Rufus: 10+ bootable USB flash drive creator for installing Windows

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Do you want to create a bootable USB flash drive for installing Windows? The easiest way is by Rufus!

And We added more bootable USB softwares similar to Rufus to create bootable drives for Windows and run the system with a USB in different formats.

Do you want to load programs or a Windows operating system from a .iso file and don’t have Rufus installed? Or maybe you simply don’t like this software. One of Easy to use tool to create bootable USB drives is the Rufus, and here is a video show,

How to use Rufus to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive for Windows 10!

Official website:

That’s completely fine, Also here is the 10+ best similar Rufus programs are listed right here. Perhaps you don’t have any optical disc drive and you are searching for the top alternatives for Rufus in a Windows-based system.

Get the USB drive ready to be used to boot and analyze the features of each software, before downloading them to complete this task.

Best Alternatives to Rufus for Creating bootable USB  flash drives

There are dozens of software programs to deliver fast bootable devices with Linux distributions, but for Windows users the Rufus is one of the best free boot choices.

Now, let’s get to know the alternatives to it in this list, so that you may find one that suits your situation better. Take a look at what we have prepared:

10+ Softwares to Create bootable USB  flash drives

1. YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

Your Universal Multiboot Installer is the name of this bootable device creator, similar to Rufus portable version. Upgraded to support more than Linux versions, now it’s possible to boot varied software programs – such as antivirus and disc cloning utilities – as well as Windows operational systems, which is our target here.

The drive storing the Multiboot folder of YUMI is well-organized and allows its simple continued use as a storage utility.

Key Features of YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator:

  • Multiple bootable programs;
  • Organized

Check it out:

2. UNetBootin

The full name of this Rufus alternative is Universal Netboot Installer. Free and simple to use, it supports a great number of operational systems, including many Windows, Linux and MacOS distributions.

Apart from its simplicity, which is all that is necessary for the purpose of these programs, there isn’t much to talk about UNetBootin. Get your Live USB with the operational system you need running smoothly thanks to it and boot your system.

Key Features of UNetBootin:

  • Easy to use;
  • Fast.

Check it out:

3. Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Microsoft is aware of the users’ necessity to boot their operational system from other drives, when they don’t have a disc drive or can’t get their original CD or DVD. That’s why they offer their own boot tool similar to Rufus at their website, supporting all their Windows versions.

Not only limited to USB, which is probably the case of the majority of our readers, it’s also possible to burn CDs or DVDs with the same tool.

Key Features of Windows USB/DVD Download Tool:

  • Supported by Microsoft.

Check it out:

4. iSeePassword WizISO

iSeePassword WizISO

iSeePassword WizISO is a premium tool for making bootable USB or CD/DVD from Windows 10. The best part of this app is user-friendly for newbies who are not familiar with ISO burning. All the settings are done automatically when the ISO being imported such as partition style, device formatting, etc.

In addition, it supports legacy boot as well as UEFI so you can make a bootable USB with the latest Windows 10 ISO without addition settings. Besides ISO burning, it also has other built-in features for other kinds of ISO operation.

Key Features of balenaEtcher:

  • Burn ISO to USB or CD/DVD
  • Make bootable USB from Windows 10/8/7 ISO
  • Extract files and folders from ISO archive
  • Create ISO image from local files or folders
  • Edit ISO image and repack as a new ISO

Check it out:

5. balenaEtcher

Burn images for free for your Windows without Rufus using this great iso burning alternative. It carries a pleasing interface that was developed to be user-friendly, which makes it easier to convert USB drives or SD cards into bootable devices.

It validates the flashing boot, so that the user doesn’t lose time trying to boot from a corrupted device, thinking it was working properly. If that’s a concern for you, it’s probably this option that you should take.

Key Features of balenaEtcher:

  • Burns both USB drives and SD cards;
  • Nice user interface.

Check it out:

6. Multiboot USB

Not everyone that took a look at Multiboot knows that it also works for Windows. Its presentation in many alternative websites doesn’t make it clear for those searching for Rufus similar options.

This free USB booting service supports a great variety of operational systems. Get your Flash USB ready to install Windows for free without much work.

Key Features of Multiboot USB:

  • Good interface;
  • Simple to use.

