10 Best CouchTuner alternatives to Watch TV Series Online

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Are you looking for excellent free sites better than couch tuner? Don’t worry! you’ve got to take a look at the list below containing top 10 free sites alternative to CouchTuner.

It goes without saying that nearly all movie enthusiasts are familiar with CouchTuner website, a platform that offers a great movie collection and TV series. CouchTuner has gained popularity due to its HD quality movies and outstanding user interface.

The Official CouchTuner Site has shut down!

Unfortunately, several countries have blocked CouchTuner due to legal issues.

Luckily for you, there are tons of alternative websites to CouchTuner offering similar layout and free great movie collection. Below is a brief list of similar sites like CouchTuner worth your try.

Top 10 free streaming movies and TV shows sites like couchtuner – Never blocked!

Is CouchTuner blocked in your country? Here are the top sites like CouchTuner to watch movies and tv shows online for free.

1. Fastmovies

If you are bored with the content of CouchTuner, Fastmovies could be your best alternative website specifically dedicated to the latest movies and TV series. To start enjoying the contents of the website, you don’t have to sign up to access free movies not unless you need premium package.

Moreover, the website has a wide collection of unlimited movies and TV shows, making it the fastest growing movie website. One significant advantage of Fastmovies is that it is connected with multiple networks. That means that on a simple search on the website, you can’t lack your favorite TV shows or series.

Key Features of Fastmovies:

  • Simple and easy to navigate layout.
  • Massive movie database due to a connection with multiple networks.

2. Café Movies

Café Movies

Café movie platform is one of the best alternative websites to CouchTuner. The movie platform has a simple layout, properly organized with the content that will amaze you as you browse through the site for your favorite movie.

Once you are on the website’s homepage, you will come across a warning message that reads “It is recommended to use a VPN when streaming movies to avoid unnecessary risks.”

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Of course, such a warning is due to the legal issues associated with online streaming. Nonetheless, you will be impressed by the massive collection of HD movies organized in different genres. Furthermore, the movies and TV shows available on the platform are updated regularly.

Key Features of Café Movies:

  • Unlimited collections of HD movies and series.
  • Lacks annoying pop-up ads.
  • Eye-appealing and a decent website.

3. AsaTv24

This alternative website to CouchTuner has well-maintained themes and keeps updating new content for your entertainment package.

For one thing, the unlimited movies and TV shows in the platform are offered free, but it is advisable to obtain subscription package purposely to get notification of the latest content added in the website.

Key Features of AsaTv24:

  • Reduced number of pop-up ads.
  • Offers impressive collection of online HD movies.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TVEven though Tubi TV is little known, it is an engaging streaming platform with an impressive collection of movies and TV shows likely to satisfy your entertainment needs.

The content available on this website has been categorized into various genres ranging from documentary, comedy, action, drama, romance, and horror to biography.

If you are a TV show lover, you are likely to fall in love with the excellent content available on the site which can be accessed without registration.

Key Features of Tubi TV:

  • One can access the movies free.
  • Simple and engaging user interface which is easy to navigate.

5. Rainierland


Rainierland is a streaming platform with exciting TV shows and movies. It is considered an excellent alternative to CouchTuner due to the massive collection of HD content, organized in a way that is simple to navigate and access.

The streaming platform has a limited number of ads and updated regularly to make it a perfect contender for the best alternative sites.

Key Features of Rainierland:

  • Eye-appealing user-interface
  • Minimum annoying ads
  • Crystal clear movies with a perfect sound system
  • Wide collection of content

6. Movie4U

Just as the name suggests, Movies4U is a website offering a comprehensive collection of movies and TV shows updated on a regular basis.

The website is a contender in this list because it has attractive HD content accessed by just a single click. Due to the massive collection of movies, Movies4U has search options which enable you to find your favorite movie by just a click.

Key Features of Movies4U:

  • Offer online streaming with no option to download a movie.
  • Has tons of HD content.
  • Limited ads.

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a contender in this list for several reasons. The first one is due to its regular updates for movies and TV shows to its already huge database.

The second reason is that Popcornflix offers high definition content and an excellent user interface which minimizes the hassles of navigation.

Due to the rich content available on the website, it has search options which enable you to browse and play your favorite series or movies.

Key Features of Popcornflix:

  • One can browse their favorite TV shows directly from their Android or IOS apps.
  • You can access free unlimited HD movies.

8. Chillnflix

Chillnflix is among the greatest alternative sites to CouchTuner. Its huge database of the video is regularly updated always giving you fresh content to stream.

Chillnflix enables you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online for free. One can browse the website’s catalog by latest releases, Top rated movies, Top favorite, Top viewed today, and requested movies.

Key Features of Chillnflix:

  • Has an impressive number of popular favorite shows.
  • Keeps updating content on a regular basis.
  • Streaming with fewer.

9. Mega Movies

Mega Movies

Mega Movies might be the least popular in this list, but it is a great contender in alternative sites to CouchTuner. One noticeable aspect about the website is the clean user interface that makes it outstanding.

The site not only offers movies but also different popular TV shows at absolutely no cost. The website has latest releases and a filter for genre, TV series and year. Limited annoying ads means that the website doesn’t consume a lot of your data.

Key Features of Mega Movies:

  • Apart from streaming movies, one has an opportunity to download them.
  • Fast streaming of TV shows, seasons & movies.

10. Openloadfree TV

Openloadfree TV

The little-known website is a contender here because of some amazing reasons. It directly resembles CouchTuner in every angle ranging from the available engaging content to the friendly user interface.

Openloadfree TV has become popular among those who wish to balance new releases while at the same time for old films. Even though the website has a few annoying ads, it is worth a try.

Key Features of Openloadfree TV:

  • One does not need to register to stream movies and TV shows.
  • Great collection of latest and old movies.


You no longer have to be bored with the contents of CouchTuner. If you are looking for a change, there are tons of alternative sites to CouchTuner, each having an excellent collection of your favorite TV shows or movies.

The factors you should look out for before landing on an alternative site to CouchTuner are definition content, user interface, the ease of navigation, subscription package, and the video database.

It is a blessing that you’ve come across this list containing extensively researched alternative sites to CouchTuner. If you are a movie addict and CouchTuner is experiencing downtime or has been blocked from your country due to legal policies, you have impressive alternatives to substitute for your entertainment package.

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