10 Best Alternatives To Reddit in 2024

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What will you do if you can't find an answer through Reddit? There are certain Reddit alternatives that you can use to find a viable answer to your questions.

Reddit is one of the best online communities for Questions and Answers. It helps users to solve a lot of questions. Fortunately, you can find the answer to almost any question you have on Reddit. If the question is not there, you can ask or start a discussion to get viable solutions.

You get to discuss, comment, upvote, downvote, participate and suggest numerous topics. It is fast and gets updated frequently. It features technology news, entertainment, innovations, the latest news, and much more. These great platforms will give you enough service.

1. Quora


As a high-quality Question and Answer internet community, Quora has a vast audience. If you can’t find the answer you want through search engines, try to post your question on Quora. You will get some valuable answers, learn new things, and answer other people's puzzles in your field of expertise.

Quora is an excellent platform for intelligent conversations that come from simple questions. When you create an account, you get a chance to choose your topics of interest. If you dwell on answering questions, you will become more knowledgeable. Get healthy discussions with other people!

2. Hacker News

Hacker News

This is a great social news website. It mainly focuses on computer science, hackers, tech enthusiasts, startups, and entrepreneurship. It quickly gratifies one intellectual curiosity and is quite similar to Reddit. However, unlike in Reddit, where users can upvote or downvote, the hacker news doesn’t allow users to downvote content.

The site moderates content to ensure only valid content is showcased. It is one of the most specific sites on the internet. It doesn’t feature sidebars or widgets at all. However, you need to register an account before you comment or submit a story or take part in discussions.

3. ProductHunt


 This is one of the best American websites that you can use to share and discover new products. On the site, users submit products that are then listed in a linear format. Like most ideal sites, it features a comment and voting system. The products are organized into technology, games, books, and podcasts.

When submitting a product, you just require the product title, URL, and tagline. The website has registered success over time. The site also has a daily email list that sends out yesterday's top tech products. It is a great platform to hunt for the next big thing in the tech industry.

4. Slashdot


If you want to get the best technology news, Slashdot is a great platform for that! It is a well-known site for geeks. It offers the best technology news from thousands of sources. Like Reddit, Slashdot allows you to take part in discussions and comments.

Additionally, it features topics on devices, entertainment, technology, open-source, and YRO. Instead of having to browse through various sites to get certain content. You can use this platform. Get the latest news under one roof.

5. 9Gag


9Gag is the largest meme community on the internet. It is a great platform to discover memes, share, and grow your meme collection. It is one of the most fun places on the internet. When it started, users just submitted internet memes and funny pictures. However, over time it turned out to be a more extensive online community.

A lot of discussions happen in the comment section that you will love. If you want to let out some steam, it is a great platform to go to. Over time 9gag has added some more sections to suit different people’s preferences.

6. Retalk


This is an excellent platform for civil discussions. In addition, it features topics related to Covid19, Music, cooking, funny, crafts, dog shows, and much more. The site has a straightforward layout and works like Reddit. You need to create an account, share content, images, and links.

Participate as much as possible in discussions to get a better overview of a range of topics. The site is continuously growing. Additionally, the Retalk platform aims to limit harassment and offtopic conversations through different means.

7. Snapzu


Snapzu is an online network that allows you to get in touch with people in many forms. The content discovery platform will enable you to find the information posted by many people online. The content on the platform gives you the power to research different kinds of information and interact with others.

You can either upvote or downvote on the website. However, the platform limits the downvotes. As a user, you can’t give more than five downvotes on a site. You have the permission to submit all kinds of web content such as links, images, and articles in the community. Remember to customize your homepage to your liking.

8. Steemit


This is an ideal blockchain-based blogging and social media site. It rewards users with cryptocurrency for publishing and curating original content. By voting on blog posts and comments, users get to decide the payout for their positions.

Users get to curate rewards, upvote content, and get their content upvoted by other users. If you use social media sites for your marketing, you can add steemit to your list. It leans more towards tech topics.

9. Digg


This is another excellent platform that deals with the latest news, trending news, video games, sports, long reads, tech, culture, science, and even upload images. It delivers the most exciting and talked-about stories on the internet. Additionally, it provides the most relevant and compelling content to millions of users a month.

Additionally, it focuses on different issues and has excellent powerful social platforms. On the forum, you also get to upvote or downvote certain content. You get to read each story in a clean and mobile-friendly view.

The article’s categories are well organized for easy navigation. You can be part of Digg as a reader or contributor.

10. Mashable


This is a popular site where you can get all your technology, gadget, games, online videos, web development, entertainment, and social media news in one place.  It’s a great place to uncover new resources and marketing tools.

Get all the innovations and inventions news under one roof. Additionally, it is easy and friendly to navigate through. You can easily filter out the content that you want and the kind you don’t. It is recommended for both newbies and professionals.

Gain more knowledge instantly

These Reddit alternatives will make you become more knowledgeable and know what's trending. Choose a platform according to your current needs. A forum may either become helpful to you or not. Hence choose the best for your needs.

All the best as you participate in discussions. Taking part in these online platforms helps you to reach a broader audience if you share useful links. They can even be links to your website. Additionally, you can get topics to write about through the platform. Most of these sites allow freedom of speech.

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