Check it out:

7. WinSetupForUSB

Setup Windows from USB with this Rufus multiboot clone. Its latest version supports not only the oldest Windows versions such as 2000/XP, in both 32 or 64-bit modes, but also boots with BIOS and (U)EFI support.

Its interface is simple and perhaps maybe a bit difficult to understand, for those not familiar with Rufus and how it works to create a bootable USB flash drive. Except from that, the great range of booting possibilities with WinSetupForUSB makes it a great addition to our list.

Key Features of WinSetupForUSB:

  • Simple to use;
  • Supports many Windows versions.

Check it out:

8. Deepin Boot Maker

Very simple and easy to use, Deepin Boot Maker has a clean user interface in which everything is really practical. Simply plug the flash USB into the port and select the ISO to make it a bootable device.

As soon as it’s configured, you’ll have a driver ready to run any operational system in the computer, jut as if done with Rufus for Windows.

Key Features of Deepin Boot Maker:

  • Simple to use;
  • Clean user interface.

Check it out:

9. Easy2Boot

Easy2Boot is an incredible tool similar to Rufus to prepare a USB drive with your favorite operational system, formatting it as FAT32 or NTFS. It also supports booting through UEFI, which allows a much more interesting experience rather than a simple BIOS interface. To do that, it creates “.imgPTN” (partition image) files, to many of the present Windows versions.

Instead of burning just from .iso images, it also supports creating boot drives from .ima, .img and many others.

Key Features of Easy2Boot:

  • Multiple file extensions supported;
  • Boot through UEFI.

Check it out:


Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility (SARDU) may be an incredible tool to boot antivirus software from your flash USB, but that’s not its only use. From Windows XP to the latest releases, run your image and make it load in a computer without operational system, just how Rufus works.

It supports hard disks, internal or external, and all sort of removable media as well. Also very important, it supports many languages and may be a feature that some people may find interesting.

Key Features of SARDU:

  • Multiple languages;
  • Easy to use.

Check it out:

11. WintoFlash

Install this booting wizard to create bootable USB drives just like Rufus. From Windows XP to the latest version 10, install your operational system in a corrupted or blank computer.

Instantly transfer a live DVD or CD into the USB card, making it an easier process, with just a few buttons. Also, it supports UEFI like many other options in this list and that’s a great feature for the newest PCs with the latest hardware.

Key Features of WintoFlash:

  • Supports UEFI;
  • Transfer from live CD into USB.

Check it out

12. XBoot

Install this software to create a multiboot device with your favorite utility programs, operational systems like Windows and even antivirus utilities. Create either a bootable USB or generate an ISO file that may be used later.

Its simplicity is an additional point to XBoot. There is no hard coding or too many buttons making the interface difficult to use. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping whatever you need.

Key Features of XBoot:

  • Easy to use;
  • Creates Multiboot ISO.

Check it out:

13. WintoUSB

At the end of our list with the best 13 alternatives to Rufus to install Windows, you will like to know a bit about WintoUSB. Create your own To Go version of your favorite operational system, even for non-certified copies.

It has both BIOS and UEFI support, like the top programs similar to Rufus in this listing. From Windows 7 to the latest release, as well as many Windows Server options, create your flash USB with an entire OS inside.

If the resources of the free version aren’t enough, which isn’t the case of many of our readers, there are two other professional plans for those who need a more specific support, or simply a faster process.

Key Features of WintoUSB:

  • Better paid plans;
  • Supports UEFI.

Check it out

14. MediCat USB

This project was created by another user after Hiren’s Boot Disk was abandoned. It carries a Mini Windows 10 x64 for users that might consider it suitable for their situation.

The size, even when compressed, might not be suitable for everyone. But the face that people who know how to use Rufus will have no problem with this one, is enough to add it to the list.

Key Features of MediCat USB:

  • Regularly updated;
  • Mini Windows 10 x64.

Check it out:


These are the top 13 Rufus similar software programs that one can find in the internet. Their resources and capabilities are very similar, as their purpose is also very direct and uncomplicated. Even so, we did our best to bring varied options for your decision.
There are really simple ones that might require some extra knowledge, others work just as Rufus and there are even paid versions for more complicated, perhaps business-related, activities regarding burning images into bootable devices.

Pick the correct program to create a Windows To Go in any hard disk, CD/DVD or portable driver that you might want to carry, and good luck We really hope that at least some of those will always work for you.

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