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The Best Instagram Proxy of 2022

Best Instagram Proxy

Choose the best Instagram agent to configure your Instagram bot to help you quickly grow followers or increase your online marketing. This will greatly boost your business. Proxies were mainly used for anonymity and privacy. However, today with the internet growth, brands and agencies have started to use proxies for their marketing and research projects.

Mailchimp Alternatives: 11 Newsletter Services like Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Mailchimp Alternatives

The internet is still by far one of the most significant innovation the world has experienced. As a result, human beings have given internet preference, mostly using it for marketing their products. Online Internet Marketing Helps Your Business To Grow In this modern world, most companies prefer marketing their products using email marketing software purposely

4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Online

Identity Theft Online

Too many people tend to underestimate the many dangers of surfing the web, especially if you have a habit of exploring various ads that catch your attention. Identity theft is surprisingly common these days, with many individuals having their data stolen for malicious purposes. Considering that personal information can include banking and credit card numbers,

7 Tips on Stay Safe Online of 2022

Stay Safe Online

A large fraction of our time nowadays is dedicated online. Online presence and activity concerning work, personal banking, communication, trading and leisure must be 100% safe. The responsibility to be safe falls on us. Annually, millions of consumers are victims of crimes online. As we transition into the digital era, muggers and robbers do crawl

How to Ensure Your Messages are Only Read by You: Tips for Messengers Security

How to Ensure Your Messages are Only Read by You

When you’re sending personal or confidential messages, you want to be sure that nobody else can read them but you. Thankfully, there are a few ways to ensure your messages remain secure. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for messenger security that will help keep your conversations private. How can criminals read

AML Measures Gone Wrong Cause Headache for European Bank


Over 100 customers of European bank N26 woke up recently to discover that access to their banks was blocked with no warning or explanation. Unable to access their funds and unsure as to why it was happening, some spoke to the media to express their frustration. Amongst them was one Ukrainian refugee who had fled

The Easiest Way to Find Out if Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked or Not

The Easiest Way to Find Out if Your Smartphone Has Been Hacked or Not

Smartphones are a huge target for hackers. In fact, a study last year showed that 81% of all smartphones are vulnerable to attack. So, how can you tell if your phone has been hacked? There are a few ways to do this, but one of the easiest will be discussed in our article. Let’s take

Preventing Data Leakage in the Age of Big Data

Preventing Data Leakage

As the saying goes, “data is the new oil.” And like oil, data is a valuable commodity that can be used to power businesses and drive growth. But just as oil can be spilled and cause environmental damage, data can leak and negatively affect organizations, employees, and customers. Data leakage can occur through a variety

Things You Do Online That Endanger Your Privacy

Things You Do Online That Endanger Your Privacy

Many think social media is harmless and is a great opportunity to share experiences with friends. But is it really that? Today many people may want to check your social media. It can be employers, friends, or marketing agencies. In addition, ID thieves and hackers also use social media to obtain information. This article gives

Why Do We Need Mobile Security?

Mobile Security

Cybersecurity has become a top priority in everyday life, as a person’s digital footprint can contain a large amount of information. This information can fall into the wrong hands without proper defense. Here you will find everything you need to know about cybersecurity, how to protect your mobile device and a bit  more. Protecting your

Identity Theft: Evolving with Technology

Identity theft

If we compare today’s Technology from what it used to be 10- 15 years back, we can identify many differences. Today’s Gadgets are more advanced and easier to use. Earlier, this was not the case. Humans do not have to stand in a queue in the bank if somebody has to transfer the money. Technology

 Open It Online: Before You Open It, Make Sure It’s Safe

 Open It Online

The internet has converted the world into a global village. While it is useful, fun, and informative, it can be a dangerous place. However, by adopting solid internet safety practices, you can make it a safe place, protect your identity, and information for years. Here are some internet safety rules that you can adopt to

DAZN Not Available In Your Area? Just Use a VPN

Unblock DAZN with a VPN

DAZN recently expanded to over 200 other countries (so worldwide, basically). Still, aside from the nine original countries, sports fans from all around the world can only enjoy boxing. For the moment, at least. The rest are stuck using a VPN to keep up with what their favorite athletes are doing. See what VPNs are

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