it will make the user experience of all the viewers less annoying and more enjoyable. Fewer ads mean that the website is less annoying. Less annoying, more fun!

Bmovies has a list that is well-categorized. With this, you will not have a hard time looking for that movie that you have been looking for. Check out all of those categories like Top in IMDB, genre, country or most watched. Also, streaming TV series and movies here in Bmovies is faster compared to other sites that offer the same service. Most of their movies offered are in high definition.

Bmovies: Pros

  • Watch for free
  • Has high-quality videos
  • Well-categorized

Bmovies: Cons

  • Has lots of ads

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14. GoStream

GoStream Watch for freeGoStream has a huge database of online movies and TV series. All of the services found on their website are offered for free. There is not much-needed registration and downloading in order to enjoy the movies that they have to offer. The best thing that they do is that they do regularly update their movies so that you will enjoy the latest movies that are shown in the cinemas.

Their movies and series are not only limited to what your country gives. Their category also goes to the range of Asia, Japan, Euro, China and more. With the wide range of movie collection, for sure you will have a good time spending with GoStream.

So, to start using GoStream, you just have to simply click the movie that you want to watch and smash that play button. Absolutely that simple. You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

GoStream: Pros

  • Regular updating of the database
  • Has a wide collection
  • No need to create an account

GoStream: Cons

  • Not the best streaming quality

13. TinklePad (Dead)

From the highest quality of movies to the latest collection of movies that are found, TinklePad has it all offered in the front desk. There’s not a need to worry if it has something that the others have, because they do have it.

Everything that you look for when determining the best streaming website out there, TinklePad has to offer. They have also categorized the movies that they show by genre; documentaries, suspense, horror, drama, action, comedy, thriller and more.

It is best experienced when you yourself will have the chance to explore TinklePad. More than reading and discovering what are the other best alternatives, then it is much better if you yourself will click that link and explore.

TinklePad: Pros

  • Has high-quality videos
  • Has the latest collection of movies
  • More categories

TinklePad: Cons

  • Normal like the others

12. Watchmoviesforever.com

OnlineHDMovies now use a new domain for free movies!

Movies that are hidden because of the year that they were released is so hard to find. Especially when most of the websites categorize their movies by genre or what not. But in Watchmoviesforever, they have an option to look for the movie that you are looking for using the year that they have been released.

With that feature, it would be so much faster to look for the movie that you are looking for. It makes it super easy to look for the movie that you always wanted to watch last 1982.

If you want to look for a more specific movie out there, then there is an advanced searching feature offered by Watchmoviesforever. After you have looked for their year of release, then search more by looking for them using their genre. A fast streaming website that is absolutely free for everyone.

Streaming the movies is not the end of the line, if you want to download the movies, then you can also do so! However, one of the major drawbacks of this website is the huge number of ads. Most of the time, when you click a link that they provide, it would always redirect to another website, for ads.

Watchmoviesforever: Pros

  • Good searching or sorting options
  • Organized categories
  • Fast, free and extremely intuitive

Watchmoviesforever: Cons

  • A huge number of ads
  • Many redirections

11. PureFlix 

PureFlix GoStream Watch for freeThis website is one of the most updated websites in terms of the database of their stream movies. They have lots of movies and TV series that you won’t even have an idea that existed.

One cool feature that they have is that your kids can watch movies too with PureFlix. They have a kid-friendly section where the interface and the movies offered are designed just for them. Not just that, these videos and materials also come for free and in full high definition! To make everything more special, they also have specific movies and TV series that are only made available in PureFlix.

However, PureFlix is not for free forever, if you wish to enjoy your subscription in PureFlix, then you have to pay for it. PureFlix is only available for free in a month. After that, you have to pay in order to enjoy the services that they have. One thing is for sure, once you decide to purchase it, it is definitely worth it.

PureFlix: Pros

  • Has premium contents
  • Has exclusive contents
  • Many genres of movies
  • High quality
  • Has a trial period

PureFlix: Cons

  • Need to create an account
  • Only free for a month

10. PrimeWire 

PrimeWire Watch for freeIf we talk about movie buffs aside from 123movies, then PrimeWire is the top and best solution for that. If you love to watch movies online and TV series too, then the name PrimeWire would probably give a buzz on your head.

