10 Best Roblox Scary Games to Play With Friends 2023

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Do you love Roblox games and you are wondering about the best Roblox scary games you can play? This list contains the top best Roblox scary games that will keep you engaged and entertained.

What is Roblox?

It is a huge and popular gaming platform for all game lovers to connect and display their skills in gaming. It is practically interesting as anyone can generate his or her own game for other players to play. Once you create your own game, you can share them with online friends to play. It is boundless enjoying games on this platform.

The platform was established in the year 2007. At present, Roblox has more than sixty-four million players monthly. It also maintains about one hundred and seventy-eight accounts. It can be downloaded as a mobile application on your iOS and Android devices. You can also enjoy the game on Amazon, Xbox One, PC, and tablet devices.


In all the bunch of games featured on Roblox, what has shown to be the most well-known and played genre is the Roblox horror games. The scary games are capable of pushing your adrenaline to the next level. Therefore, in case you want to enjoy the most popular scary Roblox game, you’re in the best place to find it. Below is a curated list of the top best Roblox horror games of all time.

Top 10 Roblox Horror Games of 2022

1. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a scary Roblox game established by Nikilis. What is interesting about this game is that a player can be anything such as a Murderer, a Sheriff, and even Innocent. What the innocent does is to hide or run from the Murderer. They can make use of their detective ability to ensure the Murderer is exposed. The work of the Sheriff is to ensure the Innocent is assisted in eliminating the Murderer since he has the weapon to do so.

The role of the Murderer is to kill every other character. He also ensures he is protected from being taken down by the Sheriff. There are various maps for the mystery game of the murderer. You are given a role the moment the fun starts.

Murder Mystery 2

2. Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha is another Roblox scary game on our list. This game can be played by multiple players. The game features ten players of which one of them is chosen as a bear randomly, while the others become the survivors. The role of the bear is to eliminate all the survivors in the space of five minutes. It is a lovely game in terms of design.

Bear Alpha is more fun when the timeline is loaded with lots of weapons. The site of this game has various options that you can explore. There are often the latest updates to the game. Also, there are lots of latest maps each month.Bear Alpha

3. Before The Dawn

Before The Dawn is one Roblox scary game you don’t want to miss. Its entire atmosphere is packed with horrors such as the gameplay, its sounds, and particles. Everything combines to give it that horror-like scene and experience. It contains a sequel and has improved graphics that you will definitely enjoy. If you are the type who loves solo gameplay, you are going to enjoy Before The Dawn.

The game can also be played with about eight persons. It has a great sound that makes it even scarier and horrific. The game has a newly released version. Without a doubt, it is an interesting Roblox scary game.

Before The Dawn

4. Zombie Rush

Just as the name of this game sound, it is all about surviving Zombies. Beacon Studio developed the game and was official launched in the year 2013. Zombie Rush is a Roblox scary game where a player has to stay alive till the end by making use of his weapons to kill on-rushing zombies without being touched by them. If you are able to aim at the head of the zombies, you will earn more.

The game is uniquely engaging as well as scary. You are provided with lots of guns as weapons to kill the zombies as they keep attacking you. You are going to enjoy this game when played with friends.

Zombie Rush

5. Nightmare Mine

Another zombie-like game is Nightmare Mine. This game is all about surviving zombies who once lived as miners, but have however become zombies. Their role is to feed on your brain and you are to prevent them from spreading and discovering new escape paths.

Nightmare Mine is an interesting game that keeps you engaged. Once you lose focus for a moment, your brain will be eaten by the zombies. So you have to do everything you can to stay alive and kill them with your weapons. The most interesting path is that you can enjoy the game with friends as it can be played by nine players at most.

Nightmare Mine

6. Alone In A Dark House

Alone In A Dark House is an eerie game. Its horror can make you scared unintentionally. It’s a Roblox scary game in which an independent investigator journeys to a remote town for an investigation about a gruesome vehicle murder. There, he finds out about some dark and evil family secrets.

The game is one of the best and most popular Roblox scary games you are going to enjoy playing.

Alone In A Dark House

7. The Mirror

The Mirror is a Roblox scary game played by one player. The game is psychologically horrific and scary. The game is all about a simulated unfamiliar face appearing in the mirror. It is an illusion you have to battle.

The game becomes more and more fun when the lights in the room are dimmed and then there will be some eerie sounds everywhere. The Mirror sounds some warnings to children before they begin to play it. This is to act as a precaution to its spooky nature.

The Mirror

8. The Scary Elevator

Another engaging horror and scary Roblox game is The Scary Elevator. Without a guess, the name already tells you there is something horrific and scary about a certain elevator. In the game, the elevator suddenly halts at an unspecified floor. Each floor has various horror and scary scenes. What makes the game engaging is the new killers that are occasionally added to it.

The Scary Elevator is a Roblox scary game that can be explored by those who love to try out something new. You can try the game out to enjoy its amazing graphics.

The Scary Elevator

9. The Apartment

If there is any Roblox game that is more adventurous and scary at the same time, it is definitely The Apartment. The game is all about escapism. You have to escape a particular building and overcome every hindrance that comes your way in the bid to escape. The game has enjoyable graphics and is entirely spooky playing it with a friend. The scariest part of this game is when you are trying to get to room 705 of the apartment building.

You and your partner would have to navigate the map and reach the 7th floor of the apartment. You must not encounter any problem or be stopped on your way. One thing about this game is that its gameplay is somewhat slow and you will have to be calm, composed, and patient while playing. To have a real-time experience of this game, play it using a discord voice chat.

The Apartment

10. Dead Silence

The last Roblox scary game on our list is Dead Silence. The game is relatively best enjoyed by those who love violence, gore, and action games. You are going to face some unprecedented odds and a majority of situations and challenges as you play. The game takes its root from an American horror movie called “Dead Silence” filmed in 2007. You are going to enjoy this horror-packed Roblox game.Dead Silence


Playing scary and horror games is one way to stay engaged with friends online. Roblox offers this without any stress. It has lots of scary games you can play either alone or with friends and have a great time together. All the Roblox scary games we have discussed in this article are 100% interesting, engaging, scary, and horrific in their respective ways. The good part is that you can play them all on your device without any issue.

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