Simple RC Helicopter Buying Guide

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As you know, young children love remote control toys but if you talk about the remote control helicopters, it looks awesome. Because flying toys always amuse a lot of children. They want to get those toys.

When you visit the store, your children most of the time insist you buy the remote-control helicopters but you don’t have enough information about the machine. You have seen many broken helicopter toys around you and you have a fear about the functionality. So, here in the following blog, we will present a simple buying guide for helicopters that will help you in near future.

You Should Buy Small

You Should Buy Small RC Helicopter

Think for a moment, a flying helicopter is the first gift of your child. You know, he or she doesn’t know how it works properly. As a result, you might face frequent crashes. If you buy a small helicopter, there will be little chance of damage when it strikes the ground.

Small helicopters have three following features:

  • Small helicopters are lightweight and they have little damage when a crash happens
  • They have tiny propellers which couldn’t hurt your child when hitting him or her
  • Mostly, helicopters are operated outdoor, but small can be operated indoors and if they hit your decoration pieces, they will not harm them

But if you buy the little bigger helicopters, you need a proper outdoor space plus, you have to spend a lot of money. But you can buy the bigger size helicopters when your child becomes a pro to operate. RC Helicopters Australia – Metro Hobbies is the best seller of all types of helicopters.

You Consider Control

You can find the different control systems in the helicopters. If you buy a helicopter with 6 channels of control, it will be complex, and difficult to control but it can fly faster. You can even do stunts in the air with extra controls. But as channels increase, the control loses. But if your child is a pro, you should buy the helicopter with extra controls.

On the other hand, if your child is too small to learn the machine, you should buy the helicopters with 3 to 4 channels. No doubt, they cannot fly fast but your child can easily control them. Besides that, you have to experience fewer crashes.

Choose Between Infrared and Radio Remote

You have a choice between infrared and radio remote control. But both have their significance.

Infrared Remote

Infrared remote controls are rather cheaper but they have a limited range. They control the helicopters in a specific range. But this infrared remote control has some limitations if you operate helicopters indoors, then TV remote control and other signaling devices can disturb the signals of infrared remote control, and ultimately a crash can happen.

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control

Radio remote controls have a wide range and more power. Besides that, they repel the other signals which encounter your machine. You can fly a helicopter high above in the air. So, radio remote control has always been a good choice between the two.

Battery vs Fuel

Some helicopters run on fuel and they can run for longer but they emit hazardous fumes which are not good for your children's health.

On the other hand, battery-operated helicopters are highly recommended because they are much quieter and simple.

Next time, when your children will demand, you can easily decide which RC helicopter is the best for them.

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