Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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Who doesn’t love to listen scary story? Simply scary stories becoming more scarier when it told in the dark. Ever think which stories you can tell? Here! This suggestion is for you.

Everyone is familiar with the setting of telling scary stories at night around a camp fire. However, no one said that a camp fire is the only place where you can tell scary stories. If you know how to tell the story well enough then it could be a sunny day and you can manage to creep out everyone. Here are some stories that you can pick from:

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Urban Legends

Urban legends are always an easy choice when it comes to picking out a good story to tell. Everyone has heard an urban legend at one point or another. Bonus points: you can make things even more creepy if the legend is specific to the place where you are staying.

Moreover, urban legends don’t even have to be about scary monsters or super creeps, they can be about anything from rats in the toilet to alligators in the sewers. One way you can make things more intense is you can reveal at the end of the story that things are actually true – this way, even if people end up scoffing at the story they’ll be surprised by the reveal. Plenty of urban legends ended up being true.

If you don’t know or can’t find any story specific to your town then you don’t have to worry about that, Japan has plenty of them. The Japanese folklore is weird and wonderful, and there is a long list of stories with which you can creep out your peers.

You can either opt for stories that involve mythological creatures or more modern tales. The list of mythological creatures is very vast, and you’re sure to find something interesting – whether it’s a story about an 8-feet tall woman who kidnaps children or yokai who disguises themselves as abandoned children.

There are also urban legends of the supernatural type that came out of Japan, such as the one of a young woman who’s bottom half was slashed by a train, and who now lurks around train stations looking for revenge. However, if you don’t want to traumatize your friends too much, you can opt for something that leans more on conspiracy theories such as the story of the Sony Timer, which alleges that the company installed devices meant to make their products stop working after the warranty expired.


Everyone that spends a medium amount of time on the internet learned about creepypastas, especially since plenty of them have been turned into video games. They are basically short horror stories that revolve around anything you can think of. From Minecraft to Spongebob to…slender creatures in the woods.

Everyone can write a creepypasta around a subject that they know enough information to turn it into a disturbing story. Some of them have been turned into video games, while others only revolve around supposed pieces of media that existed. If your friends are into video game then you can easily try to creep them out with a story revolving a game and then put on the game in a dark room and watch them freak out as they begin playing. Historical Events

Truth is stranger than fiction, they say. You can interest someone in a story about a historical even and then freak them out in the process. If your goal is specifically to scare your peers then no one says you can’t embellish the story here and there in order to make them darker. The reality is, however, that a lot of these stories don’t require any embellishments as they are already eerie.

If your friends get scared by this kind of topic then you can definitely try mentioning UFO sightings. It might be a hard sell if you try to scare them, but at the very least it could spark an interesting conversation about the possibility of aliens and other planets.

Ghost stories are an easy go-to when you’re trying to freak people out. A lot of people don’t believe in ghosts, but if you know how to tell them then at the very least people will become uncomfortable. From the San Pedro Haunting to  Ghosts of Borley Rectory, there’s an endless supply of ghost stories. Chances are that you already know someone who swears they had an encounter with ghosts, which means you can make things scarier when you tell your friends that this story happens to someone you know.

Even stories revolving the Bermuda Triangle or the Mandela Effect can become scary, or at the very least eerie. Something like the Ourang Medan story or the Dyatlov Pass incident will definitely catch people’s attention due to how over the top they sound. Keep in mind that some stories might have been debunked, and there are theories floating around regarding others, but at the end of the day your goal to tell a scary story, and you won’t fail using ones that revolve around something that actually happened.

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