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SaferVPN is a great VPN service that offer solid security features, allows P2P, unblocks Netflix and offer both free trials and a 30-day money back guarantees

  • Unblock Netflix: Yes
  • P2P & Torrenting: Limited
  • Kill Switch: Yes
  • Speed: Fast
  • Logging: Grey Area
  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Cost: $2.50/Month
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SaferVPN (Safer) is a virtual private network that can keep you anonymous, secure and private when surfing the internet and when using any applications that require an internet connection. It accomplishes this by hiding your IP address and geographical location, and funnels your entire connection through an encrypted tunnel.

SaferVPN 24 hour Free trial – No Credit Card Required

SaferVPN has a decent range of servers with 700+ in over 34 different countries, which allow individuals in even the most remote of countries access a VPN, making the service available to just about anyone in the world. As well as the good coverage, SaferVPN also has a number of other features, including 24/7 customer support, multiple security protocols, a good client, P2P availability, multi-device compatibility and a 24-hour free trial. All features will be disclosed throughout the review.


  • Reliable network
  • Allows P2P activity
  • 700+ servers with some in exotic locations
  • Strong encryption and various protocols
  • Great free trial and money-back guarantee
  • Can still watch Netflix on it!
  • Cheap with special deals


  • Keeps some connection logs
  • Limited Torrenting
  • A few servers can be very slow
  • Might require some configuring on your side

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SaferVPN Review

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In-depth & Unbiased SaferVPN Review

SaferVPN is a great VPN service with strong encryptions and various security protocols. They allow P2P on their network and also let you unblock Netflix, which is a growing rarity. They also offer a free trial and a money back guarantee

Price & Value: 89/100
Server Speed: 90/100
Privacy & Anonymity: 90/100
Vpn Features : 85/100
Network Performance: 89/100
Customer Support: 82/100

Pricing and Packages

SaferVPN’s price plans are interesting and the company seems to include a lots of deals with their software. When I went on to the SaferVPN website, they had a fantastic special deal on of $2.50 a month for a 3 year commitment. They seem to do deals all year round so it is hard to say what their standard “low” price is, but it is nice to see incentives to buy.

It should also be noted that unlike you’ll see in older reviews, SaferVPN now offers the same features for all its packages and no longer discriminates between the number of connections you can make with one account. Moreover, as with all VPN providers, the price of the service goes up with less commitment, meaning if you want the best deal you need to stay dedicated. SaferVPN has 3 price plans that vary in commitment, including monthly, annually and 3-year (at the time) plans. At other points throughout the year, you may see a bi-annual plan also.

SaferVPN price plan

The cheapest plan was, of course, the 3-year plan with an awesome price of $2.50 which is one of the cheapest monthly prices I have seen. As you commit less to their service, the price goes up to a standard $5.49 a month with a yearly commitment and then goes up further to a (still fairly cheap) $12.95 a month. It should be noted that these payments are made in bulk. So if you want the yearly plan, you pay $65.88 upfront.

Payment Options

Any good VPN provider should offer a range of payment options for its customers and users, as some methods are safer than others. A VPN’s purpose is to keep you safe and private on the internet, so it should be obligatory to keep you secure when purchasing their software and buying online.

safervpn payment options

SaferVPN offers a range of methods to pay with, including the standard credit/debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as the secure method known as PayPal.PayPal is a third-party application that gives individuals a little more security when purchasing online, as it allows for user-generated refunds and disputes if a scam has occurred.

They also offer Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency and is one the most secure ways to pay online, as the system is not attached to any personal details and cannot be traced back to you. Overall, SaferVPN offers a good range of payment gateways. Also, there was a nifty currency converter in case you are not in the States.

SaferVPN Setup and User-Friendliness

Installing the software was very fast and took under 5 minutes to complete. Once you have navigated your way to the download section following your purchase, you will be asked to choose an operating system to download it too. I chose Windows as that was the system I had running at the time.

Once you begin downloading the VPN and have followed the installation instructions, you will be greeted with the client, which starts up with the features the VPN has and a log-in screen. Enter your credentials into the log-in screen and you’ll be good to go. It should also be noted that there was no need to restart my computer following the installation, which is nice.

