7 Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won’t Talk About

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Are you a pro or even a wanna-be professional in the exciting world of blogging for a living? If so, and especially if you're new or still getting ready to dive in, there are some helpful pieces of advice from those who have already done the dirty work.

Maybe you've been forced to work from home and have some extra time, or lost your last job and are in search of a way to earn a decent income by writing on topics that interest you.

Whatever your situation, take a page out of the books of experienced bloggers and content creators. Here are some of the most effective ideas, suggestions, hacks, and secrets to make your blog or subject-specific website a success.

Secrets Professional Bloggers Know

Have Several Idea Generators

No matter how imaginative you are, the day will come when you find yourself in front of a black page, wondering, “what should I write about today?” You'll possibly feel as if you've used up all the juicy topics and article angles, as if there's nothing left. No worries. It's an age-old difficulty known as writer's block.

Here's how to get through it. Use outside sources to help generate ideas. News, political, sports, and arts websites are excellent starting points. So are any of the idea generators on the net, some of which are general and some of which are aimed at specific subjects.

For example, if you write about home improvement, simply enter that term alongside the words ‘generate blog ideas’ into your favorite search engine. Maintain a master file of such lists on your computer for a rainy day when you are plum out of creativity and originality.

Consider Voice to Text

Do you worry about getting carpal tunnel syndrome? Most blogging pros do, and it's really only a matter of months before the scourge of keyboarding rears its ugly head and enters your life. Prevent it by doing two things. First, use a memory foam wrist support when you type. Second, learn to enter text by speaking. There are several excellent apps out there that cost little and get the job done.

Some people hate the idea of voice-to-text, but when they try it, they instantly fall in love. It takes a while to train the machine to understand your voice, and it also takes time for you to learn how to speak clearly enough to make the app work right. But once you hit your stride with V2T technology, it'll change your life, save you time, and, best of all, save your wrists.

Use the Busy Professional System to Save Time

What do busy professionals know that others don't? In addition to their main line of work, they understand how to save time in lots of different ways. The don't let precious minutes of their day slip by unnoticed. They avoid running errands by ordering goods and services online and they always hunt for bargains.

Save time

One good example involves medical services. Ordering a medical marijuana card in Virginia, for instance, is a 15-minute task that turns an otherwise time-eating chore into a simple, hassle-free event. The easy process requires no appointment, no driving, no parking, and no wasted minutes at all. In a few minutes, Virginia residents can get a card for $99, but pay nothing at all unless they're approved via the online system.

And no matter where you live, consider getting prescription medications via a pharmacy website, having medical consultations on video chat apps, having groceries delivered to your door shopping at your favorite store's site, and more. Busy folks know how to use a computer connection to eliminate the need for driving, shopping, standing in line, and generally wasting valuable hours.

Never Stop Building Your Email List

One of the core elements of a successful website, blog, or e-commerce site is an email list. Even if you never plan to charge anyone for your services, sell anything, or earn money from ad placement, you need an email list. Why? Because presumably you're writing to attract readers and stay engaged. So, even if your site is a labor of love for a charitable cause, the goal is to get eyeballs on your words. Rather than relying on social media at every turn, it's best to maintain an up-to-date email list.

That way, you are free to publicize events, webinars, sponsored products, charity drives, and dozens of other things by contacting your readers directly. They know you, and you know them, so there's much less of a chance that your message will end up in trash or spam folders.

Back Up Your Content Wisely

Even on word programs that automatically back everything up every two seconds, you still need a backup to the backup. Computers are not faultless, and neither are humans. If you've been writing for a while, chances are you've lost at least one or two documents via carelessness or computer errors.

If the lost documents are large, the situation can turn your day into a living nightmare. So, do the simple thing and manually back up your text every few minutes to avoid future headache. Use a handy notepad folder or thumb drive for the sole purpose of storing text-in-progress.

Limit Social Media Time

Chatting, messaging, talking, and otherwise communicating with others via social media throughout the day is a supremely counter-productive habit. Stick to your writing. Concentrate on a piece until it's finished. Save all your social time for after-work or your midday break. Social Media can be a trap that has killed off many great blogging careers. Don't fall victim to the temptation.

Study the Competition

No matter what your field of expertise is, know who your closest competitors are. Read their content regularly and study how their sites are set up. This suggestion especially pertains to anyone who sells goods or services.

You're in a business and need to know what's going on in the niche. And if you aren't monetizing, it's still important to know what others are doing so you don't repeat major themes, headlines, or interviews.

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