PrimeWire practically owns the largest database of TV shows and movies that are available online for streaming, for free! Not just that, to enjoy the clips that you have seen, you can also choose to download them so that you can cherish them forever on your devices.

It is a very fast platform and an easy-to-access one. This makes all your experience while being in PrimeWire even better. There is also a sorting option found so that you can sort out the movies that you want to watch. Sort them by date, popularity, name, etc.

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PrimeWire: Pros

  • Famous database
  • The biggest library of movies
  • Free contents
  • Better browsing experience
  • Good for music lovers too

PrimeWire: Cons

  • Not the fastest service
  • A little bit complicated

9. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner Watch for freeOnce you have seen the interface of Couch Tuner, you will instantly feel like it is very convenient and appealing. Deciding to go to Couch Tuner to watch your favorite movies online is a very good idea, believe us.

But if you have the chance, once you have decided to dig deeper and go through more Couch Tuner, you will soon realize that it is better to go to Couch Tuner instead rather than going somewhere else. All of the TV series that are found here are updated once they are released online.

However, for those movie lovers, this might not be the best website for you. Couch Tuner does not host movies on their website but does not be sad about that, there are a lot of good TV series and TV shows found here, which where you can also settle with.

They do not own their own database, but they do give you the links where you can watch them. Which also works the same way too.

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Couch Tuner: Pros

  • A good alternative for 123movies
  • Has a huge variety of movies
  • All ranges are almost here

Couch Tuner: Cons

  • Not that appealing and convenient
  • Do not host movies

8. WatchFree

What do you think WatchFree offers to all of its users? Watch all of their movies for free! WatchFree offers you a mixture of both TV shows and movies all around. With this, you can watch all of your desired contents just for free, no matter what that is, that may be a TV show or a movie.

They also do not have their own database. But they give out all of the best links that you can find to experience your desired content to the full. All of the links can just be found on the internet, but when you chose to use WatchFree, remove all the hassle because they will provide it all for you.

It has a very large content database so you will not have a dull moment watching all of those. If you wish to watch something and then decide to watch something afterward, you are very welcome here in WatchFree.

WatchFree: Pros

  • Watch all for free
  • Provide you with many links
  • Intuitive interface
  • No annoying widgets

WatchFree: Cons

  • Do not host their own database
  • Only provides links and servers

7. Movie25.me 

Movie25 Watch for freeA very eye-catchy and neat user interface. You will easily get used to it by the first glance. Also, with its simple interface, you will not get lost or get distracted and confused to everything that it has to offer. Browse all of your favorite movies for free without hassle. All of these movies include the movies that are latest released.

Bollywood movies are also found here, so you will never feel out of place if you have a taste of those movies. Hollywood flicks are also there, so it is a complete collection of everything that you need. Thousand of high definition quality movies are found there, all organized and categorized in a completely sophisticated way!

Everything is not confusing, there are not much of redirection happening, which will get you lost along the way. Absolutely no ads found, compared to other movie sites. There are also no annoying widgets and nothing clumsy can be found on the website that will just serve you disturbance. So if you were looking to get a very good alternative for 123movies, then Movie25 is a very good choice for that.

Movie25.me: Pros

  • Eye-catchy and neat interface
  • Easily browse everything else
  • Has Bollywood movies
  • Organized search options

Movie25.me : Cons

  • Need to create accounts
  • Need to sign in every time

6. Cmovies 

Cmovies Watch for freeA true and good alternative for 123movies. If you just want to watch movies and those TV series online with even paying a single cent, then this is a very good option too. You can see most of the movies that are offered in different countries like India, Canada, USA, UK and more. You can also choose to sort the movies that you want to watch by their IMDB rating, country, genre and more. If you want to ask about their streaming quality, it is good.

In such cases that one of the links or servers do not work, do not worry about that. Cmovies have different servers and links so there is an assurance that you will finish the content that you are watching. If you wish to use Cmovies, you need to have a good ad blocker to experience the website to the full.