SaferVPN for windows

The client is simple but effective and offers a range of options. The initial screen you’ll be greeted with is the instantly connect screen, which gives you the best, fastest connection which is optimized according to your location.

However, this screen also gives you the option to change your location manually by scrolling up and down the left bar. What’s handy is the client gives you a “most recommended” list which will give you the fastest connection, which is a nice feature. Once you hit connect, you will be given your security protocol and connection time.

SaferVPN windows client

If you want to fiddle with the settings, navigate your way to the top-right and click on “settings”. Here you will be able to change your security protocols, automatic connections and you can even turn on a kill switch. Another interesting feature was the speed test feature, which sends you to a website where you can check your speeds. Overall, the client was very clean and useful.

SaferVPN setting

In regards to the other operating systems, the client is mirrored on both Mac, IOS, and Android.

Servers and Speeds

As mentioned earlier, SaferVPN offers a wide network of servers, with 700 servers in over 34 different countries. Some of these countries are very ‘exotic’ and are placed in hard-to-reach countries, which makes for excellent coverage. This enables individuals to connect to a range of locations and offers a better choice when spoofing your geographical location.


In terms of speeds, SaferVPN was quite good and was achieving 13MBPS on UK servers and 14MBPS around other locations in Europe, which was perfect for P2P and streaming. Even more surprising, despite the fact the servers are based in Israel, you’d think US servers would be slow, but you would be mistaken.

The US servers were at the same speeds even when the VPN wasn’t on! No DNS and IPv6 leaks were found. Also, I was able to find a dedicated server for US media streaming tucked away at the bottom of the client’s server selection, which I was unable to test out.


SaferVPN offers several options and applications for you to use the software on and allows you to connect to a maximum of 5 devices at once unless you choose their business plan that allows for 10 connections at once. It would be naive to assume that a VPN service would only cover our computers and not our mobile devices, especially since more searches are done on mobile then they are on a computer.

We live in a digital world and we need to be protected from malicious individuals on the go. SaferVPN offers protection for all major mobile devices and offers apps for both IOS and Android, as well as protection for routers. They even have a handy free Chrome extension.

SaferVPN device Compatibility

Customer Support

saferVPN livechatLike many VPN providers, SaferVPN provides 24/7 customer support, as well as having a knowledge base, live chat, a ticket-based system, and FAQs. The addition of live chat is a nice feature since many providers have begun to get rid of it for unknown reasons.

However, despite this selection of support, SaferVPN’s support department is still a little slack. Their knowledge base is unhelpful and over-saturated, but they have recently included illustrated setup guides that help a bunch.

Their live chat and ticket system was fast for simple, easy-to-answer questions, but it was terrible for more complex questions and in some cases, they took several days to respond! Not impressive if I am honest.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security should be a VPN’s main priority and are the reason it should exist in the first place. The whole point of a VPN is to keep you safe when using the internet, and SaferVPN does not fail at that at all.

SaferVPN has many security protocols that allow you to change up your security and customize it how you like. Their client allows you to set the encryption on automatic so you get the best encryption and the best speeds. Security protocols that are offered include OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and IKEV2.

Of course, we suggest avoiding PPTP and always opting for OpenVPN with its fast speeds, reliable connection, and 256-bit military encryption. This protocol also uses SHA256 for authentication and RSA2048 for handshaking. However, SaferVPN does seem to keep some connection logs despite its claims and this may affect the privacy of some individuals.


SaferVPN logging policy

Free-Trial and Refund Policy

You would be happy to know that SaferVPN offers both a free trial and a refund policy. SaferVPN offers the easiest free trial I have come across, and you only need an email to sign up and begin! The trial lasts for 24-hours and that should give you plenty of time to have a test drive.

Also, SaferVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows users to claim their money back if they are unsatisfied with the service.


SaferVPN is an average to decent VPN provider and one that you should check out. The VPN has 700+ servers in 34 different countries, with some of those countries being remote and ones that often lack reliable VPN’s, which is always handy.

Also, SaferVPN has a reliable network with strong encryption and fast speeds. The client is simple but effective and their trials and money-back guarantees make their VPN very accessible. However, their customer support is very poor and they tend to hold connection logs which may upset some users. Despite this, SaferVPN is still a recommended VPN.

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