11 Real-World Copywriting Tips: How to Write Powerful Article

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The internet abounds with articles, blog posts, news, photos, stories, and many more. Now that more people are spending more time online than ever, we live in an era where the attention span has decreased.

People do not read the whole blog post but skim through the text. So, you as a copywriter, need to find and create that hook that keeps your audience reading. In a world where you find information everywhere, copywriters need to learn a few tips on how to write a powerful and compelling article.

1. Use Copywriter Formulas

Use Copywriter Formulas

There is a myth that says that you need to be born with a talent for writing. But this is not true at all, as often is the case with these popular assumptions. It is more about practice, hard work, and effort than talent that could make a copywriter successful.

And, of course, there are a few copywriting formulas that could help you build powerful articles. PAPA formula and the four P’s are some of the most interesting of all, but there are many more that could be helpful for you. Here you can read more about them.

2. Audience Research

Audience Research

Writing powerful articles may be seen as something challenging by most marketers, as there are tons of them on the internet. But to make sure yours are successful and reach their audience, they need in fact to answer its needs.

Conducting audience research where you gather more information about what their informational needs and expectations are will likely result in great success.

Professional paper writers who offer dissertation writing help say that audience research would help you understand more about what you need to write about.

3. Powerful Words

Powerful Words

People are tired of reading the same information on different websites. Moreover, they are more tired of recycled information than ever, so the way you write your article is essential. One way to send powerful emotions and feelings is to use powerful words.

This will also make your article hard to forget and good enough to be shared by your readers.

4. Be Concise

Be Concise

One of the most important techniques that could help you write powerful articles is to try to express your ideas concisely. As the attention span of people is decreasing, wanting to maintain the reader engaged for at least 20 minutes is unrealistic.

So, why write long content when you can express your ideas concisely and increase your audience? Because a short article will be read by far more people than a longer one.

5. Plan the Articles

Plan the Articles

One of the factors that contribute to poorly written articles is the lack of time. Many copywriters have more tasks besides writing articles. And poor time management skills also contribute to this.

It is therefore important to plan the posting of the articles and the entire creation process. Like this, you will have enough time to brainstorm, have an outline, and build a powerful article without being stressed or rushed.

6. Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and Grammar

A detail that is very important and can help you write a powerful article is grammar. If readers will spot grammar errors that repeat themselves across the whole article, they will not remain with a good impression.

Make sure you use tools that check your texts for spelling and grammar errors. Typos and spelling mistakes may sometimes occur, but make sure you try to spot them before publishing your article.

7. Be Unique

Be Unique

Readers will remember your article for the emotions and ideas you managed to send. But they will also remember the way you chose to convey the message and tell the story. Show your real voice and be unique.

8. Reasons


Reasons are at the core of our actions. The goal of copywriting is usually to urge readers to make a decision: buy a product you sell or use one of your tools or services.

Articles are a nice and efficient way to speed this process, so make sure you give your readers reasons to do what you urge them to do.

9. Ask for Feedback

Ask for Feedback

Even though sometimes feedback can be unpleasant, if given correctly, it can help you improve your writing skills.

Asking your audience for feedback might feel frightening at first, but it proves to be one of the efficient ways to learn more about their expectations and what you need to change to hook them.

10. Avoid Superlatives

Customers praise you

It is often the case that copywriters feel they need to praise their products and services to attract customers. When writing an article, you need to avoid superlatives. This is valid not only for blog posts and articles but also for social media texts.

Let your customers praise you. You need to focus on answering their needs.

11. Article Style

Article Style

Your goal is to hook the reader with every article you write. However, sometimes this might seem more difficult than ever. But the way you arrange your text on the page has something to say about this.

People will stay away from large chunks of texts and they will choose to read articles that make good use of white space. This means that you should break your text into paragraphs and use numbered or bulleted points whenever your topic allows for it.


Writing a powerful article as a copywriter might seem one of the most challenging tasks. With these eleven tips and tricks, you can improve your writing skills, learn more about copywriting formulas, and write powerful and compelling articles.

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