Residency and Citizenship by Investment: A Complete Guide

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Want to know about residency and citizenship by investment program? Read the most comprehensive guide to know about the process.

Professionals migrating for jobs have increased mobility. It further increased the demand for visa-free travel for international education opportunities, with the benefits of flexible tax regimes and security to move between countries.

Applicants first buy a real estate property in a country of their choice. After living there for a certain number of years, they gain citizenship.

Everything you need to know about residency and citizenship through investment


The Canadian government established the first residency by investment program. This immigrant investor program began in 1986. Countries like the USA, the UK, Portugal, and Spain later released their residency programs.

These economic citizenship programs have become quite popular. This is because they create an attractive investment opportunity through real estate.

Residency by Investment Programs allow permanent and temporary house permits. Applicants can get these for a certain amount of investment. These programs usually lure in people who have a high net worth.

Such people look forward to living and working in another country. You will get different investment options for every residency scheme. The investment amount that’s required will be different for each plan.

This also acts as a benefit for the country by raising capital from foreign immigrants.

Its purpose is to grant them residency or citizenship in exchange for the investment. The program allows countries to raise funds for different public programs. This, in exchange, attracts foreign capital.

What are the perks of having a golden passport?

Golden passport

If you have a golden passport, you won’t have to pay heavy taxes. Stable business environments and tax policies are favorable and attractive factors. Many countries that offer citizenship through investment schemes hold firm passport ranks.

Investors who receive citizenship also receive a second passport. It allows them to travel visa-free to over 100+ countries.

Furthermore, children can pursue high-quality education standards in destination countries. This ensures the well-being of children and provides them with a good education.

A growing number of migrant workers and investors are coming to the US, UK, and Canada. They are migrating for better employment/business opportunities.

Most countries allow family members to apply together through a ‘family friends program.’ This program requires the applicant to apply along with their children and spouse. Grandparents and parents are also included under this program.

The program is available for the family members of the main applicant.

Immigrants are able to access excellent healthcare systems. These are available in regions with high incomes, such as North America, UK, the EU region, and Australia. Residency by Investment schemes require little stay requirements per year.

Residency by Investment programs offers residence permits. These vary from temporary permits to permanent permits.

A few things to consider when finalizing the immigration through real estate alternative

Real estate alternative

Identify your immigration goals, expectations, and investment funds. The immigration process varies depending on the investment program chosen. The type of program you choose may vary according to your immigration goals.

The availability of funds you have will also play a vital role. Processing time is another crucial factor to consider.

This is important because the approval of some programs may take only weeks, while a few take months. Compare different investment immigration programs. Prepare a list of investment immigration programs in your destination country.

You should also consider various factors like processing time and investment requirements.

You will further have to consider any restrictions associated with the program. Also, compare different programs based on factors relevant to you and your family. All these will help you identify the best-suited immigration by real estate program.

Consult with an immigration lawyer. Engage an immigration lawyer from a government-authorized firm for your application.

Working with experienced immigration professionals has many benefits. These professionals can help you with financial planning, program selection, and application.

Top immigration options to go for:

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Residency & Citizenship Through Investment Requirements

Residency & Citizenship

Various countries have different requirements for their immigration by real estate program. But, the applicant will need a clear criminal record. They will also need medical insurance to cover their stay.


The entire immigration journey consumes a notable amount of time and resources. It also focuses on an outspread period with a high demand for funds. You should consider working with a licensed immigration lawyer.

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