Cmovies: Pros

  • Can watch movies from other countries
  • Has multiple servers

Cmovies: Cons

  • Do not host their own database

5. YesMovies

YesMovies Watch for freeWatching movies and TV series without even signing up is a very good feature, and yet YesMovies has it. So if you want to watch movies and TV series without the hassle of creating an account in order to watch, then this is a very good link.

In YesMovies, you can watch most of the movies that are already released. Some of them are also classified by their countries, so you can choose with a good sorting option. The website layout of YesMovies is also very user-friendly, with this you can find all of your favorite movies and TV series without much of a hassle. Almost all are done with just a few clicks.

Their streaming quality is unbelievably impressive. One huge problem though is that while you are watching these movies and TV series, certain popups will come out and that is a little bit annoying. But closing them is worth the click-through once you have seen their streaming quality.

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YesMovies: Pros

  • Has HD movies and TV series
  • Has a huge database for every country
  • Has better filters
  • Has a good quality

YesMovies: Cons

  • Popping up ads

4. Niter 

Niter Watch for freeA sophisticated and beautifully organized website that contains all of your favorite TV shows and movies. If you are a huge lover of those, then looking at this website is a very good idea.

It is a website that has a lot of contest that is absolutely free to access. Watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows without much of a hassle, except for the need of creating an account. But then creating an account only involves a few numbers of clicks, so you might want to consider creating one.

As soon as these movies and TV series are released, Niter has all of them ready in their database. A very user-friendly and stunning interface, with all of those easy content discovering options. You can choose to look for your movies with their streaming quality and more.

Niter: Pros

  • Sophisticated and organized
  • Free streaming
  • Easy interface

Niter: Cons

  • A little bit confusing at the start

3. Vumoo

Vumoo Watch for freeTheir interface is almost as similar as those premium streaming websites out there. Vumoo does not look like a normal streaming website, it is a premium-looking streaming website but then it offers just the same as those free websites. That feature itself is amazing.

Once again, the website interface that it has is a very appealing one a professional one. They do not offer just free streaming but then you can also choose to download all of your favorite stuff in the Vumoo.

There are different subsections that are found on the homepage of Vummo. Sections like what is the popular contents that are found this week, or what you are currently watching, what are the new releases and more. The information of the movies are also found there, a feature where not every other movie streaming websites offer.

Vumoo: Pros

  • Premium design
  • Free movies and TV shows
  • Can download from the website
  • Has better categories and sub-sections
  • Shows movie information

Vumoo: Cons

  • Needs to load more

2. FMovies 

FMovies Watch for freeWhen someone will ask you what is the best alternative for 123movies, then one of the things that you may offer to them is FMovies. It is also as famous all the other movie streaming websites are. It is an amazing website to choose for streaming TV shows and movies. You do not have to create an account when watching movies, but if you want to, there is also a signup feature offered here.

If you also want to download the movies and TV series that you want to watch, then you may do so. They also let you download all of your favorite content in the extremely high definition! So, this is a very good assurance that you will really enjoy your experience in FMovies.

If there is something that you want to react to them, or if you want to suggest a movie or something, there is a comment box feature available for you.

FMovies: Pros

  • Can watch without signing up
  • Can download in HD
  • Has a good filter in searches
  • Has comment sections

1.  SolarMovie 

SolarMovie Watch for freeOne of the things that made SolarMovie be the top suggestion on the list is that it has the best streaming quality compared to the others. That is one thing that almost everyone is looking for when wanting to watch a movie online.

You can watch all of the movies and TV shows that they offer even without creating your own account. But if you want to create one, you may also create one too.

There is not much to be told about SolarMovie, rest assured that it really has a very good streaming quality and everything else comes after.

Solarmovie mirror sites:

  • https://solarmoviez.su
  • https://www2.solarmoviex.to
  • https://www.solarmovie.fm
  • http://www1.solarmovie.net/
  • http://www.solarmovie.ms/
  • https://solarmovie.id

SolarMovie: Pros

  • Best streaming quality
  • No need to create an account
  • Simple interface


If you want to watch and stream movies or TV shows online, there are a lot of them that can easily be found. You just have to choose the very best one and then be satisfied with it.

All of those features are just depending on what your preference is, if you want to watch without ads, or with no other servers, or if you want to have a website with a premium interface and more. Above all else, everything else is depending on you.

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