3 Possible Reasons Why Your SEO Campaign is Underperforming

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People often get very excited when starting their first search engine optimisation campaign. They also tend to have high expectations. But when they don’t get the torrents of free traffic they were expecting, many end up disillusioned and write off the technique entirely.

SEO remains one of the most powerful marketing and branding techniques that you can find, but it’s also one of the most complex. As such, it’s easy to make errors you weren’t aware of. Let’s take a look at a few possible reasons why your SEO campaign is underperforming.

You Haven’t Addressed Site Performance

Too many people come in with an antiquated notion of what SEO is. SEO used to be all about high authority links and keywords. While it’s true that both of these things still play an important role in SEO, it has greatly evolved over the years.

Google is now using advanced algorithms, AI, and machine learning to learn exactly what people want to see when they search for something. They also factor in user experience factors such as site speed.

Site Performance

So, if you didn’t address sped first, all of your subsequent efforts will be in vain. This is why you have to make sure that you have a high-performing site before you even start any link-building or off-page SEO efforts.

If your site is running on WordPress, https://www.wsidigitalweb.co.uk/best-wordpress-hosting-uk/ is a great resource you can check out.

You Still Believe in Keyword Magic

Keyword Magic

If you’re still under the impression that you can fool search engines through clever (or not so clever) keyword manipulation, think again. If you hear anyone speak about a magical keyword ratio that will guarantee you top results, look elsewhere.

Instead, we suggest you work with a team like WSI Digital Ltd. They will be able to do concrete things such as improving your meta tags and descriptions and crafting high-value content that will feature top keywords naturally.

These are the ways you can use keywords to boost results, not by stuffing as many iterations and misspelling of a word as you can on a page. The goal is to ensure relevancy, then make the content as helpful as possible for your users.

You’re Impatient

You’re Impatient

If you’re just a few weeks or even months in, you can’t really tell how successful an SEO campaign is. It can take much longer than that to get results. There’s also the fact that you can’t expect every piece you release to be a slam dunk.

Expect a lot of them to be misses. But all it could take is for one to get picked up by the right audience and open the floodgates for your site. So, keep going at it and monitor results until you get a winner.

As you can see, there are tons of different reasons why your SEO campaign might not be performing as you’d please. Remember that SEO is a marathon, and you need to be persevering while making calculated efforts.

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