Roblox 101: How the Roblox Builders Club Works & Benefits

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Enhance your gaming experience by signing up for the Roblox Builders Club.


Did you know you know that you can access even more games and features on Roblox through its Builder Club?

If you are an active Roblox user, I would highly recommend that you upgrade to the Roblox Builders Club.

Once you become a Roblox Builders Club member, you’ll have access to constant Robux which you can spend on items such as game passes and game access. This implies that you will not have to spend money on buying sets of Robux every time you want to play.

Also, you get access to a wide variety of unique features such as unlocking the trading feature and therefore, selling stuff.

How the Roblox Builders Club Works

What is Roblox builders club?

The Roblox Builders Club was first introduced in August 2007. Since then it has become an effective tool for increasing user’s Robux income. It allows them to join more groups and participate in more games among other features. Joining the club is a perfect option if you spend lots of time on the Roblox platform.

Signing up is quite easy. On the Roblox website, simply visit The Builders Club page and choose your preferred tier. There are four tiers each offering better rewards and features as they advance. All paid tiers are ad-free. You will also benefit from a one-time signing up bonus of R$100 for each paid tier.

The Roblox Builders Club Tiers

  • Free – all Roblox users begin with the free tier by default. It allows you to join only five groups. Access to Daily Robux allowance is denied for users on this tier.
  • Classic – you can get access to the classic tier by paying $5.95 every month or $57.95 every year. Classic members benefit from R$15 daily as their Daily Robux allowance.
  • Turbo – join the Turbo tier by paying $11.95 or $85.95 per month or per year respectively. On this tier, you get a Daily Robux allowance of R$35 every day.
  • Outrageous – signing up for this tier requires you to pay $19.95 per month or $129.95 per year. R$60 will be your Daily Robux allowance.

benefits of ROBLOX Builders Club

Reasons why you should join The Roblox Builders Club

Some of the top reasons why we recommend that you join this club include:-

  • You can join more groups or even come up with your own

Roblox players are able to build and interact with each other through groups. Groups form a community where players can share their experiences concerning Roblox games, chat, share real games, and just socialize.

While there are hundreds or even thousands of groups you can join, you will be limited to only five if you don't sign up for the Roblox Builders Club.

On subscribing, not only will you be able to join more groups but also create your own. T the number of groups you can create or join depends on the tier you choose.

  • Classic tier – Join and/or create 10 groups
  • Turbo – Join and/or create 20 groups
  • Outrageous – Join and/or create 100 groups

While 100 groups could be a little on the higher side, 5 groups are hardly enough for most gamers.

  • You’ll be able to trade

After you subscribe as Roblox Builders Club member, you can sell your own stuff on the Roblox catalog or trade your items with fellow members or even. For each item you sell, you are awarded more Robux. If you sign up for the Outrageous Builders Club membership, you will cash out the Robux that you get from the sale of your items into real cash.

Do you that you do not own any items you can sell?  Use the Roblox Studio to create items and sell them through the platform’s catalog.  For the business-minded gamers, the Outrageous Builders Club membership is a profit-making opportunity.

  • You have access to bonus gear

Just like other gaming platforms, Roblox runs campaigns every now and then. Roblox Builders Club members occasionally get free virtual items that enhance their gaming experience. The gaming gear you get depends on the kind of promotion running at that time. Every Roblox Builders Club member is awarded a builder's hat which you cannot resell.

  • Creating paid access to your games enable you to earn more Robux

Should you come up with a super-hot VIP space or game on Roblox, you can charge your fellow gamers so that they access it. The amount of Robux you earn depends on how much you will be charging which can be as little as 20 Robux or as much as you want.

While you can actually do this on your free membership tier, you will only get 10% of your sales. Being a Builder's Club member entitles you to a whopping 70% on all your sales. The extra 60% is quite a good deal. For example, if you sell access to better weapons on your game for 400 Robux, you will be getting only 40 Robux if you are a free member but 280 Robux if you are a Builders Club member. That’s a difference of 240 Robux.

  • Members get access to new features earlier

Roblox has been around for quite long now and new features are seldom introduced. However, if Roblox developers come up with and release any new features, Builders Club members have the first priority when it comes to testing them out.

  • You gain access to more than one place at a time

Unlike free members who only have about 10% of the total server space, Roblox Builders Club members have extra server access. With multiple active places, you can explore different ways of creating revenue and gaining Robux.

Final Thoughts

Roblox enables you to create your own space as well as free games that simulate real-world settings. You choose to share your space with other gamers or play in your own space. You can also play the games other users have created.

To fully enjoy the benefits of the Roblox platform, you need to become a Builder Club member. Not only will you enjoy an ad-free platform but you will also be able to sell items, take advantage of the sign-up bonus, and unlock features such as BC Beta features.


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