10 SEO Tasks Every Agency Should Do

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Efficient SEO can increase your business by delivering better search engine ranking. By partnering with a leading SEO company in India, you can look to transform your positioning in the marketplace.

You would see an increase in quality traffic, better PR, and enhanced brand recall – being in the position to future-proof your digital presence.

What Should Be The Main Activities Defining This Alliance?

We have put together a shortlist of ten critical tasks your partner SEO company should perform to drive business success.

1. Have an SEO Mindset

Have an SEO Mindset

  • Your agency partner should have an SEO point of view for all tasks assigned to them. The team should have an SEO mindset to improve your search rankings across all feasible avenues and channels.

2. Study Keyword Relevance

  • Effective SEO is built on contextual relevance. While keyword research could put forth an extensive list, the agency should be able to identify and recommend the ones best suited for your business. This would involve developing a deep understanding of your activities and value proposition.

3. Defining your SEO Roadmap

  • Another vital activity would be the development of your SEO roadmap to support business objectives. This needs to be driven by careful consideration of stated targets, current web asset status, proposed changes, and organic search performance.

4. Offer Content Strategy Recommendations

  • Content plays a crucial role in defining the success of your organic search performance.
  • As the expert, your professional SEO services partner should help you with fresh content ideas to ensure enhanced organic search performance.

5. Monitor Webmaster Tools

  • Webmaster tools like the Google Search Console can provide a significant amount of actionable information about your website. This would involve impressions, crawl rate, traffic, rankings, and error logs.
  • The SEO agency should monitor these vital indicators and provide you with periodic updates to help drive a better search engine ranking.

Monitor Webmaster Tools

6. Deliver Performance Reports

  • Theprofessional SEO services agency should provide activity reports regularly. This would include a summary of what was proposed and achieved, the outcome of these actions, and the action items for the next period.
  • The performance report would help create a streamlined timetable for critical events and milestones in your SEO journey.

7. Optimize Each Webpage

  • Your SEO partner should concentrate on optimizing every new and existing webpage on your site. Their main target should be the pages that exhibit the most significant potential for driving revenue growth.
  • Adoption of scalable content assets, including programmatically improving title tracks, and the ability for greater automation could prove to be the differentiators here.

8. Perform Regular Audits

  • The digital world is dynamic. Search engine algorithms continue to evolve, and what worked earlier may now harm your rankings. Therefore, the professional SEO services agency should periodically audit your website to identify issues, challenges, and opportunities.
  • These findings can be leveraged to create your updated SEO roadmap and would be a great way to ensure that all branding guidelines are being adhered to.

9. Resolve Technological Challenges

  • The SEO agency should be able to identify and resolve technological challenges around crawling, indexing, relevance, and authority.
  • The team needs to communicate and collaborate with the developers and should be able to test and validate the repairs both before and post-release.

10. Help Address Emergencies

Address Emergencies

  • Both you and the professional SEO services partner need to be on the same page for handling emergencies and crises effectively.
  • Your partner should be able to reprioritize deadlines and ensure that your reputation is protected at all times in this fast-changing digital environment.
  • Even if you have to halt activities due to adverse market conditions, your SEO agency should be able to continue driving your online presence without a break in communications.


In conclusion, please remember that the proliferation of technology has also resulted in the emergence of several options in the SEO space. Anyhow, not all of them may be compatible for you in searching for the perfect SEO company in India.

Do carefully evaluate your choices, and only then arrive at a final decision. Effective SEO is often the difference between enhanced visibility and total obscurity in the digital world.

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