QOOB Stories: Instagram Content Viewer and Downloader

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Social media platforms are all about goofing around a little while having a break from our hectic schedule. People upload interesting content that we can view for several hours without getting bored.

People show their talents and inspire us through their extraordinary abilities. Instagram is such a platform full of remarkable, talented people who show their skills both in artistry and beauty fields.

Suppose you are going for a make-up domain. In that case, you won’t deny that there is a countless make-up tutorial available on Instagram that is much more helpful than the content that you find at other platforms.

one of a huge problem that we have to face is the lack of any proper platform through which you can easily view the Instagram content and download it. Qoob Stories are such a platform that allows you to do all of this that seems to be impossible.

1. Qoob stories: everything that you need to know

Everything that you need to know

Qoob stories is an instagram content viewer and downloader have been programmed and design according to the need of the day. You might be thinking that it is some ordinary app that can save Instagram content like any other Instagram featuring app, but you’re mistaken.

Such a highly rated review is the features that are extraordinary and are making people falling for this. some features are discussed here.

2. Get your content in a queue

Qoob is a browsing software that allows you to save both stories and the posted content. You can arrange this content by the name of the artist or by creating your file format. You are less likely to find this feature anywhere else.

You can tag your favorite saved content, i.e., both the videos and pictures, to download easily in the future without the concern of flooding them.

3. Get access to the media of both private and public content

Private and public content

People usually put privacy on their private accounts, and only a certain group of people can view their stories and media. You can’t get access to their posts unless you are following them. But Qoobs allows you to view even the locked or private content of people without getting their permission.

You can view and also download the content from their IG accounts. Plus, you can get access to public accounts by only searching the user name. You can view their content without revealing your identity within the viewer list that removes the need to use fake accounts.

4. Searching ease

It is hard to find any Instagram users once you lose them. There are thousands of accounts that usually have the same letter sequence with a few changes.

This downloader allows you to download through the hashtags, accounts, and even by tagging the geolocations. Plus, you can also search the metadata from Instagram and can get help.

5. Extract the captions

Extract the captions

Now get a text at your clipboard, no matter if it is in the form of captions or the data written on images. Is not it interesting?

Download the media, including both the pictures and videos, within the gallery of your phone. And that the accounts to save bot the currently uploaded and previous content from any previous account.


In short, if you are looking for such an amazing Instagram content downloader, you are less likely to find it anywhere else at such a reasonable price.

Qoob Instagram viewer is a whole meal that serves all your needs while staying inside your budget. You can enjoy Instagram more fearlessly and can get access to your favorite content any time, anywhere.

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