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Stay Safe When Transferring Money: Common Scams to Watch Out For

Common Scams to Watch Out For

Today, it’s easier than ever to send somebody an online payment. Whether you need to pay a friend back for dinner, are sending some money to your mum for her birthday, or need to pay your rent to your landlord, it can often be done in just a few taps if you use online banking.

The Pros and Cons of VPN – Everything Need to Know Before Buy

Advantages and disadvantages of VPN

Just like a shield against a sword, using one of the best VPNs will act like a shield guarding your device from the swords of the internet, and all while being affordable, accessible and extremely easy to use. It offers plenty of protection to those browsing the depths of the internet. Browsing the internet can

Why Is Password Security Crucial for Your Business Success? 

Password Security

Businesses nowadays rely heavily on technology. A lot of information is stored and transferred using digital platforms and software. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of technology has increased immensely, and today, even offline businesses use technology in one way or another. While technology integration is perfect for business growth, it also involves certain

How to Secure Your Public WiFi with a VPN?

Secure Public WiFi with a VPN

Gone are the days when you didn’t need to connect to the internet outside of work or home. Having 24/7 connectivity to the internet wasn’t a necessity. Things changed, however, when online chat services came out. Today, most of our communications are done on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. A problem with using these apps

The Best Instagram Proxy of 2022

Best Instagram Proxy

Choose the best Instagram agent to configure your Instagram bot to help you quickly grow followers or increase your online marketing. This will greatly boost your business. Proxies were mainly used for anonymity and privacy. However, today with the internet growth, brands and agencies have started to use proxies for their marketing and research projects.

Basic Tips for Business Network Security

Business Network Security

We have collected basic tips for system administrators and business leaders to ensure maximum business network security. In today’s reality, information is not just money, but a much more valuable resource. Personal data, insider knowledge of the market, organization of work – take the protection of this data as seriously as possible. Looking ahead, it

Mailchimp Alternatives: 11 Newsletter Services like Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Mailchimp Alternatives

The internet is still by far one of the most significant innovation the world has experienced. As a result, human beings have given internet preference, mostly using it for marketing their products. Online Internet Marketing Helps Your Business To Grow In this modern world, most companies prefer marketing their products using email marketing software purposely

4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online

Identity Theft Online

Too many people tend to underestimate the many dangers of surfing the web, especially if you have a habit of exploring various ads that catch your attention. Identity theft is surprisingly common these days, with many individuals having their data stolen for malicious purposes. Considering that personal information can include banking and credit card numbers,

7 Tips on Stay Safe Online of 2022

Stay Safe Online

A large fraction of our time nowadays is dedicated online. Online presence and activity concerning work, personal banking, communication, trading and leisure must be 100% safe. The responsibility to be safe falls on us. Annually, millions of consumers are victims of crimes online. As we transition into the digital era, muggers and robbers do crawl

Best Free Ransomware Protection Strategies and Tools of 2022

Ransomware Protection Strategies

Despite some of the recent widescale attacks, ransomware remains a largely unchecked threat. Unfortunately, computer users around the world continue to leave themselves open to infection, be it through a lack of dedicated tools or a misunderstanding of best security practices. Here are some ransomware protection strategies and programs to help keep you and your data

How to Choose the Best Privacy VPN

Best Privacy VPN

How secure do you think your internet connection is? A privacy VPN is an ideal network that keeps you secure when browsing, helps encrypt and hides your online identity for safety. This makes it hard for third parties to collect your private data or track your internet use. A great VPN connection provides a secure

How to Hide Your Digital Footprint Online

Hide Your Digital Footprint Online

What does it mean to create a digital footprint? It’s not something you think about, at least not in our day-to-day. But your digital footprint represents you—your online self. Everything you buy online, every social media message you send, every account you create: all of these leave a digital footprint that can be traced back

Where Should You Write Down Your Passwords for Top Security?

When you make a new password online, how do you go about remembering it? Do you simply reuse an old password to make it easy to remember, or do you always have unique passwords? Have you ever had trouble keeping your passwords straight? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, don’t

Email Marketing Campaign: 7 Essentials to Add to Your Checklist

Email Marketing Campaign

An email has been the most traditional communication method for direct marketing since forever. Unlike the other newly added digital marketing channels, it delivers the best customer engagement results and direct sales. However, it is no fun game as it needs technical aspects and know-how other than just sending the email to kickstart a marketing

How to Prevent Virus Attacks Coming from USB Device

Prevent Virus Attacks Coming from USB Device

Your data is more critical than ever. While our life becomes online in each step, data sharing in USB devices endangers your information to a certain degree. But there are multiple solutions to prevent viruses coming from external devices. First of all, the gateway is open to all sorts of malware if your machine is

Protecting Your Business From Data Breaches in 2022

Data Breach Protection

In these days and age, cybersecurity is one of the high priorities for every business. Indeed, even a single hacked account can jeopardize the stability and normal functioning of the whole company, not to mention aggressive and well-thought-out cyberattacks able to ruin a good reputation and dwarf the revenues. Even though no entity is immune

9 Ideas to Protect a Mac From Cybersecurity Threats

Protect Your Macbook

Despite being quite reliable, even Macbooks can be prone to cybersecurity threats. Moreover, there are instances when you are not the only person using the computer, and guaranteeing that another user will not mess up is more or less impossible. Thankfully, there are ways to fortify the security of a Macbook and give yourself peace

Identity Theft: Evolving with Technology

Identity theft

If we compare today’s Technology from what it used to be 10- 15 years back, we can identify many differences. Today’s Gadgets are more advanced and easier to use. Earlier, this was not the case. Humans do not have to stand in a queue in the bank if somebody has to transfer the money. Technology

 Open It Online: Before You Open It, Make Sure It’s Safe

 Open It Online

The internet has converted the world into a global village. While it is useful, fun, and informative, it can be a dangerous place. However, by adopting solid internet safety practices, you can make it a safe place, protect your identity, and information for years. Here are some internet safety rules that you can adopt to

DAZN Not Available In Your Area? Just Use a VPN

Unblock DAZN with a VPN

DAZN recently expanded to over 200 other countries (so worldwide, basically). Still, aside from the nine original countries, sports fans from all around the world can only enjoy boxing. For the moment, at least. The rest are stuck using a VPN to keep up with what their favorite athletes are doing. See what VPNs are

What Happens If You Breaks a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Breaks a Non-Disclosure Agreement

You don’t see boilerplate legal agreements splashed through the headlines every day, but nondisclosure agreements (“NDAs”) have recently attracted a lot of media attention. More than a few eyebrows, as well as new legal concerns, have been posed by the controversies that have shifted our attention towards NDA regulation. After all, how can anyone prevent

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